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  1. My goodness that is one beautiful picture of a beautiful man. I'm not familiar with Fitness First, but it may be my new favorite magazine. Has anyone figured out where to buy it yet?
  2. I love his eyes on the cover. They show up really green in the printed mag, not so much on internet sites. As for retailing, I think they go by some kind of demographic study of what magazine sell at particular locations. Around here, sad to say, if it's NASCAR or the Enquirer, it'll sell. Anything that requires a brain, won't.
  3. I also e-mailed Esquire to thank them for the wonderful article and photos. I think we all should do that. It's been rare so far that such a great article about THE MAN has been written. In case anyone missed the email address it's esquire@hearst.com. Let's give credit where credit is due.
  4. I managed to snare a second copy of Esquire today. This time it had arrived at Walden's. This copy will be for cutting out the pic of GB in the Elvis sunglasses and plastering it on my refrig. I don't know where to put this, but if it isn't already posted here somewhere - Gerry's going to be on Craig Ferguson on July 21. That bit of news has made my day.
  5. I always think of jammers as swim pants that come to the knees, something like what surfers often wear.
  6. As many times as Gerry has said "I don't drink," including in the Esquire interview, don't you think that if some pap or other gossip writer had actually seen him with booze in his hand they wouldn't have been all over it, calling him on it? They live for that kind of thing. Because no one has done that just makes me believe that Gerry is true to his word. In fact, I remember in one of the New Year's Eve posts, one of the gossipy writers even said that GB was only drinking diet Coke. Remember, a lot of these people are only just now becoming familiar with GB, and they just post what people in the group he is with are doing. He's in a whole new stratosphere now. Isn't that what we've wanted for the last decade? LOL. Reminds me of the old saying, "Be careful of what you wish for..."
  7. While I have nothing against JA, in fact, I rather like her, I will say that GB is much hotter than she is in these last pictures. Once in a rare while he takes a bad picture, but most of the time he's just sex personified...the body, the face, the hair. It's just not fair there is only one of him.
  8. While it's fun to look at the article and pictures online, there is no substitute for actually having the magazine in your hands and seeing the whole thing in print. I also think it's a good idea to purchase a copy, thereby showing support to Esquire which gave us such a great article and those wonderful pictures o Gerry.
  9. For anyone who can't get out to get the magazine, it's available online. I don't know how to make things clicky or transfer one that is. But, if anyone who knows how wants to venture onto IMDb, someone has posted the link in the Esquire cover boy thread. It was the newest link last time I looked. You can read the article, make the pictures big etc.
  10. My favorite pic is the one where he's leaning his head back against the seat. When you see it full size in the magazine...well, it's one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. He doesn't need to take his clothes off to inspire..........
  11. It's posted on IMDb that Gerry will be on Regis and Kelly on 7/24! What a fun next few weeks we can have!!
  12. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when the magazine will be out for everyone to purchase who wants one. Then it will be fair game to discuss the article and pictures. I can't wait to see what others think about the pictures and the article. IMO, it's the best thing we've seen about GB in many a moon. I've read the article twice so far, in case I missed something! I was sooo happy to get mine today. And you are right, seeing in the shelf at Borders was a kick in itself.
  13. I GOT MINE TODAY!!!!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! First I went to Wal-Mart. They didn't have it. Then I went Barnes and Noble. No go. Then I went to the big Borders outside the mall. Another disappointment. On a whim, I went to the smaller Borders inside the mall, and they had just put it out. It was worth all the hassle. I won't spoil it for anyone, but the inside pics are to die for. There is one that IMO is just over-the-top sexy. I'll wait to see what everyone else thinks before going on and on with any specifics. The article is very interesting. Typical Gerryisms abound.
  14. I find it funny that on many of the general celebrity/gossip sites a lot of women (and even a couple of guys who admit being gay) are writing about Gerard Butler and how hot he is. You'd think they just discovered the key to Ft. Knox. LOL. Where were they 10 years ago? All this hotness has been right in front of their dumb faces if they'd only paid attention. Oh, well, looks like the rest of the world is FINALLY catching up to what we've always known.
  15. I can't wait to see the pix and read the article inside. But I agree, I don't want to see them till I have the magazine in my hands. It'll be like opening a special Christmas present. I'm headed to the area's big Wally World tomorrow. My town's little Wal-Mart doesn't carry that many magazines.
  16. I liked looking at the year's former covers. IMO, gb's is just the best. They seem to go for that gray monochromatic style on most covers. He's so much hotter than George Clooney. Absolutely no comparison. I'm happy for gb that he's being recognized by the mainstream media. How about his eyes on the cover picture! I JUST cannot wait to see what we've got in store for us inside!!!!!
  17. The Esquire site has posted the August cover - it's GB!!!!!!! Someone on IMDb posted it there as well. OMG he looks sooooo good. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Our boy is certainly arriving in style.
  18. I wish I'd been able to read the last couple of posts before I DID head out the door keys in hand and drove 30 miles to the mall. I marched into Walden asking for the new Esquire. The clerk searched and couldn't find the newest ones. She then went and asked, and the manager said a lot of magazine deliveries were being held up because of the holiday. She said the ones that were originally scheduled for delivery today wouldn't come in until next week because FedEx was not making routine deliveries today because of the holiday weekend. Grrrrrrrrr. Oh well, I did manage to get other things done I needed to at the mall, but I was disappointed at the same time.
  19. The long sit-down interview with GB (in costume as Beowulf) in Wrath of Gods is amazing. It's kind of like having GB in your living room rambling on and on. I love it. Too bad the reporter's tape ran out or we could have had more!! At the beginning of the interview he said he had a bad headache, but you would never have known it as he continued. He was a real pro under not too great circumstances. The interview, for some odd reason, takes place in a parked bus, several times the lights go out and they are interrupted a couple of times by people getting things off the bus. It was great the way he kept right on going during the power outages. I also enjoyed (in a very different way!) the shorter interview with him after the film wrapped and they were getting him out of the costume and wet suit. Wish I could have been there to help.
  20. I think that pix of her in the car smiling up at him pretty much captures the mood!!
  21. I thought it was really interesting to see all the camera equipment hooked up to that car. I wonder if he was actually driving it at that time. That would be difficult. I have difficulty backing out of my driveway!! It's certainly been an eye opener for me to see all that goes into making a movie. You just don't think about all that is going on technically when you watch a film. It makes me appreciate all the work done by so many people. It also makes me appreciate the faith that the industry has in GB right now. Imagine the money it takes to pull off these movies. If he wasn't in the league with the big boys now, all this would not be happening. You go GB, we've loved you from the start! I've loved you since Attila. I think it's time to go to bed. LOL!
  22. I just got home from work, and the first thing I did was check out this article. I thought it was cute. Someone else could have twisted the whole thing but I thought it was pretty nice. Wish I could be in Vegas!
  23. It is so cool that he takes the time to do things like that for his fans. I can't image other actors, making as many movies as he is now, caring enough personally about their fans to do such a thing. GB is just the best, both as an actor and as a man. What a sweetheart he is.
  24. I don't remember which thread had the original discussion about the release date for Bounty, but I just noticed that on Gerry's main page on IMDB it lists it as 2009. Maybe the Christmas release report wasn't wrong afterall. Oh well, time will tell. Three GB movies in five months? Wow, if it's true. I'm not complaining.
  25. Yes, that picture of Jen in the car looking up at Gerry is great. To me it seems that it was taken during a break in filming. If so, they do seem to be getting along!
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