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  1. Anyone know why my thumbnails are so tiny? And I cannot edit my mistakes on my prior post. This former transcriptionist is cringing! Of course I meant Erik and Christine. And it posted before I could finish. Wanted to thank you all for your nice comments. You are so kind and keep me going. Hugs to all Sham
  2. Hi everyone, Since my last drawing, I got inspired again and tried my hand at drawing this manip that I created earlier. I have wanted to draw Erik and Christine together at the masque ball. This drawing was sent to a friend who loved it. Wanted to share here.
  3. Thanks to GALfriends, Sue and Suzie! Feeling inspired by seeing the Phantom of the Opera on Tour at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. I did a sketch of my idea of the Phantom and Christine. She looks a little skeptical at him in his lair. It's been a while since I visited Photobucket, I hope this is still the correct way to post a pic. Hugs to all, Sham
  4. HI June! It's long missing me. Real life has me ...need I say more? Just wanted you to know how much I still love your cross stitch art and I do peek in now and then to see what you have created next. This one blows me away with that smile. Hugs, DIane
  5. Hi GB GALS, I am still around. Still a big fan of Gerard Butler. Real Life just as busy as ever. Still babysitting my daughters girls, ages 6 and 3. Wonderful busy summer. 2 weeks ago my DIL Marlena helped me realize a dream of my lifetime. She got us tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. I was mesmerized and I even got to meet Chris Mann, who was the Phantom that night, got him to sign my program and got a wonderful pic with him! Capped summer off with a mini vacation to Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, and Yorktown last week with my son and family. Hope your summer is going great. I still use the graphic tips I learned here at GB GALS shared by you lovely people. Hugs to all, DIane
  6. Happy New Year 2016! Bumping meself back up. Been a busy busy 2015 for me. Let's see what I can get into this year. Lots of new Gerry pics to have fun with! hugs to all, Diane
  7. GALfriends! Just dropping by to say Hi...I am still around. Just not been here much lately. My old computer died and I now have a new laptop to play with. Very busy Grandma of 6. Babysit 2 granddaughters -- ages 5 and2. So I am still very much a big fan of Gerry. I haven't been into making graphics or drawing much but I plan to get back in the groove soon. It's hard to believe it has been 2 years my Beloved husband of 41 years died suddenly of heart attack. I take each day as it comes, very slowly adjusting. So check out my drawings and graphics in past posts if you like, just scroll back. I love comments, good or bad. Hugs to all. Diane
  8. Oh June, Now you got me curious...which Gerry is it? I bet I can rule out Gerry with long hair. Right? Looks good so far but then I know it will be awesome at any rate. Do your fingers ache? I don't know how you do it. I had to quit crochet with carpal tunnel symptoms and then trigger finger. Had trigger finger surgery done but I think the carpal tunnel is still there. Will be dealing with that I suppose. Keep up the good work, oh master cross-stitcher of Gerard Butler. <bowing> Hugs, Diane (Sham)
  9. Love your new dream kitchen, Sue! I know you are enjoying it now. Beautiful cabinet work. A rainy dreary Sunday here all day today but at least it warmed up a bit. Nice quiet day, no visits from the 6 grandkids. They are such a joy to me and keep me going. Mostly keeping them from getting into what they shouldn't. Glad the youngest toddler can now climb up and down the steps at her home with me behind her and not having to lift her up. Hard on the old back. My oldest son's 7 year old out of the blue cut off her own long hair 4 inches in back because a friend told her it would make her hair grow faster. Her mommy evened it up but now her long blonde locks are gone. She is still cute as a bug, though. I will have to remember to be careful what I say to her. Hope your Sunday was good. Hugs to y'all, Diane
  10. Aww, thanks everyone for your nice comments on my new creations. You are so kind. I just love working with cool pics of Gerry. Diana, I will post in the siggy piggy clubhouse info on the sites I use. That is where we hang out and talk graphics and siggies. Have you visited there yet? I don't know how to post the link but you can go to the Forum BY THE GALS then click on Signature and Avatar Creations. There is a place to click on the Siggy Piggy Clubhouse. Everyone is welcome to join for free of course. Been kind of quiet there lately, though. There are also a lot of threads to click on for info on making siggies, etc. Hope this helps. Hugs to all, Diane
  11. So sad news about your pastor, Elissa. Pray for healing for his family and your church. Diana, I see your beginning to make your own siggies. Very nice! Keep up the good work. I make my siggies from all the free sites on the internet. I use several sites sometimes to finish. I learned a lot about making graphic from the generous GALS here. You will too I thought my 30 year old daughter was going to be a pharmacist after high school. She worked as a pharmacy tech all through high school. But she took a different direction after graduating and went to nursing school at the hospital where I worked. She is an Oncology Nurse at the same hospital. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoying a bright New Year! Hugs to all, Diane
  12. Just made a new siggy. Gonna change to this one a little later after getting use out of current one. I haven't been back into drawing and sketching for a while, enjoying making graphics. Some other siggies I made recently.
