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  1. I also have the Rock N Rolla soundtrack. Great music! I agree it's fun to have that fabulous voice on disc!
  2. Yes he is the sexiest MAN alive!! At least they acknowledge that they overlooked him and printed a picture of that sexy face
  3. You're welcome! I wish they would have included Gerry singing too. I love his rock n roll voice voice!
  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A SMILE
  5. Hey Gals, Sorry if this is something everyone already knows, but I'm new here so here goes... I always thought that the song the preist sings at Gerry's wake in PS I Love You is hilarious! It's sung by the Pogues who also sing "Love you 'till the end" on the soundtrack. The name of the song is "Fairytale of New York". Here is a link. It's on youtube. Again sorry if this has already been discussed Enjoy!!
  6. Hey everyone, I subscribe to People magazine. In this weeks edition with Michael J. Fox on the cover, Gerry is in the back as this weeks crossword puzzle! Several of the up and down questions are related to him and his movies. Just a fun bit to share with everyone!
  7. Does anyone have the original file of Gerry's "honey wake up" from his interview in Japan? I would love to have it. Not the youtube version on someeone else's phone. I'd like the original video file!! Thanks so much!!
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