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  1. Hey my fellow Aussie GALS, As far as I know, I am the only one from Victoria, well Echuca to be exact! I came on board last November after watching PSILY and never looked back since. Robert Luketic is a Sydneysider and studied in Melbourne before leaving our shores for America. It is my understanding he is due back in Australia (Sydney & Melbourne) early August to promote TUT... boy, I cant wait for this movie. Good to see Gerry has fans from all corners of the world including this little piece of paradise downunder!!!! Cheers Sally
  2. Happen to be flicking through the magazines at my local supermarket and came across the Who Magazine with Jennifer Ainston on the cover.... The article talks about her co-stars and of course, her latest co-star, Gerry.... http://s647.photobucket.com/albums/uu192/s...nt=scan0005.jpg Cheers Sally
  3. Well done Melodie.... Well I have the Film Ink mag but I am also having scanner issues and hope to resolve it tomorrow.... Australian technology! lol sorry for the delays ladies but I will have it to you shortly. Sally
  4. The aussie newspapers are a bit slow catching up with the rumor mill when it comes to Gerry! There is an article in today's gossip section of the Herald Sun with the headline saying "Jennifer Aniston has rekindled her romance with Gerard Butler". The article reads: "The former Friends star and the Scottish Actor - who were first linked last September and again earlier this year - were spotted cosying up on the set of their new movie The Bounty. An onlooker says: "There's definite chemistry between Jennifer and Gerard. They seem to be spending alot of time together, even when they are not working." A movie insider claims Butler and Aniston, who was recently linked to her He's Just Not That Into You co-star, Bradley Cooper, can't bear to be away from each other. The source says: "Let me put it this way. They're both hot and single! After they finish a scene, they stick around so they can hang out with each other. Neither is in a rush to leave." When the pair film kissing scenes, they are keen to spend time perfecting the clinches. The source adds: " Jennifer will say, 'I think we need to do that again'. She says Gerard's a good great kisser." If I was filming kissing scenes with Gerard, I would be saying "think we need to that again and again and again".... as they say practice makes perfect!!!!
  5. I have a copy of Film Ink in my hand featuring the article on Gerry. I will endeavour to scan it and up load for all to enjoy. Sally
  6. I will check with my local newsagency tomorrow morning to see if they stock Film Ink otherwise I will order a copy in. Will keep you posted on that one tomorrow. Need to chase up the local gym to see if they had any luck getting a copy of Fitness First and will do so in the morning. Sally
  7. Aussie, well I can only wish, but sadly not so! I so love his SCOTTISH accent! Even I am embrassed to call Paul Hogan an Aussie. Fortunately we don't all sound like him (thank goodness)....... Sally
  8. Great minds think alike! Off I went to my local newsagency and nothing on the shelves. Asked the lovely man behind the counter about the magazine and he checked his list on computer for all the magazines available in Australia. Nothing. He suggested trying the gym, so I checked with my local gym and they are trying to track a copy down for me. Unfortunately not all the gyms purchase these magazines, but fingers crossed we will soon have a copy at hand and will scan and uploaded for all to view. Sally
  9. Hi GALS, Finally TUT is starting to get exposure in newspapers, magazines, internet etc in Australia.... The movie isnt due for release here until 6 August. I will go to my local newsagency tomorrow to see if they have a copy, if not, then I will order one in. I will endeavour to scan it for everyone to view. Cheers Sally
  10. I am definately well over due for a holiday and long to return to the States after my first visit some 17 years ago. I will be lining up to register for the 2010 convention as I couldn't think of a better way than spending time meeting lots of new GALfriends and then going off catching up with friends I havent seen in years. And Swannie, I am will be right behind you in the line for gluten free food! Must save, must save (heaps!) Sally
  11. The above posters have said it all.... but from down under, thank you for giving me the opportunity to join in on the activities of Vegas via live streaming. Sally
  12. OMG, THIS TRAILER IS AWESOME. Now I am going to use this movie as my new tool to get back out on the social scene after being absent for so long! lol Hmmm, I definately need one of those bras! And I am going to have to tame these curls of mine! Looks like no more pony tails. At least I dont have to worry about the kitty litter, my old girl goes outside (thank goodness). I sooooooo cant wait to see this movie. Robert Luketic is definately going to have a winner on his hands and as for Gerry, well, what can I say! Love it! Sally
  13. Just calling in to say hello from Australia! Wish I could be there with you all. May be next year will be my year to come to Vegas and join in on the activities. Enjoy and I will check in over the weekend and hope to join everyone on JustinTV to watch Dear Frankie, which happens to be about 6am Sunday morning for me! Sal
  14. Stuart & The Devine Miss S Are you on pacific standard time or pacific daylight time? I need to go whether I am going to drag myself out of bed on a SUNDAY morning at 6am or 7am Australian time????? Sally
  15. The second spanish trailer is awesome and !!!! I can't wait to see this movie. Sally
  16. Swannie There are fantastic. A very clever lady indeed. Sally
  17. I am sorry too! And next time I will remember my manners!!! hehehe Sally
  18. Now ladies, since I am single, perhaps I better volunteer to take care of his needs!!!! So I will race you all for it. hehehe Gerry does look either bored or tired in the photo... Sally
  19. Hey Swannie, That is fantastic news. Congrats to your son and please keep us posted. I can just imagine your smile beaming from ear to ear at the moment. You guys deserve it. Cheers Sally
  20. Oh I do love a guy in a suit, especially this one! He looks so handsome and very smart all dressed up.... Thanks Moira, these are great. Sally
  21. I have to admit Gerry looks hot. Not quite sure why he is fully dressed either while enjoying a walk on the beach as he has just a great body. I know I cover up while in the sun but that is to teach my kids how to slip slop & slap the sun screen, hat & shirt! I think he must have had a quick exit from the bathroom as the "barn door" as someone nicely put it is partially open or as I am forever saying to my son "low flying"! Sal
  22. To see Gerry in the flesh would be a dream come true for me.... According to Robert Luketic he will be in Australia in August for the release of TUT and hopes to take Gerry & Katherine along for the ride to Sydney and Melbourne. If that is the case, then I will more than happy to jump in my car and drive the 2 1/2 - 3 hours to line up with the other Aussie GB fans... in hope to get a glimpse or a chance meeting of this wonderful man. But I would never be one of those pushy, in your face fan.... If it is meant to be, it may be my turn to see this absolutely gorgeous man in the flesh and if that is the case, I would walk away with a grin from ear to ear with my dignity in tack. As for visiting his place of work, I wouldnt set out on "a mission" to see him, but just happen to stumble across him out and about, sure I would say "Hey Gerry" hopefully not a babbling mess when I go to speak! LOL. Sally
  23. The trailer for this movie is truely mind blowing and as for Gerry and that 6 pack, biceps, no shirt! Well..... what more does one need to say, I think the trailer says and shows it all!!!! We are going to be very spoilt this year.... love it! Sally PS - I think I need to turn the heating down.... feeling a little flushed at the moment!!!
  24. OMG, Gerry looks so hot in that white shirt. I could rub my hands all over his chest..... hmmmm Sally
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