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  1. Thanks Moira. Gerry looks so happy. He definately has a great smile. Sally
  2. I loved all 3 vid clips. He was having such a great time with his fans. Gerry is so down to earth and that's what I love about him... Sally
  3. I will have to wait for the DVD to be released as I don't think GAMER is going to be screened in our cinemas... Sally
  4. Gerry is such a character, I just love his sense of humor. Sally
  5. Very classy! I love a man in a suit, especially Gerry! My dad would be very impressed with the camera Gerry borrowed... Sally
  6. Hey, I hope someone out there is recording and uploading all these shows for us Aussie GALS to view! PLEASE.......... Thankyou! Sally
  7. Gerry looks absolutely gorgeous, breath taking! He looks like he was having a great time at the premier. Sally
  8. That is awesome Lisa. I so cant wait to see this movie... unfortunately we have to wait until 28 January for it to be released here. It will definately be worth the wait. Cheers Sally
  9. Gerry, I love you just the way you are! Charming, witty, cheeky, down to earth with a smile to die for! Sally
  10. Gerry looks absolutely gorgeous in the photos. The photographer has done an amazing job in capturing Gerry the way he/she has. Sally
  11. I really like that shirt on Gerry. Love when he is dresses smart but casual. Sally
  12. funny funny interview. Gerry just cracks me. Hmmm, even Hollywood stars can be star struck. Sally
  13. OMG! My eyes nearly popping out of my head..... I am speechless. What a body and well toned I see all the way DOWN... to the top of his jeans! Certainly made my day. Thankyou. Sally
  14. Hey Stacey Start saving girl. It is my goal to attend 2010 convention. I will be keeping my eye out for cheap flight to US come Christmas onwards. I too have troubles walking into a room full of strange people. I tend to stick to myself and those with me. So fingers crossed, I am make this work in so many ways for me!!! Sally
  15. I absolutely love these photos of Gerry. He looks awesome in that black shirt. He is definately one of a kind! Sally
  16. I have finally seen the movie and of course, loved it. I have spoken to so many girls/ladies in Echuca and the same response, everyone loved it and wants to see it again. I plan to see it again on the weekend, cant get enough of Gerry and Mike Chadway..... and laughs too! I saw in the weekend papers it as our No. 1 movie. Cheers Sally
  17. Well I must admit the heading definately caught my eye!!!!! Great photo of Gerry. He looks right at home straddled on the motor bike. Sally
  18. Rose Byrne is a good wholesome Australian girl! If Gerry can manage to keep his personal life under wraps, that is great. So many actors have their personal lives, spats or whatever splashed all over the cover of so many magazines. Sally
  19. I have checked everywhere to see if LAC is going to be released here before May 2010, even phoned the cinemas to check their lists but sadly not to be... It was also announced on the Today Show last week it will be screened here in May.... By then my patiences will be low.... and on top of that, there is no word as to when GAMER will be released here. It is disappointing they dont release movies at the same time worldwide. We do seem to miss out or get left behind down under! Sally
  20. OMG! That was absolutely mind blowing, I am speechless. Gerry was amazing in what I saw on the trailer. And I did notice the DADDY bracelet in the naked scene besides his very toned body! I am a little disappointed it wont be release here until May 2010, however it did get a early plug on the Today Show last week where they previewed the trailer for it. Sally
  21. ....................................... flat line. for making my day so much better! He has definately been working out and staying off the bread!!!! His eyes in the poster are just piercing. They go right through you. Sally
  22. My favourite bit of the article is were Gerry jokes and says he would prefer a tall dark hair Australian! Yes!!!!! I have also experienced the worse date when you go to the bathroom, only to come out and to find they have disappeared, not realising they too were in the other bathroom! It is so good to finally see Gerry on the cover of our Australian magazines. He deserves the recognition. Sally
  23. This is the second magazine I found today on the shelves.... http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu192/s.../scan0005-1.jpg http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu192/s...66/scan0006.jpg Sally
  24. Hi Everyone, Found a couple of magazines at the newsagency today with articles on our man, Gerard! It is great to see that Gerry is getting recognition/magazine space in Australia. http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu192/s...66/scan0007.jpg http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu192/s.../scan0003-1.jpg http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu192/s.../scan0002-1.jpg http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu192/s...66/scan0004.jpg Plus a bonus insert with an article on Gerry and Jennifer Aniston http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu192/s.../scan0001-1.jpg http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu192/s...66/scan0008.jpg Enjoy! Sally
  25. I had been waiting ALL week for that interview. Part one with Katherine was last week and of course, Gerry today! Richard Wilkins was the lucky lad to interview Gerry and the interview was aired on the Today Show. Richard also gave Robert Luketic a plug! The interview can be emailed to you just go to the ninemsn website and click on Today show and it is under the entertainment section. I loved the interview, it was casual.... but I do love the bit where he says he is cheeky, rogue and a lad. So Gerry! Tomorrow, Richard Wilkins is going to give his thoughts on the movie. As for me, unfortuantely the movie isnt going to be released in my little town for another 2 weeks as we only have 4 cinemas and there lots of movies been released and we have live shows too. So I am sad I have to wait another 2 weeks, but I know it will be worth very bit of the wait. Sally
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