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  1. Frannie, I'm so sorry I didn't respond to your health crisis before now, I've been down for the count with a *mishap myself two weeks ago. I'm so happy to read you're feeling much better now. You need to take good care of yourself - remember, you're the Captain of that ship over there!! *two weeks ago I tripped over my dog and fell, with all my weight, onto my knee. I can't even describe the PAIN. I couldn't believe how my knee, leg and ankle ended up bruising and swelling! The good news, nothing was broken but it's sure taken me a long time to bounce back. Just in the last day, I've bee
  2. Dearest Sue, I'm so happy to hear you made it to San Francisco and back safely! I'll continue to keep you and Dan'l in my thoughts and prayers that this new med is going to be the answer for his recovery. It sounds like you have a great team surrounding Dan'l with him being a top priority. Take care of yourself and your sweetie. Hopefully, he won't have to endure another "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" again for a while! ((((HUGS))) JUDE
  3. ...Frannie, you KNOW the "adult" problems are so much more complex than when they were young!! It never seems to come to a halt. I'm soooo happy you got a call and you now know exactly what's going on. Let's hope your son recovers quickly....THEN you can give him H*** for not getting in touch with his MOTHER!! Suzie....Why is it when the A/C goes out, you can't get anyone over to fix it ASAP?? I'm thinking your new homeowners insurance should pick up your hotel stay, if needed. Is there a Ritz Carlton in San Antonio?? Sounds like that might be a well deserved treat for yourself. Nancy...
  4. I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep so thought I'd drop in to see what's happening with everyone. Frannie I'm so so sad to read about your dear friend, what a tragic accident. I will keep you and Bobby in my thoughts as well as John's family. It sounds like he was a very well liked guy and no doubt will be missed by many. Tracy Another sad and tragic accident to read. What a shame to learn about the young man who was doing God's work had to leave in such a tragic accident. I guess God needed him more than the mission. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and you as well. Love
  5. Greetings Everyone! I'm adding all my Red, White and Blue too in honor of all our Veterans and those who are serving in the Armed Services today. My husband served in the Army during the Vietnam War and my son is an Air Force Vet (80's)....very proud of them both along with all the many others who given their service to this country. We too are flying our flag proudly this weekend! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! Hugs JUDE
  6. Nancy...go over to the American Idol thread at the TV Shows Forum and post your reaction to tonight's results! BTW...I'm happy the way it turned out...for both of them! JUDE
  7. Stopping in to wish everyone a very HAPPY EASTER JUDE
  8. Frannie!! Good to see you, buddy! I feel so good when I'm surrounded by my "seasoned" GALS! Hope your computer is on the mend VERY soon and you didn't lose anything!! Sue....you haven't even entered "the sixties section" yet!!! You know the saying, "You're only as old as you feel"....that should put ME around 90 some days. I hope your day was a special one with your special guy by your side. Hi Susan! What's up at your end of town? Are you planning to see Grease at the OC Performing Arts Center next month? We saw it last month at The Pantages. It was a fun show and even though Taylor Hicks
  9. Hi Everyone! Sue - OHHHHH, those pics of your garden and backyard/estate are gorgeous!! All the hard work you and Dan'l have put into it certainly shows. What a peaceful place to sit and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains. It looks like a paradise and truly a RESORT, like Nancy said! Even though I've already posted on the birthday thread....just want to wish you another ....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET SUE!! Suzie....I LOVE your new garden home!! Wishing you many, many years of happiness there. planetwalkers....are you Janet from San Diego? Welcome Aboard! I don't post here often but l
  10. Hi girls!! Just stopped in to catch up and saw Nancy and Sue were here! Hey, Sue....I live with THE pool guy!! Mr. Rick, The Pool Man I LOVE those pics of your sweet little B2! Daddy B isn't too bad either!! Hope you and Dan'l are doing good and enjoying this springtime weather. I love seeing pics of your garden, do post more of them. Nancy, sorry you've got that nasty sore throat again. We went over to WalMart this afternoon to pick up a few things and I thought we might run into you. I'm glad to hear you're taking it easy on your day(s) off! Sooo, just WHEN are we packing up the car a
  11. Awwwww, shucks! Sue a road trip up to Redding sounds great to me!! What a great time that would be! Edited to add: Just read your post about your Bryan! OMG! What a scary thing for him and YOU. Thank goodness he's got a buddy to help him out. Hopefully, with the fluids back in his body, he'll be back up on his feet in no time. We NEVER stop worrying, do we? To everyone who stops by the SC. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, it's VERY warm here in southern CA today! Maybe the rain up north will move on down here, we're still in need of more. We watched RockandRolla last weekend.....
  12. Sue...I just came on board to catch up on the posts and read this. Add my good thoughts and prayers to Bryan for good results from his biopsies. Love to Dan'l too, hope he's doing well and feeling stronger with each day. Personally speaking my "grown up" baby puts me through more headaches and stress than I EVER had when he was actually a baby! I ask for strength each and every day. Frannie....Whatever you're going through right now, please know that many of us will be thinking of you and wishing you the best! Hurry back, we need all the "seasoned" GALS as we can get! Susan....Were yo
  13. Same here, Sue.... we've had our sliding door open every night for over a week now! We definately need rain down here in southern CA too. I just heard on the news that we MAY get some by the end of this week....that means we'll get all the "Storm Watch" newsbreaks and we'll end up probably getting barely ten drops! My son who lives in Maryland tells me it is soooo cold there. He's very happy he had the day off today and tomorrow so he doesn't have to deal with all the traffic and crowds in D.C. and is just as happy to watch all the activites on TV without the hassle of all the millions of vi
  14. OMG! That's hysterical!! I was laughing so loud, my husband was yelling from the other room wondering what the H*** was going on in here!! I have no doubt whatsoever that Susan will figure out a way to get a hold of Gerry's chest hair....as a fundraiser for one of the charities, of course!! It's always a riot to watch Ross and what he'll come up with next......Thanks for getting it linked for us! JUDE
  15. Susan these siggies ARE amazing! I'm blown away too by all the creative talent. I liked William (JDM) in PSILY. I thought he was sweet but odd that he didn't recognize Holly from that first night at the club. Oh well....it is a movie!! JUDE
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