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  1. Yes, "Everybody loves GB right now." Well, I've loved him since Attila, so I was waaaay ahead of the crowd, LOL. I so agree, the only Clint Eastwood film I really loved was 'Play Misty for Me.' I still like it, as well as the song, 'The First Time Ever' I saw your face - which now I connect more to with GB. After seeing GB, it's hard to think of anyone else. GALS is a sickness that I've been unable to cure. Right now, I can't think of a reason to do so. I'm just counting down the days to TUT and Gamer.
  2. Loved the blog about him brushing up on his gambling 'skills,' and what a nice guy he is. What a sweetheart. Can he be any more adorable??
  3. If I were a betting person, I'd say The Bounty won't be released until sometime next year. Most movies are not released within four or five months of wrapping up shooting. It's usually at least a year. And, isn't it supposed to be a comedy, not an action film? I'm skeptical of that report. Time will tell. But until then, isn't he just the most glorious thing on the planet? I wonder what it's like to be GB and know your every move (almost) is captured on someone's camera.
  4. In the rearview mirror, it kind of looks to me like he may have makeup on his left eye for a 'blackeye' effect. Does anyone else see it, or am I just looney??
  5. The one of him zipping up and buckling the belt or whatever he's doing. That is GB. I'd know the top of his head anywhere!!! But seriously, that's Gerry. Just no question in my mind.
  6. I get US Weekly (only because it was a X-mas gift). I don't know half the boring people mentioned in it. It takes me about four minutes to flip through the thing and then throw it in the pile to be recycled. GB is hardly ever in there. I hope that changes soon, and in a positive way. I saw The Proposal this weekend, only because I agreed to see it if daughter #1 will see TUT with me. The Proposal was one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen. It was just gawd awful. I didn't laugh once, and I did see that US Weekly only gave it two stars. However, it'll probably make a ton of money because of Sandra Bullock. As for Ryan Reynolds...he's certainly not my type. He has really strange eyes (crossed in many scenes). Just a big nothing IMO.
  7. I'm hoping the dance sequence is going to have a substantial amount of screen time in TUT. It could be one of the highlights and most memorable scenes. I don't know why, but it makes me remember George Hamilton and Susan Saint James in 'Love at First Bite' doing a tango take-off to Alicia Bridge's 'I Love the Night Life.' That dance made that movie for me.
  8. Yes, thanks so much for all the great pictures. Someone on another site warned not to venture onto some of the photo sites because they have been known to carry viruses. I don't want to say the specific ones mentioned in case that's not really true, but in the long run we're safer just to stick with GALS!! While I'm so enjoying the pictures thus far, I am kind of thinking we won't be getting so many from this film in the near future. These are more than I've ever seen from a movie set. I guess it is because the shoot was right out on a public street. Maybe some scenes from Atlantic City will be filmed in public areas as well. But, I'm just counting our blessings to have all these. LOVE seeing GB at work. We've got a lot of GB movies to look forward to in the next year. And then the DVDs!!!!! The more (GB) the merrier. Thanks again. We really do appreciate all your work.
  9. Not sure where to post this, but sometimes when I have nothing to do, I look through You Tube to check out the videos fans have made for GB. Right now, my favorite is the one to Elton John's 'Your Song.' That song just says so much of what I feel about GB. Love the lines about remembering if the eyes are 'green or they're blue' and something like 'what a wonderful place the world is, because you're in the world too.' He's likely embarrassed by all this fan adulation...but who can help it? Hope I'm not too over the top tonight! Just a mood I'm in.
  10. I'm sure stunt guy is seen from way back and in very quick/fast action segments. We don't want our star jumping off buildings and breaking his legs!! These pictures from the parade segment should really be enjoyed, because I figure once Aniston arrives, the set will be closed down tight until they select exactly what pictures will be released. I can't wait till the romantic scenes come along! GB is looking soooooo good for this movie. Isn't he just the hottest thing ever? While I loved him in his younger pretty-boy days, he's even better (translate sexier) now. Guess I'm preaching to the choir, but my goodness. As so many have said before, IT'S JUST NOT FAIR!!!!!! Shouldn't there be more of him to go around? LOL
  11. They have two separate lists in the same magazine. He, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and some others are on the second list which they termed something like 'the dirty dozen' intimating that they are the wild guys etc. It's on People.com. GB should have been the cover. I can understand how many would be upset by the initial list.
  12. I wasn't going to comment on the earlier post, but I just have to. IMO, someone from another board is here to play around and see what can be stirred up. Just ignore it. Don't get sucked into the games.
  13. Gerry looking overweight????? Hardly. He's slim...and may I add, gorgeous.
  14. Beautiful pictures at Calvin Klein and also the new ones from the set. How can he look this good after working all day? Especially after the scenes that look like it took a lot of physical exertion. Hope he has today off.
