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  1. Gerry looks so happy and relaxed in these pics. I think a good time had by all.... He will make a fantastic Dad someday, when the time is right for him! Sally
  2. Gosh, I didnt know he had a restaurant too! Is there anything this guy cant do????? Please keep your minds out of the gutters too GALS! lol Has anyone heard where they are filming the Bounty Hunter? Sally
  3. Hey Gerry, Not sure if the easter bunny came past your place, certainly did stop at my house in Australia! Great.... chocolate everywhere! lol I wish you a very Happy Easter today. I hope you are able to spend this special day with your family and friends and is full of happiness and chocolate too! Enjoy! Sally
  4. Well I feel like I have been up forever as my youngest, who is 5 tomorrow, was very excited as the Easter Bunny came to our house! Great says Mum! Need more sleep not chocolate (well not at 6.30am in the morning)..... Anyway, he has had his feed of chocolate for breaky, oh well, I suppose it is Easter! We are having breaky at McDonalds (great!) with my Aunt and then off to see my family for an egg hunt.... more chocolate. Got to love today! I hope each and everyone of you has a wonderful Easter today with your family and friends. Best wishes and stay safe if you are travelling to see family and friends. Sally
  5. Roll on 13 August for Australia..... and I have registered for updates too.... yippee! Sally
  6. Thanks for the video. He is so down to earth and casual. It put a smile on my face. Hmmm, how does one get a job as an assistant to Gerry! Great gig if you can get it.... Sally
  7. OMG!!!!!! I have just watched the trailer for TUT, actually a few times and OMG. I can't wait to see this movie, the trailers aren't enough for me. Gerry is so naughty and cheeky and I love it. I was able to view this trailer via a link posted on twitter thanks to Stuart (scotsmanstuart). Thanks Stuart! Sally
  8. Island Girl - CHARLOTTE annieday - ANDREA Lady Elissa-Elissa Good Sport- Bill (Elissa's better half) Poppy - Linda Susan~Sporran - SUSAN (well, duh) but I answer to Sporran as well when among Gerry fans. Swansong -Swannie (Bonnie Anne) Charliwantz - Charli NordicGirl - Eva Mari Midnight Diva - Diane or Di Framolamdu - Moira - aka Super Mo to her friends Gypsy - Loni Adelheid (well that's my name...) Phoenixgirl - Lisa lugerry - Barbara (aka also answer to Lu when among Gerry's fans) (Susan S. I know copied kat) Drooling Moron - Tony Eliza1013 - I prefer Elisabetha (The s is an sh sound and the th is a hard t with a very faint h), but Eliza is ok too. Seumus O'Seaghdha - real name is Kurt, but I much prefer to be called Seumus (pronounced like Shay' mus). Songbird - Katie CactusJack - Larry IListen - Liana Barb444 - Barb (my, how creative!) I'm Babs to good friends or Babszilla (when my evil twin appears....) tigs7495 - MICHELLE Bluejay - Karen Texas Gramma - Suzie (Not to be confused with Sue or Susan or Suzanne or Suz or Susie Darlin') Whew! Gerry Duty - Jeanette or J zanyzombie - Suzanne (Spot's note: She answers to Zany, too! Trust me!) Donnie - Dana (pronounced more like "Donna") JustCallMeTracy- Tracy in other words or actually the same words just call me Tracy GreenEyes - Danielle Lish ~ Alisha or Lish. Either really... Touchmetrustme - Libby almadenannie - Annemarie Hodari - DANIELLE chachababy- Peggy sbchild04 - Sarah solen - Şölen dlsmilad~ Dina kittypro - Pat (but everyone calls me kitty - too many Pats!) heISmyGspot - Spot/Spotty or Holly. (I instinctively answer to B*tch, too) TheBlonde - Kristine, K, KB laxmom - MaryLee ReggieNY11 - Regina or Reggie HighlandHeather - Faye