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    Echuca (aboriginal meaning: the meeting of the water) Australia.
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    Gerry, oh course! My kids, catching up with friends and family, watching my AFL team "Collingwood" play aussie rules football and a spot of swimming or skiing in the Murray River.

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    Gerry's Aussie Girl Sal
  1. Happy Birthday Gerard. May all your dreams, wishes and of course projects come true. Enjoy your special day. Best wishes from Australia. Sally
  2. Hey Gerry, Happy Birthday for the 13th November. I hope you had a fantastic birthday with family and friends. Best wishes from Australia. Sally
  3. I noticed in 2 of the photos that Gerry has a purple colour mark on the top of his hand. Is this a birth mark, tattoo or bruise???? He looks absolutely gorgeous with his salt n pepper hair. He looks so relaxed. Sally
  4. This is a fantastic movie and deserves to be Number 1. Both kids and I loved it; we loved it so much I will need to buy 2 copies of it.... 1 for the kids and 1 for my Gerry collection! Sally
  5. That was very sweet of Gerry and I hope some day my 2 boys grow up and treat their mother with respect and kindness the same way as Gerry does for his mum! I hope they all had a wonderful evening and congrats to Gerry's parents on their 25th anniversary. Sally
  6. Gerry in a Happy Meal. Might have to start eating Happy Meals! Perhaps I might just get the toys instead and the boys can have the meal.... Sally
  7. To the new Mods, Congratulations and the Mods who are stepping down - words can not express enough thanks, but Good luck and best wishes to all concerned. Sally
  8. I saw it today and absolutely loved it. I laughed and sighed all through the movie especially at the towel scene! Hmmm, not too sure about THOSE shorts & THAT shirt! Definately going back to see it again. Was a bit disappointed that Richard Wilkins on the Today Show only rated it 3 stars. I think he was being a bit harsh. Anyway, I loved it and that is all that matters! Cheers Sally
  9. I watched it and talk about "laugh"! I love the interview and trailer and I cant wait for its release tomorrow..... I have checked the website for Ch10 and the video is coming, so as soon as it is available I will contact mods for assistance in getting it uploaded onto GALS for everyone to view. Cheers Sally
  10. Thanks Melodie for the heads up! I will definately be banning the kids from the TV to ensure I don't miss this. The trailer for The Bounty Hunter as been aired on TV since last Thursday! Gerry & Jen were in the weekend paper too! Richard Wilkins on Today Show previewed both of Gerry's movies this week... It is so good to see Gerry getting lots of exposure here in Australia. Sally
  11. I live in Melbourne. Whereabouts are you? Cheers, Vicki Ah, we're neighbors, Adelaide here. I haven't been to Melbourne in a while. Much more of an exciting city that ours. You can find me in Echuca!!!! The cinema had a HUGE poster of The Bounty Hunter too. Cheers Sally
  12. After patiently waiting for the release of LAC I finally got to see it on the weekend. WOW, this movie is fantastic.... It had me on the edge of my seat for the full duration of the movie. Loved it so much, I plan to go back again next weekend. I have also put my name down at the cinema for the poster. Hopefully we dont have to wait forever for it to be released on DVD too! Cheers Sally
  13. He looks absolutely gorgeous as usual..... I love the jeans, the t shirt, the casual look. He looks so relaxed. Certainly loves his coffee! I would meet Gerry on any bridge and walk along side of him but I would be tipping over my feet all the time as I would be too busy listening to him and staring at him instead of looking where I should going! Thankyou for you posting the photos. Sally
  14. He looks fantastic in his swimmers! I did notice the band aid on his heel. I looks so cuddly. Sally
  15. Love Gerry's new hair do. Very trendy and suits him. My kids and I can't wait to see this movie. Dragons are a big hit with my 2 boys and I am very happy to support Gerry any way possible... Sally
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