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  1. June and Kathy for the compliments on June's new siggy. I love to help June show off her amazing art. I could not come up with an idea of what text to put on there then I remembered all the talk about June keeping this Gerry so viola'...this one is a keeper. June, I have not been on here much lately but wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the pictures of little Alfie and seeing him grow. I know you are busting with pride over this wee one. great-grandma! Keep the new cross-stitches AND the pics of baby Alfie coming. Diane
  2. Hello everyone, I haven't posted here in forever. When I can find a little time for GBGALS, I am lucky to be able to post on the Siggy Piggy thread and an occasional post in others. Just wanted to pop in and say I saw CHASING MAVERICKS on Friday. I went to the early showing. At first I thought I was going to have the theater to myself till 4 more people showed up. I loved this movie. I found myself really caring for young Jay and Frosty. Being one who is terrified of getting water over my head--it says a lot that I could enjoy the crashing waves of Mavericks--marveling at it's raw power and the bravado of the surfers. When I came out there were more people arriving to see the next showing and buying tickets to see it. I want to go again but that may not happen. I will definitely be getting the DVD when it is out. hugs to all, Diane
  3. Kathy! I agree that Gerry in a western would be awesome. I hope it is one of his choices for a role in the future. Diane
  4. June! I love this new Gerry a lot. Well done on the face, hair and attitude. lol Sorry I haven't posted much here lately but you know I am always reading your posts. Alfie is just the cutest little baby. Thanks for sharing his pics with us. We are looking forward to seeing MORE of Gerry. Diane
  5. Congrats to the winner, Peridot! Your banner will look great for GB GALS Facebook page. What a fun contest this was! Thanks Holly and MODS. Hmmm You will need a Winter one too, huh... Hope to see lots of entries next time too. Hugs to all, Diane
  6. Can't wait and so excited to see everyone's entries for the contest. Good thing I sent mine in before my cataract surgery. hugs to all, Diane
  7. Thanks June, so glad that you like my GB as Jamie Fraser wallpaper. Which OUTLANDER book are you reading now? Did you finish Book 7 AN ECHO IN THE BONE? While waiting for Diana Gabaldon to finish Book 8 of the OUTLANDER series, I am currently reading book 4-- FEAST FOR CROWS-- of the GAME OF THRONES series. About 1/2 way through that one. I like the series even though it is brutal and bloody reading as the 7 kings fight for the throne. Thanks, Kathy for your liking my Gerry as Jamie Fraser wallpaper. I thought this picture fits Jamie Fraser well. BTW, his Claire is Emmy Rossum. lol She fits there well too, I think. Thanks BonnieBJ, so happy you like my creation. I hope to do more graphics and drawings in the future. Time for my hobby is so limited now with my growing and growing family. Diane
  8. Thanks Gerry for finding me again. I was gone again. The 30-day thing comes up fast when RL takes you away from here. No time no time for drawing lately. I barely had time for making graphics and siggies. I made this graphic after reading Diana Gabaldon's THE SCOTTISH PRISONER. Do you recognize my "Claire"? Thanks for looking, Diane
  9. June! I love what I am seeing so far! Hello, Handsome. Love those eyes and you get them perfect every time. Amazing that you have found the time to get this much done with all that has been happening for you. Glad to hear that Mandy is doing ok. Now new pics of the little fellow Alfie to come soon I hope? Diane
  10. June, Sorry I haven't been here lately to comment on little Alfie in this thread but you know I am around and I read all your posts on the little darling. Congrats g-grandmum! He is so adorable I want to snuggle him up! I love how he is looking right at you on the bottle feeding. I bet you just wanted to melt. Now can't wait for a peek at the newest project you are working on. Almost ready to show us? Diane
  11. Shamrocked

    romy's gallery

    Hi Romy! This one is ultra sexy of Gerry. Love it! Show us more! Diane
  12. Holly I rec'd my Convention Bag with the Masquerade theme promptly in the mail. Added it to my collection of the bags that I have gotten for several years. love them. and love that I can do a bit more for GALS. These bags make neat conversation starters, GALS when you carry it with you to library, doctor's offices, etc. Diane
  13. Long overdue in replying here. Bonnie Blue Jean, Kathy, Tammy and June for the nice comments. You are so sweet to comment. I do want to do more drawings and graphics soon. As I said I am always a Work in Progress. Diane
  14. and thanks for the nice compliment on my Anniversary siggy. I hope some of the others will make one too. That would be cool to see lots of them in the SPC.