  13. Hello, and Happy New Year Galfriends. Found my old thread and BUMPING it up so not to disappear. I don't seem to have the smilies on my posts. No where to choose them I mean. Anyone have an idea why. Using my iPad and the smilies just don't appear to click on? Hugs to all, Diane
  14. Happy New Year, GALS, Hope you all have many Blessings in the New Year. Just after Christmas I came down with a nasty head cold and sinus congestion. ha! At least this year it hit after I had enjoyed all the delish food and tastes of Christmas. For years I have come down with sinus congestion right at Christmas and missed out on the enjoyment. So I spent some time in bed recovering and feel better now. Thank Goodness it was not the awful flu. Had Busy, Blessed times with my 3 grown kids and my 6 grandkids. We visited The Polar Express movie and lunch and met Santa. Christmas Eve dinner at the Lodge, Christmas Day Brunch with my youngest son and family. Then I hosted after Christmas lunch and dinner ay my house. My oldest son and his daughter stayed the night after that. 5 year old Beatrix is a live wire and a handful! So it is all done now except taking down my little tree and decorations. Hope to get that done today. Hugs to all Diane
  15. Hello my friends, Just stopping by to say hello and I have missed being here. Real Life has taken me away for a while. Like Sue, my old computer is fading and I am learning this iPad stuff. I just managed to change my siggy to this one I made a while back. Haven't been making new siggies much but I still love to create something new. Baby sitting my daughters two girls, ages 4 and 1/2 and 20 months have kept me very busy, and my daughter works part time! They and my other 4 grandkids ages 7 and under keep me going since my Beloved Husband passed away suddenly May 2013. Hope you all are doing well and getting ready for Christmas. I have yet to put up my little tree. Hugs to all, Diane
  16. Bonnie, To get the old threads that are not visible. Go to ONLINE fun, Click on contests Look for word custom in the blue line. Click on this and there is a drop down. Look for time frame drop down Then Click on show all Then click on update filter. And there you are...all the old contests you could want to view. Hope this works. Hugs, Diane
  17. Here is a manip I created recently. I don't think I have posted this here before. This time Christine gets to enjoy a peek.
  18. Hellooooo? Bumping me back up. Thanks, y'all for thinking of me even when I am not here. Hugs
  19. Happy Happy Birthday, dear Phriend. Hope you are having awonderful day with your family and friends celebrating. I made you a special birthday graphic to celebrate your birthday. Hope you like it. It looks like Gerry is amazed at your awesome cross-stitch art. Big hugs from me. Diane
  20. Well, I am still here but not here. Does that make any sense? Lol. Bumping me forward...just hate to disappear.
  21. Awww, all for your nice comments. I love to make siggies that showcase June's wonderful cross-stitch art. I want everyone to be able to see it whenever she does a post. That includes Gerry. Who knows...one day... Kathy is right, June. We have faith in you. You always come through at the end and bless us with another of your masterpieces. Don't let Gerry get in your hair! lol (couldn't resist). Sham
  22. Well June! This one is a killer! OMGee, that open mouth will just kill us all. looking forward to the completion of this one! Wow! GAL down, again! big hugs to you, Diane
  23. Sending a check as soon as I can. Thanks GB GALS for all you do for us. Let's keep going GALS! Hugs to all, Diane
  24. Giving myself a Thanks Kathy for the last one. Lol Maybe something in the New Year. We will see. Diane
  25. Super excited to find Milo at my door yesterday, my award for winning the graphic contest! Well, this poster of Milo... Holly! Thanks to you and the MODS for all you do to make these contests fun for us GALS. Hugs to all, Diane
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