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  1. I didn't get the hug/growl again ============================ What is the story on the hug/growl?
  2. Well, just got through listening to your call with the girls and have to say you are really a good sport! Thank you for making all your fans feel, once again, like they are rooting for the right man! You'll always have a lionheart because you are one stupendous human being and that makes you a star in my book! You never fail to amaze... Robyne
  3. Oh, isn't he sweet?? I love his way of talking. It was so very neat of him to do something like this! Thank you Stef for getting it to us so fast and thank you Dayna for representing us so well! Hugs...Robyne
  4. I finally found my guardian angel, tell her i love the dickens out of her and thank her for being a truly wonderful friend who i will love for the rest of my life when you next look in the mirror.

    Your McTooty

  5. I noticed that too. I had to laugh. So cute. :funnyabove: Yes, and I also thought he said "chook" for stupid but I was informed by someone who knows better that he said "tube". Love the local sayings don't you? Robyne
  6. I too hope this is recorded so we all could hear the questions and the answers he gives. Gerry, we had hoped that POTO would have ushered in more recognition of you as an actor but it didn't have the effect we all hoped for, unfortunately. Do you think that 300 will be that one role that will catapult you to fame? If so, how do you think life will change for you as a result? Robyne
  7. Jenni, we are so proud of you! Knock em' dead, sugar!!!! Robyne
  8. What a dear, dear man! Thank you, Gerry for your gracious, sweet message to all your fans. You are the best! Robyne
  9. Gerry, you have sent many a girl swooning, but none that I know of have required the services of paramedics! Awww Gerry, being the sweet, sensitive gentleman you are, you must feel very bad, but accidents do happen, sweetie! It doesn't change the fact that you are a wonderful, caring, prince of a guy and a stellar actor. A week from now you all will be laughing about it, you can be sure, even Hilary! One good thing...she'll never forget you! Hugs to you darlin' Robyne
  10. Yes, Gerry! You are the best looking 37 year old I have ever seen! Hope you spend it in NYC and stop by at your fans birthday party for you! Give that dear Lolita a hug and kiss for us ok? Take care... Love, Robyne
  11. Well, I finally made it here Simone, my friend! Glad others have got a chance to see your wonderful pics! I will say that your journal to me was a stupendous gift not only because I loved reading about your adventure through your eyes and pictures on film and drawn, but because you brought Scotland to me in such a way I had to shake myself back to my surroundings when I was through reading it! It was the next best thing to being there. My favorite part? You having lunch on the side of a munroe with 20 pairs of eyes of the locals (sheep) looking at you, lol! Oh, the visual!!! You made it a tactile experience too with adding a bit of their sheeps hair with it! That along with some heather, thistle and Scots pine and that other precious thing you sent, made this gift so memorable! Thanks again you dear, dear friend! Love...Robyne
  12. Much as I understand the desire to not fill up a warehouse with gifts for Gerry, I also understand when someone feels the need to send something anyway. I think it should be up to the individual to express how they want to celebrate his birthday. Whether a poem, a story, a sentiment, I believe Gerry would appreciate those kinds of things no matter how big he gets. Swannie, I hope he sees your letter and knows we all feel the way you so eloquently put your feelings. He's a lucky man and we are lucky to have found each other because of him! I like erikenglishrose's thoughts about honoring Gerry by treating each other (his fans) with respect and kindness. It's how we should be anyway but maybe with Gerry as an incentive we will be more so. Hugs...Robyne
  13. Thanks, Jereme, for the pics! Got any more??? Hugs, Robyne
  14. "Money. Money changes everything!" I would bet that Lolita didn't have to wait long...... Well, I guess we now know she is in L.A. per Gerry's words from Celine who was an extra on the set while Gerry was filming in Ireland so it must have been in NY that the two pups cavorted with each other.
  15. Celine, did you kiss the Blarney Stone or something? How lucky can a girl get? Thank you for giving us a glimpse into Gerry's world in such wonderful, satisfying detail. Oh, to see what your eyes have seen! I am glad to know that Lolita is safe and sound in L.A. I know Gerry's fans must be over the moon having him over to their side of the pond for once! Thanks for "educating" those ignorant of the many charms of Gerry. The more fans the merrier! Huge hugs to you! Robyne
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