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  1. I'm going to sneak in the back door on this since the MTV post has been disabled. I'm frankly shocked that anyone here would discuss that show as if it were anything but a joke. He was being sarcastic. Wow. I'm disappointed. I thought Gals had more brains and class than that. I'm out of here for a looooong time.
  2. I had the impression he was annoyed and wished he was any place but there during his segment on the stupid MTV show. Whoever said MTV is beneath him hit the nail on the head. When Alexa (what a twit she is) asked that threesome question, he paused before he answered. And then came out with the Butler did it. I think he was irritated and was just jerking her around because the show was so dumb to begin with. At any rate, he's too private a person to reveal anything too personal in an interview ... especially a low-class MTV 'interview.'! That said, I think he should be more careful with what comes out of his mouth because there are always those who will want to blow it up into something more than it is and analyze it to death. I don't know how he lives with every tiny detail of his life picked apart pro and con by nutcases on those gossip boards. It literally goes on 24/7. Maybe he simply ignores or rises above it.
  3. The Neilsen (sp?) ratings for Saturday show that SNL with our boy had the highest ratings for the show this year to date. In fact it is reported that SNL Saturday had the highest rating over the primetime shows with the exception of sports! Wake up call to the powers that be. The Butler is very popular. LOL
  4. I want to mention the 'sports' thing when he did the Southern accent. I remember Michael Caine once saying that a Southern accent was the easiest thing for a UK actor to do when it came to US accents. Gerry was right on with it. MC must have know from where he spoke.
  5. I'm just amazed at his singing talent. He got through that monologue spot on and singing right on key, along with batting all the baddies away. The best. Just the best. What can we do about his singing? He's so good. But, then, what isn't he good at?
  6. Oooops. I said the wrong Jimmy. G's on Jimmy Fallon tonight not Kimmel! At least that's what I wrote down.
  7. Of course I voted to move him up the list. IMO, he's #1. But I'm glad he's ahead of a lot of the ususal suspects! However, there were some guys on this list I never heard of or don't think are sexy at all. Anyway, it killed some time while I'm waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to come on.
  8. 'Will you give me a cigarette after this?' How funny. But, now, seriously people... thud.
  9. Oh, god lord, I just saw the promos for Bonnie's show with G. Could it get any better? What a hoot. He's just the greatest....best...most adorable...hottest... Oh, well, I just love him.
  10. Wasn't that great? I'm glad I taped it because I was as nervous as he was when he was driving that car so fast! Now I can watch it again and just have fun. I thought the film of him from inside the car was to die for. He is just so handsome and sexy ... doing anything. I think you are right. A racing film with Gerry would be wonderful. Again, great show. I loved his introduction and the shots from some of his movies! Congratulations GB. Can't wait for Craig and especially SNL. It was cute when he said he'll need everyone's support for his SNL appearance. I think he's got it!
  11. I watched Jamie too. But, I find him rather arrogant. I wondered about the empty seats as well. I normally don't watch Leno, so I don't know if that's how it usually is or not. I would think if they knew there were going to be empty seats they would move everyone down front to make it look like a full house. Maybe the empties are for people on the show and staff who come and go? Can't wait to see what Gerry will have to do "to earn his plug!" Wouldn't it be great if Jay made him sing! I want to watch Viola on Craig later tonight. Hope we get tons of pictures of Gerry at the premiere tomorrow night.
  12. What great news. Congratulations, Gerry. Guess this must make the critics angry. It just goes to show the professional critics are often out of touch with what the public enjoys. Wow. TUT is #1 around the world. We already knew that! And, Gerry is always No. 1! We've known that for a long time. The rest of world is finally catching up.
  13. If he really is headed to the doctor's, my bet would be work related because Alan is with him. Might have the insurance papers to be signed. GB sure is looking more gorgeous than ever lately. I love that shirt on him.
  14. Goodness, he has absolutely no privacy in his life anymore. It must be awful. It's a wonder the photogs didn't follow him into the building and into the waiting room - if that's where he actually was going. He must have to keep the blinds pulled down all the way at home. If the nutcase paps ever find out where he lives they'd be trying to jump the fence and peak in his windows. I hope he gets a chance to go home to Scotland for a few weeks and get away from all the craziness.
