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  1. I just hope he is happy in his life. Would I lust after him if he had a permanent relationship? Well, in movie roles yes. In RL, I'd still be his fan. If we love him, we want him to be happy. I sure don't have any hopes that I would mean anything to him in RL. Good lord, I could be his mama. I just enjoy him as he is. I hope he does find love and have babies that look just like him. I'll be interested to see the gal who finally gets him. What a special persson she will be.
  2. I love photos of Gerry in profile too. While, he's gorgeous from any angle, those shots always catch me eye. Move over John Barrymore, we have a new "The Great Profile."
  3. I'm just glad I TAPED this show while I was at work. I watched a few bits of it until it got to GB, and then stopped the tape. Gerry was great. Looked wonderful and did his intro perfectly. But in my opinion, the show as a whole was just embarrasing. What a bunch of egotistical, boring, untalented, stupid people for the most part, IMO. At least Madonna didn't use her faux British accent. I think GB made the right decision to cut out early.
  4. I wasn't going to watch 300 tonight. I've seen the movie and the director's cut about 300 times...well, maybe 7 or 8. But, I thought I'd turn it on as background noise. Even if I've seen a GB movie lots of times, I still can't not have it on when it's on TV and I'm home. Well, of course, I started watching the whole thing again. Couldn't look away. They left in King Leo in the buff and as far as I could tell, quite a bit of the love scene. They had a warning about violence etc. at the beginning. No matter how many times I see it, I get all drawn into the King Leo character, and at the end his death scene just gets me in the heart. I cry every time. Tonight was no exception. The goodbye to his queen, then raising his arms as the arrows fly. Gerry is just a magnificent actor. He became the king. Anyone who disagrees should just watch his performance in this movie. I don't think anyone else could project such strength and emotion with just a look.
  5. He sure takes a lot of flights coast to coast. Imagine his frequent flyer miles! There is also a pre-VMA show from 8 to 9 p.m. Maybe he'll be interviewed on that. I have to work Sunday night, so I'll tape from 8 to midnight. That's just as well...I can just fast forward until I see him on either show. I quit watching MTV years ago when they stopped showing videos. My favorite MTV years were back in the mid to late 80s. I liked the VJs, especially Nina, Alan, AJ and Martha. Anyone remember them? They quit making good music after the 80s IMO. MTV is just a waste anymore with all that stupid reality stuff. Oh, wait, I did watch the first Real World from New York and then I watched the one from Vegas. But that was it.
  6. While Gamer isn't one of my favorite Gerry movies, I enjoyed. It was strangley entertaining. I sure wasn't bored. I'm not going to see it five times in the theater like I did TUT, but I will definitely buy the DVD when it comes out. Why? Well, that's obvious. To look at Gerry because he is so hot in this film! I'm still really looking forward to LAC.
  7. He seems to like that place. I could probably go to LA and visit Crown Bar every night and he would never turn up! Just my luck. Love him absolutely, but I wish he'd lose that hat.
  8. Saw Gamer today and I actually was surprised that I liked it as much as I did - as I just went to it because of Gerry. Can't imagine why anyone would walk out of it. I think it says a lot about what computers can become, and should be a wake up call for people who spend soooo much time on theirs getting more into an anonymous, unreal world than living life. I won't say more right now, 'cause I don't want to get into spoilers. But down the line, when more have seen it, I think the discussions can be fascinating. As far as box office goes, I think #3 for a movie of this type on Labor Day weekend isn't a bad thing. I don't think anyone really expected more. Labor Day weekend is the weakest box office of any year. Gamer's bo appeal was directed in general for a certain demographic (teenies into gaming) and if my theater was any indication, they turned out.
  9. Loved the two interviews I saw today from California. I think they are both on the stations' websites. I liked that in the two I saw, the interviewers all seemed to really like him. The one guy said he had interviewed Gerry 13 times, more than he had any other celeb! He said that he never knew GB was a lawyer or that he had once lived in Sacramento - even after all those interviews. I think the interview I liked best was from LA? Sorry, I'm from the east so this is the first time I've ever been aware of these people or their shows. The one from LA, I think, had the two women and one guy - and, the one girl they kept kidding about being such a big GB fan. They actually said they all 'love' him. He's such a sweetheart. Who wouldn't love him? I like it when he gets such a positive reaction from people.
  10. I'm sure even in the book Gus was just a player. But in all the videos I've seen of LSIGM, who could blame Lucy for wanting him to be so much more? Baby GB was just so beautiful physically at this stage in his life. Imagine what was going on his his real life!!! He must have been chased all over London by girls. Girls must have been lining up just to have a shot at him. OMG, he was so beautiful. It's not his fault. LOL. Reminds me of the old commercial 'don't hate be because I'm, beautiful!' He was indeed so gorgeous at that time. But, I like him even better now. A hot, sexy man. At any stage of his life, this guy has just been the best there ever will be. I just can't imagine what it must be to walk in his shoes.
  11. I think anyone who wants to get a handle on what Gus is really supposed to be about should read the book. The TV show was based on the novel Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married by Marian Keyes. I'm thinking about ordering it, so I checked on Amazon.com and it's available for $10.19. I may just get it.
