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  1. To buy a pair of adult size jeans in Australia you usually pay $70 upwards and that is just the ones from a jeans shop. You can buy ones from our chain stores for a lot less but they are crap and are a bad fit. But I couldnt justify paying US$210 for a pair well except if they have just come off Gerry with my help of course!!!!! LOL Sally
  2. Hey on a day of 45oC plus and I am sweltering here in Austrlia.... there is nothing better than to sit in front of the laptop with the air conditioner on trying to stay cool, but checking out Gerry's rear end doesnt help to bring my temperature down!!!!LOL
  3. OMG! I was just catching up on my daily Gerry news when I can across a posting from D about the movies she has seen with Gerry in them, only to mention Reign of Fire. I couldnt believe it, my cousin gave it to my eldest son on the weekend to watch and I never took much notice as Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale are on the cover. I have just read the back cover only to see Gerry's name there! Well I know what I will be watching tonight!!!! Sally
  4. This is certainly going to be a very busy year for Gerry and a very exciting one too. And hopefully one we can share with him. I am sure Gerry wouldnt take on a project if he felt he couldnt do justice or jeopardise his reputation. I look forward to hearing more about the project and funds if required. Sally
  5. Well I think we are seeing the true Gerry in Philly! Being an Aussie we can be very forward at times, not insulting or rude just cheeky! However I dont think I would grab him on the rear end unless I got the all clear to do so! Then bring it on!!!!! BIG TIME!!!! If he is more than happy to indulge himself in our threads, I am more than happy to spice things up for him without crossing the line.... Sally
  6. Hello Ladies, I only became a fan of Gerry's in 2008 after a girlfriend told me about PSILY and while watching this movie, I instantly fell for this absolutely gorgeous guy with a beautiful accent. I watched the movie a couple of times before returning it to my local video store. I have since purchased the movie along with POTO and Nim's Island and I have watched 300. This is one guy I cant get enough of and can only dream of meeting him even if it is only for 5 seconds or so, it would make my day! Sally
  7. You are such a lucky duck in meeting Gerry.... He seems to be such a down to earth guy and happy to acknowledge his loyal fans. Sally
  8. Barbara, you are such a luck duck meeting Gerry.... I hope some day is he visiting down under or near by so I may get the chance to see him or even meet him in person! Sal
  9. I so wish I could come and join you at the annual GB conference in Vegas, but coming from Australia, it isnt going to happen this year.... well, I will have to save up my cents & dollars and join you all next year! Can't wait to hear all about it and see the pictures. If Gerry is there, give him a big Aussie hello for me
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