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  1. Julia Roberts is to a certain extent in the same boat as Gerry, for the most part her films are not positively reviewed at all. Print and blog type critics tend to review the genre or type of movie rather then the movie itself. Romantic comedies are always badly reviewed, while action and horror movies are usually cut a lot of slack by critics and receive more positive reviews. They all just fall into a pattern of group think. I don't think they have anything against Gerard Butler but are often reacting to the hype and publicity surrounding the motion picture business. So it's nothing personal and the commentator in this article failed to separate the fact Gerry's movies make money from his opinion of Gerry's films.
  2. I think this is a great idea! Soccer is perfect for Gerry and perhaps he can use his own accent. His best reviews so far have been How to Train your Dragon where he used his own accent so if he can use that in this film it would really be to his benefit. That being said I think (IMHO) the film should be based here in the states. It would run the risk of being a small film seen by very few people like Dear Frankie. Remember Burns is having a tough time getting made. Turn this movie into a regional film it loses its broad appeal. The reality is it might not get the funding under those circumstances. Many kids play soccer here (Hello Soccer Moms!)and you could to a certain extent have a fish out of water element to the interactions between Gerry and the kids that would be fun.
  3. I agree he does look very happy in these photos with this adorable child. And it must be a pleasure for him to work, relax and enjoy his surroundings without the over the top press coverage that he got in Belgrade while filming.
  4. His costar Michelle Monahan is off to side singing too, so a lot of the folks around Gerry could very well be working on the film with him, a nice group outing for everyone to bond. He seems happy enough to sing along with the crowd even if he isn't crazy about the song. I can't even begin to guess at his mood from the clip I see here. He could be asking for anything from Coke to water or a round for his pals.
  5. The other Gerard (Depardieu!) is around 60 years old now and pretty much past his leading man days. Much of his work is done in France and many of his films are never released here in the states. I always liked him and considered him equal to De Niro and Pacino. Our Gerry is of course in his prime, where even his mullet becomes newsworthy and is being reviewed at the movie blogs before the movie has even finished shooting!
  6. Sam Childers is not a fashion plate so Gerry is going to look like a rough around the edges biker. Glad to see G is really getting into the role. Love seeing the photos but part of me also regrets the paps have shown up. Love that he has been under the radar working hard and enjoying Michigan.
  7. What gossip does is sale magazines (see Jennifer Aniston-Gerard Butler magazine thread), and keep web sites like Just Jared, Gawker and Radar in business. What ever effect it has on Box Office profits is pretty minimal IMHO. Gerry is now bankable and that is the only reason he was cast in Coriolanus. I don't think Gerry's off screen behavior is any more colorful then yesterday's stars like Warren Beatty or Steve McQueen, in fact Gerry might be rather tame compared to those two. But his does have the challenge of trying to promote himself and his career in the midst of the digital age, the 24 hour media that never stops. That's something Beatty and McQueen never had to deal with.
  8. It's true she is profitable for magazines. That's why the tabloids are always making stuff up about her, put her on the cover with a bunch of phony rumors and bam, they make money. And note that the Architectural Digest with Gerry on the cover was the second best seller. Not too shabby. But it's Gerry that drives box office for his films. Even The Bounty Hunter ended up making a profit at the box office and I suspect that was because of Gerry. Kathrine Heigl's The Killers was a flop. Compare that to the The Ugly Truth, Gerry was that movie's secret weapon. I have to say I did not like the W spread at all so I didn't buy it.
  9. Lionsgate is in a fluid situation right now. It's in the midst of a hostile takeover by Carl Icahn. See details here: http://www.deadline.com/2010/06/icahn-says-hell-own-31-of-lionsgate/ If he gets control current management could be fired and these sorts of uncertainties can affect their film slate. They need some successes other then Tyler Perry. And they have a lousy track record in promoting their films. That being said this movie has more upside then some of their past releases. With Gerry and a proven director, and a solid cast I'm hopeful this movie will be properly show cased when it is released and not treated like a B movie with little to no promotion.
  10. The Ugly Truth seems to be playing a lot on the Starz channel, I would guess that's where a lot of the younger fans saw it. That being said I would expect Ryan Reynolds to win the thing although it's great Gerry is being noticed.
  11. I would guess in addition to doing some prep work for MGP he is also taking meetings and looking into future projects.
  12. Well, this weekend is the first sighting of him or news of him for at least a week. He's been out of sight and in LA for several days, presumably sticking close to home and attending to business. So it was about time for him to pop up again.
