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  1. I see that the count has gone UP overnight! Keep viewing!
  2. Cheryl! When I went to Youtube and saw all the videos I was lost. lol. Thanks for setting me straight! I did post that link on my FB page. and I keep going back to view it. I hope the true count shows up soon! We are all clicking! Diane
  3. Holly, Just a thought...there are so many MGP trailers--are you sure this is the one that they will be counting? Is this the official site one? Just asking... Link shared on my FB wall page with my family and friends. Thanks for the heads up! Diane
  4. Shamrocked


    Hi Shiv! Welcome to the artwork by the GALS threads! So glad to see others stop by and post their works. I really enjoy seeing what the GALS come up with. Love your drawing! It IS a quite different take but absolutely Gerry and I imagine if Gerry every gets to see it he will like it a lot. Here's hoping it works out for you. Hope you will post some more of your amazing art. for sharing. Diane
  5. Awww thanks June! I am happy you like what I have done with your artwork--you even told me so twice! You know in the soft evening lights, Gerry comes even more alive--the colors are just vibrant. Love love it. I know the other lucky owners of this art feel the same. Kathy: So glad you like my treatment too. I wanted to find a frame with something Celtic but all I could find was the scroll work and the size and shape fit well. I had to do something after you reminded me to get Gerry out of the tube. Diane Sham Nice, June! I usually love the shorter haircut but the new longer curls are growing on me. This is a particularly nice pose. Hugs, Diane
  6. Hi June, At long last I have finally got around to framing up my cross-stitch (Sham's Boy) that you sent me quite some time ago. I really love it and was so scared I would mess it up trying to frame the gorgeous art. But I found a frame I like and decided to go for it. I like things a little different so I love this bit of scroll work that balances out the piece. The colors are much more vibrant than in the pic. Gerry has a place of honor on the wall in my computer/office room. Thought you would like to see it. click to enlarge Diane Bonnie, So happy you like the siggy I made to go with June's cross-stitch. Looks good on ya! This is right thread to show off anything cross-stitch. Diane
  7. Just saw a clip for upcoming Jay Leno with Gerry and he(Gerry of course) had a lass on his lap!
  8. Diane...That is so clever of you and I LOVE that picture! You can do so much with the Photobucket tools. You amaze me girl!! I need to come back here more often. ~HUGS~ Kathy Thanks Kathy! Aww thanks for checking out my improved drawing. Just wanted to share with everyone what the tools at Photobucket can do. I love taking a picture and seeing what I can do to improve it or make it better. Come back as often as you like. Diane
  9. June for your nice comments. So happy you like my drawing. Yes, I am always looking for something new and ways to make it different or improved. I know you are so busy making those awesome cross-stitch pieces that we all love. Maybe someday you can get back to your sketches and drawing too. Look forward to that. Diane
  10. Oh so glad you like the new siggy, June. You share so much with us--just wanted to return the favor. You are one of Alfie's Roses--a special cross-stitched one. No problem with displaying siggies other other celebrities. I have seen others by the GALS--and I can always add Gerry to the siggy if needed. I just thought this was a special one for Alfie only. Isn't it cool though how both guys have a rose tied to them--Red rose- black ribbon for Erik in POTO and wearing red roses by the fans of Alfie to identify each other at his concerts. There are also Alfie's Arrows but I don't think that is for you. < hee hee...jk. That's a good looking chart for Alfie's cross-stitch. It will be a beauty. Love his engaging smile. He is a giving person from the heart--like Gerry. Thanks Kathy: When I saw this cross-stitch rose graphic--the idea just popped in my head for this siggy for June. I am sure you know what I mean cause you make such creative and inspired siggies. Diane
  11. Hi June, I came across a cross-stitch rose graphic and before I knew what I was doing... I made this new siggy for you--if you want to use it for a change of siggy. Hope you like it. I LOVE Alfie in Jean ValJean mode. I know you are looking forward to a cross-stitch work on Alfie and so are we! Can't wait to see which chart you will do. Keep us going with progress reports--love to keep up with you as you go. Diane click to enlarge and save