Pilar - Leontine ("Leo") discoveringme - Jill, Jilly, even Jillybean on occassion! bamms - Leslie Wendy Muir- Wendy or WendyM GerrysJewel - Barbra Cassey1228 - Cassey or Cass smile.gif SC*Indy*Girl - Racheal or Rae Anna ~ Anna wave.gif Celtiberic Queen - Mary John aka Maria João Bermos - Sherrell (pronounced Cheryl) Luvi - Julia Isaboo - Gerry (oohhh, I mean Sandra) heheee B-elle ***** It's for Bénédicte L (my name) .. Ah, it's the new of the day. Thank you for the idea, it was difficult to follow all the names Cybrsal -Sally or Sal (Henri-etta to you, Jane) Knight Phantom - Deb Tap - Tapitha (pronounced like Tabitha but with a P) Catwoman = Catherine RezzRN = Naoma DLSPBS - PAT (FROM CHICAGO ) I FEEL LIKE I AM GIVING OUT MY SECRET CODE !!! Jo A. Quin= Jeana (pronounced Gina) (I could have sworn I'd already done this) Ballerina ~ Elizabeth~ Spencerjames7~~Pamela~~~most likely the only deaf gal Babycakes333....Jacqueline May-Debbie gindolin-Gin becozy-Barbara or Barb but I answer to becozy or 'cozy, too! Oggy - real name Dawn Ogg - Oggy is the nickname given to me by classmates in high school and it has stuck with me. phllygrl65-Chrissy, Chris or Christine(reserved only for my Mom) Tmpttneyes~ Lisa Allie_luvs_GB~Alexis fksmtu - FERAH Perrin- Perrin, Per, Pervin, or Mrs. Butler (my real name is Cristy but no one wants to use it and I probably won't answer to it in here) galpal2008-Deborah but I always go by Deb to my friends. gerrystheman - Louise from Lovers Lane (yes really!) Amiee- Amy-(Used a different spelling due to all those Amy's out there) KUBRA - Kübra pamelajane-Pam or PammieJ andismom - Lois Crimson - Dane (I do prefer being called the former, however) annette79-Annette LadyScot-Andrea (On-Dray-Uh, not to be confused with An-dree-uh). Gerry can call me his. Lucia Victoria, my friends call me Vickie or Victoria (Victoria is my last name, and people get confused and think is my middle name is funny) Daredevil (DD) - Sandra or Sam Irish - Sue Mommaduck - Judy beejay - Barbara Flesh - Brittany, Britt (I prefer Flesh though... it's grown on me... Okay, pun intended!) Rendita - Ren or Brenda. Rendita's OK, my sister calls me that sometimes bonnieboo98 - Bonnie kimmy67-Kim Carter Sapphyre - Anne (I'll respond to either) Izzabeta- Kayla(but you can call me Izza if you want) Shieldmaiden- Sarah, but I usually go by Eowyn on forums. Whichever makes you happy. Constance - well, that IS my real name, but everyone here calls me Connie 'cause you're FRIENDS!! aqcheryl - cheryl lol Paisleyscot - Cheryl CrashingWavee- Frances, Frankie, doesn't matter [: SouthernGirl28 - April Sally66 - Sally or my friends and family call me Sal. I am use to Sal, Sally sounds so official or I am in trouble! My Nanna was only one who got away with calling me my full name (Sally-Ann)!
  9. I am lucky as my 5 and 9 year old have watched quite a few of my Gerry movies with me including the POTO and today coming home in the car I had the CD of POTO playing and my 5 year old said to me during Angel of Music "the Phantom is coming Mum". His timing was perfect and priceless. It is great to see that Gerry can draw an audience in of any age! Sally
  10. What a wonderful surprise to come home too after being away for 5 days without internet access to find these gorgeous photos of Gerry. Certainly made my day. It was hard enough to be without any Gerry news or photos for 5 days, not sure how I would cope if the dry spell was any longer. Well I suspose I would have survive some how, but only just !!!!! lol Makes me appreciate him more. Good to see he is getting out and about and having some G time. Looking very casual! Sal PS: and I missed the GALS too!