  13. According to People it was a commercial shoot on the Rue Martel, see info at this link If you gotta work Paris is the place to do it! Some people have all the luck...
  14. Pretty sure this movie will not be filmed in the Sudan. Conditions are such it would be very difficult to use it as a location. I would guess they would likely pick a region in Africa with a stable government, so the crew and actors can be safe. I thought I heard South Africa, at least Gerry himself mentioned being in South Africa this summer filming a movie during the World Cup.
  15. It’s easy based on articles like this filled with inaccuracies and exaggerations to get a rather muddy picture on how Gerry spends his time. Based on his patterns when he has been working on other movies, he seems to go out socializing once or twice a week at the most. But because of who he is everything he does is blown up much larger then it really is. There is lots of down time on movie sets and he might not be needed on set everyday. The flat or house may afford him more privacy rather then a hotel where there might be workers who will tip off the press to his coming and goings. This sort of thing happened when he was shooting LAC too, lots of unverified gossip that made Gerry out as a 24 hour party boy with dozens of girlfriends. But somehow or other he managed to make a very successful movie in between all those parties!
  16. It probably should have been number 1 last week as well- according to Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood, Lionsgate may have inflated the Box Office numbers for Kick arse last week: http://www.deadline.com/2010/04/jennifer-lopez-joel-silver-pics-both-bomb/
  17. No Tullus is not killed- C (Ralph) is killed at the end.....
  18. Since I was a drama major many, many years ago I have seen a lot of Shakespeare plays set in different times other then Elizabethan. Some more successful then others. But it's not an unusual practice at all.
  19. I am so happy to see Gerry's visit and USA article get so much attention from the various media outlets today. I get so tired of the dreary assortment of tabloid lies & gossip that make the rounds, this is very refreshing and is far more indicative of who Gerry is then the gossip fodder we usually see.
  20. Great blog about the box office numbers for TBH: http://scottalanmendelson.blogspot.com/201...ain-on-box.html If the film gets even to $22 million by tomorrow, it will be Gerard Butler's third-biggest opening weekend, fourth if you count his cameo appearance in Tomorrow Never Dies. It will also be his third of four $21 million+ opening in the last eight months (The Ugly Truth at $27.6 million and Law-Abiding Citizen at $21 million and next weekend's How to Train Your Dragon, which will probably top $21 million in one day). There are a lot of actors I like besides Gerry. But I have to say I seldom love every movie a favorite actor does. It never works out that way. It's easy to lose track of the fact that acting is a job and there are a lot of compromises and disappointments in the making of every movie. Sometimes we need to take the romance and glamor out of the equation and understand there are only so many opportunities out there and there are only a limited number of movies that will make a profit. So picking and choosing projects is not easy, and what looks good on paper may not translate into a good film. It's a crap shoot sometimes. No one sets out to make a bad movie. What's important is that Gerry has lived to fight another day and there will be other projects and perhaps even one the critics might like. That being said I am definitely adding TBH DVD to my collection when it is released. Gotta say I loved the endless close ups of Gerry. And the best scenes by far was the Cupid Cottage sequences. Gerry and JA were terrific in that part of the movie.
  21. I agree about Jason (and I really like him!) but he was wasted here. There were too many pointless sub plots that dragged the movie down. But I liked Gerry & JA. When the movie focused on them it worked. I loved the whole Honeymoon cottage section. Carol Kane!
  22. Box office coming in, looks like $22,000,000 for weekend at number 3, Wimpy the kids movie will be number 2: http://hollywoodinsider.ew.com/2010/03/20/...d-place-finish/ Not bad, good for Gerry to have a 2 movies in row opening over 20 million. Gerry has also outperformed Matt Damon's movie last week and bested Jude Law this week.
  23. He had trouble hearing the questioner I noticed. The guy was talking in a low voice and not enunciating clearly- if your hard of hearing like Gerry is that can be difficult, particularly in that rapid fire format.
  24. I thought he looked fine and looked friendly enough with JA. A least I didn't detect any strain between the two at all. If they do socialize together from time to time, clearly they are friends. Unfortunately the media loves to build up a lot of phony gossip. And that will not go away at all, no matter how many times he or JA deny the rumors. That's what I suspect he's really getting tired of, the unending focus on his private life. Once Bounty Hunter opens at least the rumor mongering about him and JA will finally die down a bit.
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