  15. Beachie! So good to see you on here again! Hope you are doing well and have sorted things out so you can spend more time on doing what we do best...drooling over Gerry. lol

  16. Yay Swannie! This is what we have been patiently waiting for. I want the paperbacks too so I can enjoy the texture and feel of a new book to carry with me so people can comment on the beauty of the covers and want to get one too. Initially I will buy Book 3 because I am dying to read the rest of the story. I also have Book 1 already but I hope to get the others for a complete set. Diane
  17. Hi June! Love the darling new Tigger, Winnie the Pooh cross stitch. Hannah would love them too. She has had a soft stuffed Tigger since she was born to sleep with. I made a new updated siggy with the completed picture of Erik. I did not like what photofunia did with the new completed MOTN so I did a little copy and paste instead of using the full photofunia one. Hope you like this. lol, You did indeed help Erik make "THE MUSIC OF THE NIGHT" Sham
  18. Hi June! I was on the Virtual Con last night and when Holly panned the tables with the donated items for auction...I caught a glimpse of your beautiful cross stitch. It really shined among the items. I did not see who bid and won your art. I know they will love it! I hope we can find out soon who is the lucky GAL! It was so sweet of you to donate one of your Gerrys to the charity. Diane
  19. to all who made it work so us at home to be part of the wonderful festivities. It was a real night of Cheers and Tears to touch the heart. Stuart, Holly and Barb: you made it happen again for us with Virtual Con and it was almost like being there at the Convention with everyone. Diane (Sham)
  20. Congrats to you Kiwi for the win! It was so nice to chat with you at Virtual Con and so sweet of you to donate your prize back to The Shade Tree. I also have enjoyed your videos on Y-T and hope you will continue to share your talent. Diane (Sham)
  21. Oh June So glad you posted the video link to Alfie's performance and your cross-stitch of him. It looks so good. Still blows me away the tribute he gave to you on your birthday. In the video I really loved seeing him do his opera thing and then go right into rock and roll in a blink of the eye. He does remind one of Gerry in his manner and bright smile. Also a bit of a rebel like Gerry. I like that. I guess for the Movie Les Mis they wanted an actor for the Jean val Jean role and Hugh Jackman will do well but you are right, his voice is no where near Alfie's. The movie Les Mis will be out at Christmas time BTW. I do want to see it. Tammy and Kathy. Sham
  22. Shamrocked (Diane) is in the house! (registering) I have attended Virtual Con for several years now and always have a ton of fun! Welcome to first timers and you are going to love it! Got my Machine Gun Preacher today and just need to find some time to view it. Let the action begin! Diane
  23. Hi GALS! Just popping in to say and getting excited for the Virtual Con fun. Thanks to becozy (Barb) for all her work and dedication to the Virtual Con. Yum some masquerades by Gerry already posted. Me too--I love all the faces of Gerry in his roles. But as you can see I love Alex Rover too. Remember when THIS was the first peek we had at Gerry as Alex Rover? I tell you I was toast after that! and I am again looking at this now... Loved it so much I attempted my own drawing of it. <picking myself up off the floor AGAIN!> Diane
  24. Posting a new slide show I did of my drawings and sketches of Gerry all in one place so you don't have to scroll back and back to see them. It's still a work in progress as I add more to it. I added embellishments to some of the drawings. Diane Click on the picture to begin the slide show.
  25. Ok I just went through all the videos a last time and have made my choice. GALS for the wonderfully entertaining videos that you sent in. I can't even begin to imagine the tedious work that went into these. Brava! Diane
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