  12. ...ONLY 127 MILLION worldwide? I'm confused...how can that be a bad thing? Good for Gerry standing up to reporters who make misleading statements in their articles. "Considering that no one under 30 has probably heard of Orson Welles, that very well could be the case." I thought generalization was bad journalism. There are loads of "under 30's who are well aware of CITIZEN KANE.
  13. I like The Windy City interview better. The hosts treated Gerry with respect for what he does and even mentioned his singing in POTO in a good way. Good job Windy City! Thanks for both links! Diane
  14. Checking out the live feed early and is it just my old computer or is it awful blurry? Any way to make it clearer? Help! Diane
  15. Thanks Suzie for letting us know. I am just now reading about this. I am on my way to the prayer thread right now. hugs, Diane
  16. Hellloo everyone from Delaware. Whew! what a storm--hurricane--never experienced any like that in my lifetime and I have been through quite a few. Glad to see you check in Barbara. Had you and Jersey people in thoughts and prayers when the storm moved on past us. We went to stay overnight with my daughter and family--too many tall trees in our yard and there are none in her's. Back home now and thank the Good Lord my home is intact! No damage of trees down and no limbs on roof or flooding. Spent a restless sleepless night with three tornadoes sooo close by and the wind and rain incredible. Power never went off for us. That was awesome. Anyways back home safe and sound and ALL my family in Delaware and Virginia are OK. Thank the Good Lord. Lots of debris and stuff in the yard to clean up but I don't mind. Thank you all for your prayers hugs and I will be back later
  17. We felt it too here in Delaware. They say it was a 1 or 2 but the house shook! I was babysitting my 16 month old granddaughter--had just put her down for a nap--sat down to get on GALS and my desk chair started vibrating! I looked and the blinds in the 3 windows in that room were shaking just a bit too. Lasted maybe 30 seconds. Felt a bit queasy. The baby woke and started crying so I grabbed her and went downstairs. We didn't go back upstairs for a while. My hubby at home felt it too in the garage. We are fine now. No damages. Hugs and thanks for checking. Diane
  18. Invisible again! Thanks Gerry! for the
  19. Thanks GALS for this fun contest. My DVD award for winning the design a poster contest arrived today! I won the DVD with a Gerard Butler movie short "PLEASE!" Included extras in the package were a mini poster of my design and a card with shirtless Gerry at the beach pics. Inside the card also were little Gerry confetti pics. Barb, lady Thanks for making my win so special. *** What is funny is that my hubby decided to open my mail before I got home! LOL I wish I could have seen his face right then when he opened the card and all the little gerrifetti and shirtless Gerry fell out. Priceless--- Hugs to you all. Diane here is a bad pic of my goodies!
  20. but just think how much easier they will be to take off! whoops...now ya'll got me saying things...
  21. Oh WOW! I am loving this MGP poster! and HELLLLPPPP! I...can't...stop... clicking on it...I am hooked! Going back in... Diane
  22. I am so thrilled Gerry will make this movie. This sounds like it will be perfect role for Gerry. I am from a whole family of bricklayers and brick masons. I did love to go with my Dad to the job sites now and then and see the rippling biceps and good looking lads laying brick. They sure appreciated the cool water drinks me and my galfriends in our short shorts and halter tops brought them! So if there are a few scenes of Gerry as a bricklayer--the more the better! Diane
  23. Happy Birthday, Moonstruck! Hope you had a :gerrylicious: day!

    Diane (Sham)

  24. June, Your threads did not totally disappear. You can go to this link and bring them back up any time you want to review. I love reading back on the older posts. LOL. http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35896&st=0 Diane
  25. everyone! How nice to win! I love to see everyone's entries and they are all winners! I don't have this DVD of Gerry's so will be thrilled to add it to my GB collection of DVDs. and thanks, Barb, for this fun contest. Diane
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