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  1. Frannie, Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and photos with us. You are so lucky to have those strong arms around you. I am so jealous you lucky duck. Sally
  2. Judy, you are truely an inspiration to everyone. I am not sure if he does lurk the pages of our threads, but if he does, I hope he does get a kick out of them and an understanding of what he has done for a bunch of great women from all parts of the world. Sally
  3. Unfortunately Gerry is one of a kind! And for us singles GALS I dont think anyone will ever come close to ticking all the Gerry boxes (bugger). I have been looking but nothing has hit me between the eyes with that lead balloon like Gerry did. So until I do find my own Gerry (doubt it) I will keep on watching my movies, catching up on all the goss and happens on GALS and reading magazines and articles on the one who has really captured my heart, mind and soul. Sally
  4. Thank you for sharing this with us. I could just hear him in my mind having this conversation with the other callers. It was great.
  5. Hi Swannie & GALS I suppose I am one of the last to board the Gerry train and travel on this wonderful journey, one I am absolutely enjoying. Has no other actor, singer or celebrity taken my breath away and put me in a trance like Gerry. I love watching his movies over and over and listening to him sing with that beautiful voice. However it makes my blood boil when I read articles about Gerry I dont like or disagree with, but I do know the tabloids etc edit things to help sell more magazines or newspapers. From what I learnt from this wonderful site, Gerry appears to be an incredible person who has so much going for him, charms, looks.... the smile, eyes etc etc, talent and the list goes on and on. I go around home and at work singing songs in my head from POTO. Personally I think Gerry is maturing gracefully with age and I think it makes him even more sexy! I see great things for Gerry in the future with his career and his company Evil Twin. Gerry will be in my life forever now as he has brought me such happiness and I have found my confidence and self esteem again after many years of unhappiness. My 9 year old has told me in recent I am happy again and not sad like I use to be, so if Gerry makes me happy then it will make my boys happy. I will always admire Gerry from afar as I dont live in the States to be able to see him, hopefully someday (soon!) I will have the honour of meeting him. I will always gush at the sight of Gerry and love all things GERARLD BUTLER! Sally - one happy Aussie.
  6. I have been patiently waiting for this movie's debut, so roll on Friday.... I will be there with my blazing gun! Sally
  7. I totally agree with everyone of you on GALS. I didnt even know who Gerry was until I watched PSILY and yes I was hit between the eyes with that lead balloon. Immediately after picking myself up off the floor, I jumped onto the internet and searched for all things Gerry hence finding you GALS. Gerry has helped me in so many ways, in more ways than I can express. I must admit, I do daydream more often or go around work singing songs from PSILY & POTO to myself which I would have never done before. My 2 boys just laugh at me and roll their eyes when I am watching, reading or listening to all things Gerry, but my eldest did say to me not long ago, I am not sad anymore like I use to be. So thank you Gerry for igniting the flame in this soul again. You have helped me through some really rough times in recent and there are still a few more hurdles to get past later in the year. Also I have to thank you all the GALS for your threads as I have cried, laughed, felt your pain and sorrow but you and Gerry have given me my life back.
  8. I would love to read it and I would be more than happy to have it PM to me too if that was the way to go. Sally
  9. As usual Australia is behind the eight ball when it comes to new releases whether it is in the cinemas or on DVD and no different for this movie.... release date is scheduled 22 April. I love this country, but I just wish we could be in line with the northern hemosphere when it comes to new releases.... it can be so frustrating. Sally
  10. I totally agree! Gerry is a cut above the rest.
  11. My very first movie of Gerry's was PSILY. I have watched this movie so many times as I just love Gerry Kennedy. So many different emotions comes out with this movie!!! I find it good for the heart & the soul. If I feel like singing then it is POTO. Sally
  12. Good thing I am continuously putting lip balm on..... better keep it up just in case I can line up for one of THOSE kisses!!! Sally
  13. Gerry, as many have said before me today, I am sure you have had many valentines sent your way! For me, you have inspired me to find myself and regain the self confidence I once had. You are truely an amazing person and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sally 'As Long As Your Eyes Are Blue' by Banjo Paterson Wilt thou love me, sweet, when my hair is grey And my cheeks shall have lost their hue? When the charms of youth shall have passed away, Will your love as of old prove true? For the looks may change, and the heart may range, And the love be no longer fond; Wilt thou love with truth in the years of youth And away to the years beyond? Oh, I love you, sweet, for your locks of brown And the blush on your cheek that lies -- But I love you most for the kindly heart That I see in your sweet blue eyes. For the eyes are signs of the soul within, Of the heart that is leal and true, And mine own sweetheart, I shall love you still, Just as long as your eyes are blue. For the locks may bleach, and the cheeks of peach May be reft of their golden hue; But mine own sweetheart, I shall love you still, Just as long as your eyes are blue.