  12. Thanks so much for the translation. The first picture is just IMO every woman's idea of the ideal man. Who could disagree and be in their right mind? I so admire people who can speak in languages other than English when it is not their first language and understand both or more. I have no ear for other languages. I took French in high school and never really GOT it. But, Gerry is the be all and end all in any language. He is just sex personified and a really wonderful human being as well. I love that he is found interesting by people all over our small planet. I forget who, but somebody always end their posts by 'Love him unconditionally.' Me too.
  13. What a great interview. Thanks so much for posting it. I really find it funny that in a number of interviews the UK reporters refer to an American 'drawl.' Over here, we only think of a drawl as being from the deep South or Texas, but the British seem to think American accents are all a drawl. Interesting! I just think it's so great that he is getting so much attention. Our baby seems to have finally made it globally. Oh, well, we told them so. What took them so long?
  14. OH, it's not the 'Next Thing' the gossip press including Perez etc. are already calling them JenGer. LOL. I have a theory on the latest round of Bounty set pictures in which they have their arms around each other and then turn around and look the paps in their shifty eyeballs. I think Jen and 'Ger' are PUNKING those paps and are having a lot of fun doing so.
  15. I think that must be a new feature. I hadn't run into it anywhere before. Thanks for posting the link. That was a fun trip down memory lane. They picked some really good pictures of the man, and their quips were fine imo. I'm happy he's getting all kinds of recognition these days from the major sites, magazines and newspapers. These people were slow to recognize how hot the man is, but looks like they have awakened. Finally!
  16. I have always loved this movie and have watched it way more than once! Your take on Sam's reaction to Sara's return is very interesting, and I think it's the best explanation I have heard so far for his behavior. Thanks for sharing.
  17. This was a great article. Thanks much for posting it. I think his mom is a star in her own right. She must shake her head many times, never knowing what's going to come out of her famous son's mouth next! I think it's so nice that he has such a great relationship with her. I'm sure things got rocky when he was canned as a lawyer, but he obviously knew what he was doing when he followed his dream, cleaned up his life, and has become such a genuinely nice human being. As others have said, no one who has worked with him has ever had a negative thing to say about him. That, in itself, is an accomplishment. You go, Gerry.
  18. Oh my, my, my, my, my etc. Those photos are beyond gorgeous. The one of him leaning over the balcony may be my all-time favorite of the man. What a face. Oh my, my, my, my, my!
  19. I thought it was such a coincidence this morning when I read the bit about GB losing his accent, because last night I had watched an interview segment on my Dracula 2000 tape where Gerry kids about not realizing most of the filming would be done at night! Anyway, it struck me as to how thick his Scots accent was at the time and how much of it he has since lost. Then to read that article today was quite a hoot. Speaking of that interview...my goodness the boy was simply beautiful back then. (Not that I don't adore his more rugged masculine persona of today.) But, that long black hair and those huge green eyes. Oh my. He was a piece of work as a relative baby. Did anyone note that one headline about his losing the accent referred to him as 'Ged.' There's a new one for me.
  20. Not sure where to post this, but for all of you who can't see TUT until it comes out on DVD, but are crazy to see 'the dance,' someone obviously taped it from the movie and its on you tube. Just Google Calo Rodrigues-The Ugly Truth and you can see what all the hoopla is about. It's not the clearest, but it gets the point across!
  21. Who knows what he meant. I think I'll only believe anything was actually said by GB unless I hear it out of his own mouth in a TV interview.
  22. It's amazing and unethical that magazines and websites can misrepresent these as 'interviews' as if they really happened. This one is especially atrocious because it's set up to look as though they really asked him these questions and he responded specifically to their questions in a sit down or telephone conversation. If my local paper did that with anyone there would be hell to pay and the 'reporter' in question would likely be axed. At least nothing ridiculous was implied in this alleged interview (as far as I could see in a quick read). I guess anything is OK today if you are considered part of the public domain.
  23. These lists are amusing, but Lisa is right, they are all about who has a movie coming out or a new TV series or a concert tour to promote. Even People's sexiest etc. lists are all about promoting something. At least it keeps GB's name out there to enter the consciousness of the general public. When you look at some of those guys, you know they aren't handsome. For instance, Christian Bale, that picture is awful, and that must be a vintage picture of Brad Pitt...he's looked terrible in recent photos. The people who compile these lists need to wake up and smell the coffee. There is only one 'handsomest' man, and he's tall, has beautiful hair, mint green eyes, a nose like a Greek/Roman statue and a gorgeous body. Who could that be? LOL
  24. I suppose Gerry has to do what he has to do to promote Gamer. But I can't stand David Letterman. He's so snide and nasty to many of his guests. I'm glad it will be an opportunity to see GB on live TV. I just hope he's prepared for Letterman's typical questions. Hope Letterman doesn't get on the JA questions bandwagon.
  25. I love Gerry now with the short, thick hair, but OMG when he was younger and had that longer black hair.... Like Gus in Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married or as Sam in One More Kiss. Oh, good grief. Wasn't he the most gorgeous puppy!!! But, I love him more as an adult male. LOL
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