  11. That was priceless! Well he is only human too and I probably would say the same if I was screamed at from all directions. Sal
  12. Swannie If I am able to locate them either in a book store in Australia or off the internet then I would be happy to purchase all the books. Thanks to another GAL, I found my passion for reading which has been missing for awhile, so I look forward to another good read! Sally
  13. WOW Barbara, that was truely amazing. I am so happy for you and a little bit jealous, just a bit! He is truely an amazing man, yes man, and appears to be very sincere and sweet too. Thank you for sharing your chance meeting with the GALS. I wonder just how much keepsakes does he actually keep. You would just about need another apartment just to store it all! Sally
  14. I think he looks absolutely gorgeous and love the salt n pepper! Certainly gets my heart racing!!! Sally
  15. I finally found the trailer and watched it TWICE!!!! OMG... he is oresome and then some! Hmmm, perhaps we are getting the movie with a different title as I can not find it listed on soon to be released in Australia under GAME. Time will tell, but they better be screening it otherwise I will not be happy at all!!!!! Sally
  16. I finally got to watch the movie a few weeks ago and boy, I certainly didnt see that ending coming. It had me sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time. I thought Gerry did an excellent job but I so disliked his character and he deserved it... Definately will watch it again. Sally
  17. The release in cinemas for this movie in Australia is 17 December, right when summer holidays are about to commence. My 2 boys are looking forward to seeing this movie, especially my youngest as he loves dragons! Added bonus for Mum, I get to spend time with the boys and listen to Gerry's magic voice, what better way to spend an afternoon!!!! Sally
  18. By the time I got to read this thread tonight I missed out on seeing the trailer for Game. It also appears that Australia isnt ear marked for this movie to be released in the cinema, but I hope they change their minds closer to the release date...
  19. HI Stuart, I enjoyed twitter last night and my name is aussie girl sal Sally
  20. I have just watched an old show on Justin.TV which Gerry appeared in and I got to see his inner thigh while tied up on a bed with a fruit basket in front of the important bits..... OMG, imagine what the inner thigh now looks like after working out! I think I need a drink, too early in the afternoon for that! I am presently floating....! And the imagination is running wild. It doesnt surprise me at all that Gerry would have organised something special for the crew as he seems to be that type of guy. Very thoughtful and appreciative. Sally
  21. I missed out on the photos too!!!! Not happy!!!! If you were granted your one wish and have Gerry as the stripper for the Vegas Convention, I beg you.... please wait until next year, just so I can be there too for a good perve or what ever else!!!!! LOL
  22. HI All I was contacted via my personal email by a prop broker who apparently got my email address off GALS. I have received several emails from him with photos of props like the ring Gerry apparently wore in Nim's and his glasses too. I haven't purchased anything of Gerry's off him as alarm bells did ring in my head as I dont have that sort of money just to throw around, it is even worse with the exchange rate at the moment. But I couldnt in my own mind be guaranteed it is the real McCoy and yes I would like own something that Gerry has worn or used but I need 100% guarantee it is the real thing before I part with my very hard earnt dollars. I am using caution on this one. I read in one thread that one of the GALS purchased the ring Gerry wore in NIM's and I received a msg about the same item. Further again in the threads I read another msg about his glasses and I was offered those too. Sally
  23. There is a Prop Broker from LA who contacted me and offered some Gerry props but with the Aussie dollars so low I have declined for the moment. I have his details if you need or want them. Sally
  24. Thank you for finding these wonderful photos of Gerry. I wish it was me up and personal with Gerry in the photo shoot.
  25. Thank you for that... I have just listened to the recording! No more hearing voices in my head, just the echoes of that beautiful accent of his... Sally
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