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  1. I agree that I'm glad he dropped out of this film. Many devoted Point Break fans weren't in favor of a remake and I think Gerry could have been criticized despite knowing he's do a fantastic job.
  2. Two words... YUM MY!!! His green eyes just melt my soul!
  3. I love his hair too - the part is great!!! He sure knows how to rock a well tailored suit!
  4. Oh my goodness - this is why I love, love, love this man!!! He has such a big heart and he's absolutely precious with the kids. Plus, hearing his Scottish accent melts my heart.
  5. It is a great scene. Gerry's emotions goes from disappointment, pain, crying, torment and rage in a matter of a minute! Now THAT's acting!!! Besides, I could listen to him sing all day and night long.
  6. I love this article. I'm happy Gerry is enjoying family time in the Scottish Highlands!
  7. My best friend is a Bradley Cooper fan and I, of course, love The Butler. When we saw these pics of "our men" together, we both flipped out!!! I must say Mr. Butler is looking mighty dapper in the blue sports coat and white slacks!! They are so cute and enthusiastic!
  8. "Still only 43, he’s got plenty left in the tank yet. And thank goodness for that, since there aren’t many around who can take on this Scottish beefcake when it comes to sheer, potent, on-screen manliness. Gerard Butler definitely owns that." Amen to that!!!
  9. Hugh Hefner - most attractive man? Really???????!!!!! Of course I voted for Gerry Baby! We need to beat Buble (even though he's a cutie pie), but The Butler is definitely more attractive!
  10. OMG - could The Butler and the boys BE any cuter??!!! What do you wear under your kilt - knickers??!!! I love, love, love seeing Gerry play with kids. He is gonna be such an awesome daddy!
  11. I loved that interview - the serious questions surprised me coming from a Glamour reporter. Gerry is so intelligent when he discusses the violence in the movie. I'm happy for him that OHF is being so well received, as it should be!
  12. Oh yes, I'm certainly hope Gerry will be Craig's guest. Those two Scots crack me up!!!
  13. I'm hoping he'll be with his Scottish buddy, Craig Ferguson!
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