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  1. Made A mistake? Gawd, Jackson made so many they can't be counted.

    I think it's time to end this madness.

    I'm getting so PO'd my blood pressure is about to go through the roof. Guess what? I'm not now nor never have been a Jackson fan. IMO, he was a creepy crawly dispicable creature and always has been. So shoot me. Sanity seems to have returned even on the IMDb board where strangely 99 percent seem to support Gerry in this.

    What does that say? Most posters on the previously hated IMDb support him but Gals lets this madness continue in some sort of cleansing bs?

    Big mistake. I'll go on supporting him personally. But, I'm really disappointed in Gals leaders' reasoning to let this junk go on. Sad I'm more in tune with IMDb than gals. With friends like these, who needs enemies? Anyway, he's gone way beyond needing a few hundred people on fan sites.

    I love you Gerry. Bottom line. I just love you. There have been a couple of times I've been fed up here in the past, but I stayed around. But not now. Goodbye Gals. I'm sure I won't be missed.

  2. I just want to briefly touch upon Gerry's support for his fans. In interviews too numerous to mention both on TV and radio and in print he has commented on how supportive his fans are and has pointed out how much they do for charity. Now, because he didn't get all hot and bothered when someone poked a little good-natured fun at fan conventions, some are upset with him? I don't get it.

    The only other thing I want to add is that I'm not so sure if all this bickering is really clearing the air or just pouring salt on wounds.

  3. I agree that time spent with family you don't see on a regular basis can be stressful, especially when it's a large family and events like birthday parties are involved.

    I think it's time Gerry gets back to New York or LA, whichever place he really prefers. Then he should lock the doors, turn off the phones, shut off the lights and go to bed. I think he's pushed himself just about as far as he can. The eye thing is a red (no pun intended) flag IMO. If he won't stop this crazy pace on his own, someone on his staff should knock some sense into that gorgeous head.

  4. Good grief. HE'S just gorgeous. He really does look just like he did 5 or 6 years ago. Not that I didn't love him in 300 or TUT or LAC, but now, just wow. How is this possible, as Abby might say.? Does he have some kind of a time machine? LOL. It's there in the Highlands! I think I must go. I'll find the fountain of youth, and I'll be 20 soon and waiting for Jamie. Seriously, how can he do this?

  5. If anyone is still having trouble watching this interview you might want to try what I did. When the box comes on in Norwegian obviously trying to get people to download some exotic program, look toward the bottom of that box and you'll see a sentence that contains the word "standard." I figured that meant, if you want to see the video in a standard (read, old-fashioned) format, click here. So I clicked on that line, and the video played just fine.

    What hit me about this great interview was when he used the word "hurtful" when he was talking about all the junk and gossip stuff on the internet. He only said "hurtful" once, but I think that revealed that this nonsense really does get to him at times. That was sad. He doesn't deserve any of it. He's worked hard to get where he is today. It is horrible that the gossip people outright lie about things, and some people actually believe it and pass it on and on and on. I know it comes with the territory, but it still makes me angry when it involves Gerry. But, to fight it is like spitting into the wind.

  6. Success at last. I finally got to comment on the People site!

    When I got home this afternoon and thought about the problem again, I remember that a month ago I had downloaded Google Chrome by accident. It's still at the bottom of my screen, so I used it and voila, there was the submit button! Isn't it funny how something won't show up with plain old Google but does on the new improved version. It' some kind of plot, I just know it!!!! LOL

  7. I think it's amazing that in the serious articles (as opposed to the gossip press) Gerard Butler is being described as the "lure" for financing. He's come a long way, baby! No more "Gerry who?"

    Despite being the "lure," he wouldn't have been cast in this film unless Fiennes and others thought he could do the job well. I don't think there's any doubt that he can do it. Afterall, he is simply brilliant intellectually, despite his flip funny side. There could have been other "lures" but Gerry got the role. A Roman is so perfect for him. He definitely has the look. Very regal. He could be a Roman statue in a museum!!!!!

    What also amazes me about this man is all the work behind the scenes that no one knows about until it hits the news. For instance, when during promoting TUT, filming LAC and The Bounty, promoting LAC, did all this Coriolanus negotiating take place? He must have had to do a read through. People think he such a party boy, but in truth, he's a workaholic.

  8. After Munich and Olso, I hope he gets to sleep for about a week. But knowing him, he'll probably be negotiating contracts with directors etc. for future projects like Slide and hopefully handling Burns-related business! I don't think he has it in him to really relax. Hyper all the time.

    This all reminds me of that old video footage, I think from Japan, where he got himself so tired with promotions he fell asleep in the chair waiting to be interviewed.

  9. I've been gone all day, so I've really got a lot of catching up to do tonight. However, dot net has a little blub on their home page that the Scottish article about Gerry dropping out of Burns is not true. How they came by this information, it doesn't say. Just that the report is NOT TRUE, so they won't reprint the article. I hope they are correct. Only time will tell.

  10. All this makes me think of all the flying he does. His frequent flyer miles must be stupendous. (Is that a word spelled correctly?) I hate flying. Not so much the flights themsleves, just the stressful airport experiences. I have to go to Germany on Nov. 21, and I'm already dreading it. (Going to be a grandma for the first time on the 4th, Nov. It's a C-section so we know baby girl's birth date.)

    Anyway, I think this is such an honor for him. It's so great seeing his success. But, can you imagine being on an international flight and having HIM on the same plane and knowing it? I wouldn't know quite how to handle it. Ask for an autograph? Pretend I don't know who he is? Throw myself on his seat? Turbulance, you know. LOL.

    Shut up on a plane with him for nine hours. What would I do?

  11. The past award ceremonies that I can find have all been at the Beverly Hilton which I figure is in LA. Wonder if he'll make yet another plane trip to be there? Or, maybe he'll record some kind of acceptance speech?

    Anyway, I can't figure why they let the voting go on after Oct. 18 if that was the cut off. I was voting right up until they announced the winners.

    I'm with everybody. I loved Hillary Swank in PSILY. I can't imagine anyone else in the role now. She played the character as written. I think some of the dislike may be with the character's perceived self-centeredness. I didn't read the book, but I think that was a complaint there as well.

  12. OK, I got myself into a snit the other day because of the discussion about the three-some remark. I was misunderstood. I don't have GB up on any pedestal. Just the opposite. I adore him for what he is. I just don't get it that some would be 'saddened' by his silly remarks on a silly show. That really got me. It made me angry. 'Sad,' ick. Come on. He's in this profession and he has to take what comes along with it. It highlighted what the nutcases on JJ and other sites think about his FANS. That's us. We are smarter than this. Let's not feed that audience. We aren't that stereotype. They were laughing at those who were 'sad.' I was just angry.

  13. I looked at the thread and there WAS a disabled message. I'm not crazy. I saw it.

    If that was some kind of an internet booboo, I certainly do apologize.

    I'm upset that anyone here would actually discuss this as if GB meant what he said on that ridiculous show. I can't get past that. I might as well have been reading JJ. And, sorry, if I think a show host/hostess is a vapid twit, I'll say it.

    Anyway, I simply adore the man. And, I just can not tolerate people picking his every word to death.

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