  14. Those of you who are lucky enough to have a wonderful hubby or partner that says and does all the right the things you are so lucky. In the 14 years I was with my ex husband, not once did he say I was beautiful or even commented on how I looked when I was all dolled up. I never missed it until my 9 year old son started telling me on a regular bases that "you good real look mum" (as he would say!). I suppose I just accepted the way my ex spoke to me and how I was treated until a couple of year ago I realised he doesnt deserve me and there is better out there somewhere.... Tracey, yours is definately a keeper! Sally
  15. Thank you for the heads up... it will be aired on Monday for us in Australia. Sally
  16. Well I am too ruined for all others and I am single. Unfortunately no one I have seen or met at the pubs etc come close to Gerry's looks, charm, intelligence and the list goes on. Nothing wrong with looking at gorgeous underwear, but some how I dont think it would look quite the same on me!!! LOL Sally
  17. I hunted down a copy of Shattered (but goes under the title of Butterfly on a wheel here). I will watch it tonight once the kids are in bed. The guy at the video store raved about it, hopefully so will I!!!! Sally
  18. I have just been on the website listing all the movies to be screened in Australia and unfortunately we dont get TUT until 13TH AUGUST.... not happy! No rating yet or poster. Hope we get the french poster. Hmmm, must admit Gerry looks hotter than the Australian sun in jeans. Sally
  19. By the time I got to read this thread we had passed Burns and onto Goree Girls and Bounty Hunter, however, I just wanted to add to earlier threads, I am sure Gerry and his team would have been touched that so many of us wanted to help out in the financial department but after talking to some of my work colleges (I work for a law firm) I realised just how much red tape they would have to get through before they could consider having us come on board. Here in Echuca we dont get all the movies screened at our cinema, so fingers crossed we do, otherwise I will have to make a special trip to the big smoke (Melbourne) to see it. I am also more than happy to support Gerry in any way fit whether it is purchasing tickets at the cinema or purchasing the DVD. Sally
  20. Unfortunately I missed out on seeing this movie at the cinemas here in Echuca (a small country town) as it was only screened for a brief time. I found out on Friday it will be released in Australia on 4 March and my copy isnt going to be Blu-ray either as I dont own a Blu-ray dvd player. Oh well, I am sure I will still enjoy the movie! Sally
  21. Hmmm, I do like the original one however I love the French poster better!!!! Will be interesting to see which poster they use for promoting the movie in Australian cinemas.
  22. Oh well he is a single man... Damn it, I am in the wrong country!!!LOL Good to hear he was friendly towards his fans but we already know that Gerry is friendly towards his fans. Sally
  23. Thank you for sharing your Gerry experience with us. I love hearing all about the real Gerry. I can only imagine he is so down to earth, charming, cheeky and THAT smile!!! I have certainly being looking for a Gerry here in Australia, but nothing comes remotely close the real deal.... Sally
  24. Today I was sitting in a very hot court room (thanks to the air conditioner dying) trying to finalise court orders (custody orders) for my 2 boys with my ex-husband's solicitor..... only to have my thoughts going wondering off and started thinking about "what would Gerry be doing right about now!" I was in my own world of Gerry when I was asked a question, I looked at the solicitor with a blank face and had to ask for the question again. Luckily I didnt blurt out what I was thinking about, more to the point who I was thinking about. I dont think that would have gone down too well in court... 8( I must say Gerry and his gorgeous looks and charm certainly have a hold on me at times. Oh well back to reality now! Sally
  25. Done! Happy to share the Gerry love in Australia.... Sally
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