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  1. This is just too cute. Had to share.
  2. I have to agree with geara. The Phantom was not Meg's father. In the book (1) Madam Giry was a widow and (2) the Phantom had not grown up in the opera house. He had traveled a good bit with the gypsies and had spent several years in Persia before he went to Paris.
  3. I am just so glad that he has a movie to do after 300. I think it is ironic that it is with Pierce Brosnan (ex-007) when he was up as the new-007. Wonder if Pierce did that on purpose? haha I know that Ger will be wonderful in it regardless of how they want his character to be. He knows how to be anything they want! Way to go, Ger!
  4. I want to know, too! I will anxiously be awaiting the official announcement! I don't have any guesses at all.........
  5. I can't wait to hear what his new movie will be! Glad to hear that it will have a wide release.
  6. Oh, Bethy! I just love my Janis Joplin! I am definately a Joplin girl! I was fortunate to get to see Janis perform more than once before her untimely, unfortunate death. She and I had many things in common. Not only did we look alike, but we were both from Texas, loved bad boys and the blues! God love you, Janis!
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