  15. I just spent a long time looking at these pictures of GB. Thanks to the GAL or GALs who took all the time to post them for us. But it's just not fair that we have to wait for what seems like forever to see this movie. It's also just not fair that any one man is this sexy. The pictures of him with his hands behind his head.... (thud!!). In some of the closeups, the gray is sneaking through. Oh, good lord, I'm not going to sleep tonight. If I were in NYC, I'd want to go and just stand across the street and watch the filming. He seems really happy when he's working. I can't wait to see scenes with him and Jennifer together. I think they will have a real chemistry. I just had a funny-odd thought. Does anyone read palms? If so, what do you see in Gerry's????????
  16. I noticed the red stringy thingy too. That first surfaced while he was in India, so the pic must have been taken right before he came back to NYC. Lucky dog is right! Wonder where she stays when he's away? Maybe at home with the 'hired help.' I can't image he leaves a home, property, cars etc. without someone watching over them - especially in LA.
  17. Oh good lord, are those his abs that can be seen through his shirt in the pic with his hand up waving???? Can he get any more perfect? I wonder if he'll be shirtless in any scenes from Bounty or whatever it ends up being called? Gotta go check out that picture again.
  18. Dark or natural, he has the most beautiful, thick hair. It must grow awfully fast. I love it like this or longer. I'd love to touch it to see what it feels like. Now, on to the eyes ...
  19. TMZ ran a photo of him with Lolita on his lap in his car while he was still in LA on his recent stay. They, of course, used the pic as an opportunity to intimate he uses her to attract women. He obviously still has access to her, whether she stays with a good friend or is cared for at his home in LA by a full-time housekeeper. I think most celebs who own homes have someone there all the time to keep the property safe. Unless someone is going to be in another place for a long time, I always think it's not good to fly doggies from place to place. Flying cargo must be awful. My daughter and her husband flew their two greyhounds to Germany, but they will be there another six years.
  20. Gerry definitely looks exasperated in the TMZ episode. The TMZ people in their little chit chat voice-over are amazed at how well he manages to ignore their presence. But, he has to know they are going to be at events like that. If he really wanted to make sure they wouldn't be around, he could likely sneak out a back door. He may have just adopted a new strategy to simply ignore them from now on. I think he needs to get back to work and off the party circuit again asap. While you can't really tell anything personal about someone from photos, he's beginning to look a bit glum IMO.
  21. If I had to choose just one of these pictures, I'd be lost. But, it would be between the 'up close and personal' face shot or one of the 'to die for' views of his body in that suit. I can't get enough of his 'Zoolander' poses. He has to know what he's doing to his fans. BTW, can you think of anyone else who could be photographed that close up and still be that perfect? I bet the lug never had a pimple in his life!!! Still, no matter how glorious he is all duded up, I like him best in jeans and a T-shirt! No one person should be this hot and also have his personality to go along with it. It's just not fair - especially for women. How can any other guy measure up? Poor things. LOL
  22. I don't think you can read anything into an expression in a few clicks of a camera. Many of the razzis could be a long way from their subject and using telephoto lenses. GB might not have even known he was being photographed.
  23. I'm not sure why he'd become a U.S. citizen because he doesn't work exclusively here like Craig Ferguson who did become a citizen. It might eventually come down to the almighty $ and taxes. I read once that UK taxes are actually higher than those in the US.
  24. The bike pix have ended up on a lot of gossipy sites today. JJ, I think, posted them originally. Kind of funny: One site jokingly referred to JJ as 'Just Gerard' cause of all the pix of him JJ runs. He wouldn't do it if GB didn't get a whole lot of clicks. Even if you don't read the comments, just clicking on the pictures keeps our boy in the news and the new pictures coming. GB even posed with Jared a couple of months ago, so he must not mind the site that much. If it bothered him, I'm sure he wouldn't have gone along with that photo op.
  25. As a GB fan, I don't want to hide my head in the sand and not know what is going on. I certainly don't condone anything like La Coacha's performance at LAX, but I'm still interested to know what he has to put up with when he goes out in public. The way he responded to that ridiculous performance makes me respect him more than ever, and it adds an understanding of how his growing fame and responses to fans might be influenced by such performances. Back in the 'good old days' when I loved him in Attila, I never dreamed he would one day have to put up with such crap. (Can I use that word? I guess I'll find out.) I'm afraid that this kind of stuff is going to influence how he responds to fans in the future. He's been so accomodating (sp ?) in the past, but if this kind of thing continues to grow, it is going to negatively affect how he reacts to any of us who just want to interact with him on a respectful level. This level of fame is what so many of us wanted for him, but I guess we are now going to have to deal with the reality of it. What's the old saying? "Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it???????"
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