  15. I know. "I feel your pain." Lordy, lordy, lordy. What's a girl supposed to do? Again, this is not fair. Damn you GB. LOL (I think).
  16. Number ONE. Now, and forever. Just when I think I'm all focused on his career etc. something like this slaps me back to reality and why I got interested in the first place. LOL! I'm still interested in his emerging personality and career choices, but isn't he just the hottest thing ever? Thank you Margaret.
  17. I know it's been said a gazillion times before and it's becoming trite, but MG 'can this man get any more gorgeous?' These pictures are spectacular. I wonder when they were taken. At one time, I thought Gerry was the most handsome man on earth back in the Lucy Sullivan, One More Kiss, Drac and Attila era. But now. Wow! There are no words to really describe him. It's just not fair (if you know what I mean).
  18. I didn't realize the first one I bought was a European version. It plays on my U.S. VCR. Anyway, it was the earlier version of Wrath of Gods and it definitely has the part where he snaps the waistband of the tighty whities. It's fun to watch in slow motion (I know. My bad.). But you really can't see that far down, but darned close. Then I bought the new one with the new cover and extended interviews. They had added the black box to that version! I would have loved to hear the conversations in the decision-making process on that! LOL
  19. I didn't realize that scene wasn't in the DVD. It's been used in so many GB videos on Youtube that I guess that's where I've seen it too many times to admit to. LOL. I'm still going to watch closely next time I play Tomb Raider. Speaking of Tomb Raider, have you seen the alternate ending? I liked it way better than the one they finally chose. He still dies, but it's a nicer death. If there is such a thing. And IMO it made Lara more human too.
  20. I feel like I'm on JJ. Let's analyze the spots on his shirt? Different fabrics photograph in different ways. Remember the Philly pictures? In some shots there were spots on his shirt, in others there were not. Oh, Gerry. Did you ever think your fans would be analyzing every little thing like spots on your shirt? LOL. I just adore you completely. Spots or not. Last night, I changed my bedding. I thought I saw a bleached out spot on my top sheet. I don't use bleach. What could it be? I turned on and off different lights. It was there in some, gone in others. It was just the light. I guess you know you have arrived when this kind of thing is discussed. Remember when we just wanted people to know his name? It's funny. You people are great. We all love GB, and that's what counts in the end.
  21. I think a big problem is that rags like the National Enquirer mix truth and fiction. Once in a rare while that publication has come across something that has beaten out the 'legitimate' press. But even so, it blows its good works by mostly printing a bunch of cr###. It's all about the almighty dollar. It's not going to end. The public just has to be smart enough to recognize when they are reading junk. It's sad that some people actually seem to believe the stuff these publications and Internet sites (mostly their posters) spew out. I can't believe it when I read people commenting on and perpetuating stuff that is so obviously just junk. Case in point, The Star, and their 'It's For Real' cover about Jennifer and Gerry. He had already denied it in a very classy manner. Some nuts are even still insisting the denials are just a cover. People will believe what they want to. I take comfort in the fact that it's a very, very, very small percentage of people who actually read that stuff online. Most people don't even know the gossip sites exist, let alone visit them. If I weren't a fan of Gerry's and Google him a lot, I wouldn't know either. On the flip side, everyone looks at the magazine covers while standing in line at the supermarket.
  22. Can't go to the premiere, but I'll be at the first showing of LAC at the closest theater. And, then, I'll see it again...and probably again and again.
  23. Can't wait to see the man on the upcoming shows. While Jamie isn't a favorite of mine, it will be interesting to see what the other stars of LAC have to say. Viola will be on Craig Oct. 5 as well. Bring it all on. I'm sure they will talk about GB.
  24. Oh, Abandon, welcome to that feeling. I have no idea why I have been so fascinated with this man for like a decade. He is certainly something different. He has the most beautiful eyes ever created. And, I don't think he really has a clue. That's one thing that makes him so fascinating. He knows how people react to him in public situations, but I still don't think it really makes sense to him. Silly boy.
  25. All the real people at these showings seem to think LAC is really great. I'll be interested to see what the miserable, professional CRITICS have to say. I think most of them are really critical of anything they think the average person really likes. Makes them think they are so special and above popular reactions. My, the man is looking hot.
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