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  1. Thanks Barb. Love the look of the newest poster. GB listed first...Yeah! Cheryl
  2. Very cute doggie pictures Kayla and Suzie! I love animals!! I have two cats right now. Loooooooove em! Cheryl
  3. Congratulations!! Yeah more pics are sure to be on the way! Cheryl
  4. Hi all, Just got home from a long day! Hope everybody had a great day! Cheryl
  5. Thanks for the pic Ren! Love the warm hat he was wearing. It was really cold there!! Cheryl
  6. I admit it! It's been one of the cd's in my car's player for, I guess forever!! Along with the soundtrack from PSILY and RockNRolla. Cheryl
  7. Glad to see him there! He's a smart man and keeps up on current events. Love the suit, the blue tie, the scruff, the bed head hair......everthing about him! Cheryl
  8. Hi All, The weather here in Oregon has been totally sunny the last few days. Yeah! Temps cool but sunny! I'm originally from southern California, Riverside to be exact, so I miss the sun and warmth. I still have family down there so I like to visit. Hope everyone is feeling better too! Cheryl
  9. Hi All, I don't know if anyone has noticed but I'm a night owl. Seems I can't sleep if I go to bed to early. Oh well that means I get the computer to myself. My 15 year old daughter and I fight over who gets to get on next. She turns 16 in March and I think we might get her a computer of her own. Yeah more time for me and my husband. He's a software engineer and spends all day on a computer at work so when he gets home he doesn't always want to spend any more time on it if he doesn't have to. The quiet time at night is great for making more siggies!! Hi Kayla I agree, it's a beautiful name. Sounds like a lot of you are under the weather. A big get well to all!! Cheryl P.S. I just notice this emotion... To funny!!
  10. Ross! OMG! I think I'd snog him because it would be so funny! Clive Owen (Snogalicious..With tongue!) Cheryl
  11. Great article Hobbes! One of the downsides of becoming famous and successful is that people try to bring you down with made up stories to sell magazines. This Guy does get it! Hopefully most people know that most the crap that's written isn't true! Cheryl
  12. RNR was brilliant! I think the DVD sales will be strong because so many missed out when it was in theaters. You can't hold down a good thing! Cheryl
  13. Really funny stuff! I wonder what happened to that hair..... Cheryl
  14. Ren, I tried to find the clip on E's homepage but couldn't find it! Damn! Cheryl
  15. Thanks!!! I'll be watching! We can get it on MM beacause you can go to the Tonight shows homepage and watch full episodes! We'll be able to record off of that! Yeah! Cheryl
  16. What date did this air. I'm on the west coast so Leno isn't on until 11:30 PM. Is it tonight's show? Cheryl
  17. Say What? Let us know what you're talking about! I thought we've seen all the GG footage! Cheryl
  18. I saw it too! It was a short clip. Den Lyon almost made him have to say it. Gerry was really cute. Cheryl
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