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  1. Damn Moira!!!!!! How lucky are you! Thanks for the photos !!! Cheryl
  2. We will certainly be discusing this weekend for a while. All the photos ect.! He was very handsome! I'm glad he was asked to present in Bruges on the show. The only bad part was that it was way to short of an apperance! I'm sure will get more party photos in the next couple of days. Can't wait. Cheryl
  3. Wow! So many flashes!! Looks like they all ahd a hard time seeing to get into the party. To bad they didn't keep the razzies back a bit! Thanks for the videos. Cheryl
  4. Hi all, I cleaned up some images of the pre party at the buffalo club. He looks fine! I think there were so many flashes that the celebs had a hard time seeing. Cheryl
  5. Hi all, Hope everyone is doing well. I've been to busy the last couple of days to be here much. Hey Swannie good news about your eye surgery! I look forward to getting together soon since we live so close. It will be fun to meet in person! Cheryl
  6. Just poping in to say HI! Boy this site is addicting. I check in often between...you know life and all that! Will be gone this evening but I seem to be late at night into the early hours of the morn. That's why I miss out on a lot of the coll sig's. Cheryl
  7. OK now I'm going to have to go see Benjamin Button just so I can see TUT preview on the big screen! Thanks for the info, Cheryl
  8. Thanks Moira!! I love the Golden globes. It's a more intimate award show than the oscars. You get to see the stars in the audience drinking and having fun! I'm so glad Gerry will be on, it will make it even more entertaining top watch. And Moira take lots of photos if possible and share all the details and pics. Safe travels to you on your way here! Cheryl
  9. It's off to work he goes....It's off to work he goes..... Vacations over! Thanks for the pics. Cheryl
  10. Vacations over looks like it's down to work. So cute he took Amtrack! Cheryl
  11. Hi All, I also wondered way William didn't know Holly But that's ok. It's still one of my favorites! Cheryl
  12. Ren!!! Love the video!! Yes I'm a HUGE PSILY fan. All those great kissing scenes....Please. Also love the end with Gerry singing love you 'til the end...... Thanks so much for the video! Cheryl
  13. Hi GALS, Just a fun bit I found when I was searching for siggy material. Love It when Gerry sings this in PSILY at the bar in Ireland to Holly. And the big kiss at the end!! Cheryl
  14. Beautiful scenery, and song. Thanks! Cheryl
  15. He's so funny! Loved it when Gerry was on his show. They cracked each other up!! Congrats! Cheryl
  16. Gerry's having fun! But he drinks Coke not Pepsi!! Finally someone is saying he doesn't drink. Maybe that will stop the rumors! I wonder if Jamie Foxx and Gerry got together, since they'll be working together soon? Sadly no pictures Thanks for the story Moira! Cheryl
  17. Hi Gals, I made some photos of Gerry counting down new years,,,Enjoy. Cheryl
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