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  1. Stu! All re-signed up and even did a test chat. Ready to go! Won't be long now! I hope to be there at Virtual Con again this year. Diane
  2. Hi again June! Had some time to work on this new siggy for you, if you like it. Wanted to show off your newest project in a siggy. If you rather not change your siggy--no worries. Sham Click to enlarge
  3. Wow June, Erik is looking so good now! Don't worry, Erik has to be so pleased at your art. Sorry haven't posted much here lately but you know I am always following your progress with the latest project. Keep up the good work. Diane
  4. Happy Birthday, June! Hope your day is I made you a special card to celebrate. Hope you like it. Loving the new Phantom you are currently working on. The mask is perfect! This is your most dramatic cross-stitch to date. hugs and hugs Diane click to enjoy!
  5. Congrats to Buff! (though to be honest, I voted for Number 3 for the infinite variety of summer). Well done summer banner of his Hotness! MODS: Will we know who made the other lovely works of art (banners)? They are all great! Diane
  6. Gotta pick just one! OK but I think they are all winners. Excellent graphic work all! Thanks for the fun contest. Good luck to each of you. Diane
  7. Time to post something I created. Celebrating OUTLANDER character Jamie Fraser's birthday May 1. I made this photo manipulation of Gerry as Jamie Fraser. Happy Birthday James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser! Long may ye live! Diane
  8. June, I am speechless! Your artwork is a masterpiece! I know it has been time consuming for you but soooo worth it all. It is your best. Sue, this will look awesome in your growing artworks gallery. Diane
  9. Kathy! I am so happy that ya'll like my elegant Claire. Yes, she did had a period of dressing almost vulgar elegant for the time she and Jamie spent in France in the company of the king of France at that time, King Louis. The vignette border gives it an almost candlelight look, I think. Don't feel bad. I would suggest that unless you have a LOT of time to invest in reading--don't get into the next books. They are verra addicting and you want to spend lots of time reading even when you don't have the time. Trust me--I was up till 4 AM reading lots of nights and then had to get up and go to work at the hospital by 7AM. Then after I retired I did have lots and lots of reading time till my daughter wanted me to babysit. Now I better be in bed by 11 PM to get lots of needed rest to keep up with the almost 2 year old toddler. Diane
  10. June: Thanks so much for your support and nice comments. You make my day! Diane
  11. Bonnie Thanks for the nice comments. No, I checked back and I have not posted this one here earlier. I did post it on Facebook yesterday. Slainte, Diane
  12. Sue. I knew a fellow OUTLANDER fan would get it! I thought it fit her time in the French court. I wanted to show her in-control, unintimidated look. Diane
  13. Yikes! One more day before I would be invisible again! So I am adding a drawing that I had done earlier and thought it fit my Claire Fraser. Since I did a Jamie Fraser drawing, I thought I would add a Claire drawing. Played with it in Photobucket with the vignette effects and I think it looks ok. Sham
  14. Bonnie, Me too, I love how you shaded the picture and making it darker sure made a difference. What a dreamy look in his eyes Gerry! So well done. Good to see you back more often. Diane
  15. June Goody! I can't wait to see! Of course this one is going to be good! No doubt the biggest one yet! Lucky lucky Sue! Waiting for a taste! Diane
  16. Got paid this week! Will be sending a check snail mail to Susan next week. Diane
  17. June! I am glad you can see what I was aiming for. I always have fun when I am drawing Jamie Fraser and Gerry! Diane
  18. Hi everyone! I had time recently and I decided to do another drawing of Gerry as Jamie Fraser from the OUTLANDER saga. I had just finished reading THE SCOTTISH PRISONER and felt inspired! So I did this drawing using Gerry as my muse. Yes! you handsome brawny Scot. YOU are who I have always seen as Jamie Fraser as I read the books. I hope you like my Jamie. Diane click to enlarge
  19. June, So sorry I missed seeing that you have had a GALS Anniversary!Happy GALSIVERSARY to you! 3 years! How about that--since we little lost GB Angels were welcomed here and found a safe Haven at GB GALS! May we GALS have many more years of enjoyment of Gerry and friends. I want to say I agree with Kathy--how sweet and generous you are to donate another one of your lovely cross-stitches of Gerry for the convention charity. I hope it makes you proud that another of your "babies" will soon be in a home that cherishes the hard work it takes to make one of these art pieces. I am sure Sue will share with us her treatment of her Gerry when she gets it soon. Time for a another peek at the work in progress, June? Would love to see more. Diane
  20. June: I am sure this is more than OK for the Convention! This Gerry is gorgeous! Bet he will raise some $$$ for charity! You are such a generous GAL for sharing your art. Susan: I will be sending some items soon. Not sure what yet but I am getting things together now. Diane
  21. A little late but still want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. Hope your day was special. Made a special signature (siggy) for Valentine's Day. Diane (click to enlarge and enjoy)
  22. Diane, this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing, hunny. I hope you won't mind if I use the idea, too. xx A Hello Anya! for the sweet comments. I am so glad you like my creations. I am enjoying yours, too! You can use the slideshow idea. LOL, there are many effects that you can use on Photobucket to make your graphics. The slideshows are easy to do. Thanks for stopping by this little thread. Diane
  23. Hi Anya! Thank you for the nice comments. I love to share with my galfriends. So glad you are sharing with us, too!

  24. Bonnieboo is BACK! I am so happy you re-posted your work for us, Bonnie and that we are seeing more of you around here. I don't remember seeing the #13 drawing. Love it! Love all your drawing! I agree with what you said about how you work. I am the same--I did not like a structured art class with them telling me what to draw--I like to wing it, too. That's the art I love--whatever inspires you--just do it! Will wait patiently till you are ready to share the 5-in-1 Gerry--it boggles my mind. Kudos to you for tackling such a challenging one. Diane
  25. June, So happy that you like my little POTO fantasy Slideshow. In this one--THE PHANTOM GETS THE GIRL! For a double treat--go to You Tube and open in another window one of the NO ONE WOULD LISTEN videos to go along with the slideshow or your fav You Tube POTO song. Diane
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