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  1. You had it right! He should be ON TOP! LOL There sure are some "boys" ahead of him that shouldn't be there! Cheryl
  2. Oh to see that bum.............Sorry I was just daydreaming!
  3. Thank you so much for all the new pics. I to get impatient but know they will be in the gallery fast! I agree that his biceps are huge. He's been working out no doubt! You can't have a bod like that and not be. Cheryl
  4. Looooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like he's having a great time. He probably will have to head north for filming LAC soon. So he's soaking up the rays while he can. It's also true that he looks good, clothes on or clothes off Cheyl
  5. Always great to see more pics! Can't wait to see this movie Cheryl
  6. Thanks so uch for the link! This is fun to have!
  7. Thanks for the great new photos! I'm totally jealous. It's raining here in Oregon...so what's new LOL
  8. I've seen some Phantom news posted lately. Here is something I saw in the Chicago Tribune..... Here's a link to ChicagoTribune.com Phantom Webber: 'Phantom of the Opera' sequel in the works; may open on 3 continents By Associated Press 10:20 AM CST, December 30, 2008 LONDON (AP) — Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber says the long awaited sequel to "Phantom of the Opera" should be ready at the end of 2009, with a possible simultaneous opening on three continents. Lloyd Webber told The Times of London that he hopes the new musical, to be called "Phantom: Love Never Dies," will open in New York, London and possibly Shanghai or another Asian city. "We've been into the feasibility of rehearsing three companies at once and opening very fast in the three territories," he said. "The one which really interests me would be China. I think to open 'Love Never Dies' in Shanghai would be an enormous thing." He said the locale of the celebrated musical will be switched from the Paris Opera to New York's Coney Island. The sequel will be set about 10 years after the original, which has been seen by approximately 80 million theatergoers in 124 cities worldwide. And who will play the Phantom? Lloyd Webber is keeping that secret for now. "We are pretty clear who our Phantom is going to be — I can't say who," he said. The Times said possible candidates for the role include Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler, who played the Phantom in the 2004 film version of the musical.
  9. Yeah!!!!! I'm so glad that RNR is being acknowlegded! It didn't get the push from the studios that it should have so I'm glad that some critics are piking up on it. I loved the chemistry between the wild bunch. It was so funny when One Two says " well what did you want to do to me" and then they go dancing....Hillarious!! Video sales should be good. I know I'll be one of the first to get my copy. Cheryl
  10. Hi Gals, I agree with both sides..........In a way. Gerry chose the acting profession because that's were his heart took him. Of course he wants to be a hit because that lets him get more and more work. It comes with the territory. All of want to be successful in what we do and be recocnized for it. He's living his dream. Of course I think he's an amazing talent with a great sense of humor, not to add a gorgeous man If the whole world end up knowing who he is only means that he's succeded in fulfilling his goal and dream! You go Gerry! We're behind you 100%
  11. I loved RNR. I thought the critics missed the whole point. Not just because Gerry was in it, but the entire cast did a magnificent job! Guy was at his best like in Lock Stock. The movie was classic British humour. I guess it didn't have enough gratuitous violence, shooting and action in it for them! I'm buying it as soon as it's available in January. Cheers to the entire cast and Guy for a fun and entertaining movie! Cheryl
  12. I am so excited to have this on DVD. I agree that RNR was out of the theaters way to fast. I don't think the studio promoted it as well as it should have. Just my opinion. I loved the humor in it, and of course Gerry stole the movie!!
  13. Hi all, Here's a link to The Ugly Truth video that was on The Insider Tuesday night. 12-23-08 He's so cute. Can't wait to this movie http://www.theinsider.com/news/1384080_Kat..._The_Ugly_Truth
  14. Hi Rendita, It's yours! Glad you liked it. http://i381.photobucket.com/albums/oo252/paisleyscot/DearFrankieSig.gif Rendita it's yours!
  15. Hi Rendita & Tap, Sorry this took a while, the upcoming holidays have kept me busy! Here is one design your welcome to use if you like. Photo's are from Dear Frankie. You said you like "the stranger" so here he is! Let me know if either of you want this one. I will work on more soon. http://i381.photobucket.com/albums/oo252/paisleyscot/DearFrankieSig.gif
  16. We all have our lives that we leed privately, but it's so nice to share this site with others who appreciate Gerry. It's also nice to know that we care so much about others and the power we have in us to make this world a better place! Go Gals
  17. Hi Gals, I'm trying my hand at making siggy's. I'd love to make one for you if you'd like one! The one's below I've made and use. If like what you see let me know. It's been great fun playing around with these!! If you have an idea in mind or just want me to wing it, I'll give it a shot http://i381.photobucket.com/albums/oo252/paisleyscot/SiggyAnimation9.gif
  18. Thanks! I was also just reading my Parade Magazine and just logged on to share it! You are so on the ball becozy Yes the girlfriend references are really outdated, but at least we get to see his gorgeous face!! http://i381.photobucket.com/albums/oo252/p...adeMagazine.jpg
  19. The clip is from an interview he did in Japan for POTO. Later, after her says "honey, wake up" he says "welcome to the Phantom of the Opera". If you notice the background and the blue sweater he is wearing you can tell it was during the same day at the same place where her did the interview with Emmy Rossum. Also the interview clip with Emmy and Patrick Wilson. Someone out there must have the original. The part where he says "honey Wake up" has been cut from one of these interviews. I really wish someone has it and will share!
  20. Hi Joanne, I have Verizon and I can e-mail it to my phone by attaching the URL code as a attachment then sending it to... Example....1234567890@vzwpix.com. That's your cell phone number without any dashes to @vzwpix.com. If you have another carrier you will have to ask how to send it to your phone or use a usb cable to download it. Hope this helps
  21. Hey Gals, After a really... really.... long search for the original video of Gerry's "wake up" clip I still couldn't find it. Soooo frustrating. All I can find is the youtube version on someones cell phone. I know it was from an interview he did in Japan for POTO. I even Googled sites in Japan!! I managed to edited the clip from youtube and converted it to a mp4 file. This is compatable to cell phones. Hope this works for everyone. It's a bit grainy...but better than nothing http://s381.photobucket.com/albums/oo252/p...nt=GBwakeup.flv
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