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  1. Oh no swansong, *hugs* I am so sorry about this. If you need to vent or anything you are more than welcome to inbox me. Prayers and positive vibes out to you and everyone dearie Phantom
  2. I am so sorry for my long absence, I can't believe she passed away. I want to offer my condolences and prayers on here to everyone that knew her. God bless Libby for being a wonderful person and a beautiful soul. Amanda
  3. Hey guys its me again Amanda, the divorce has finally been granted and overruled due to him trying to drag it out for 2 years, and visitation is being limited due to his inappropriate stalker behavior towards me plus its wasting our gas so its being brought back to my dads work place so that way in case something were to happen they will take care of it. I miss everyone here so I will be on here more often, if anyone has yahoo you guys can contact me there online. If anyone that text messages and would like my phone number just inbox me
  4. I am picking up the paperwork from neutral corners who called to have me pick up their notes that recorded all of the visits. I think hes trying to have contact with me at the building because he's not getting his way, so they made him park up front instead of trying to ambush me in the back parking lot. On another note, my lawyer called the judge reported he did blew off the visitation for 3 months which was documented; that way they know what was going on in the time frame. I am still drawing to help with the coping on this situation, see you guys later
  5. Hello again girlies, visitation is not working out at all he didn't set it up 3 to 4 months later ( March/April) and he only showed up 4 times to see our daughter but cancled 2 times saying he's unprepared. Divorce is still not finalized due to him post poning visitaion so if he cancels again one more time the cas will be closed and be sent back to court. I didn't like lying to Juliet, she's 5 and knows what happend and I just said he canceled which made her cry because she was looking forward to it. After getting off the phone with the place when I found out Thursday, I never been that upset
  6. UPDATE: We got the supervised visits and the divorce us on its way to being finalized. What I'm feeling right now is relief that I'm free from him, visitation starts once a week so that kiddo can get use to him. Thank you ladies for your support! Always yours, Phantom
  7. Thank you Bonnie, missed you girls alot. I got everything set up for tomorrow morning, I will post the conclusiom for that hearing. With love, Phantom
  8. Hey all, it's been a long time since I logged here. I am sorry for not keeping in contact with anyone, just recently on Thanksgiving my aunt passed away from brain cancer, now my grandma quit chemo after being diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer who wants to live hee days peacefully, lastly me who is getting a divorce from a Domestic Abuser who I thought loved me well apparently not; this started couple months ago in April when he threatened to beat me, so I turned him and it lead here. I got fed up being treated like an object, he didn't want to grow up and he abused me in every way possibl
  9. Lovely work june keep up the good work! Hey everyone missed you guys here, been busy with life lol. Hope you guys are having fun and doing okay.
  10. Yes it was really crowded lol. TGBM is going to see the next sequel called Lodon has fallen in its premiere in theaters
  11. I have a fractured collarbone from an unknown injury that I cant recall. Hurts like heck lol
  12. Hey Paisley, i am just doing okay now almost done with my pregnancy. I am 35 weeks along, and its coming by so quick! XD I even cut my hair, its not long anymore, look like tina turner with the hair,lol. But letting you know that I am on here.

  13. Hey Paisley, i am just doing okay now almost done with my pregnancy. I am 35 weeks along, and its coming by so quick! XD I even cut my hair, its not long anymore, look like tina turner with the hair,lol. But letting you know that I am on here.

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