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    I do feel badly for Gerry but I sense he might be somewhat expecting this. Going into a project an actor never knows how a movie will turn out. Gerry put a lot of blood sweat and tears in into this one so that aspect must be frustrating to him. Onward to LAC which is very much Gerry’s baby and tells us far more about Gerry’s sensibilities as an actor and producer. Gamer was a job and a paycheck.
  2. IMHO: In all honesty, I didn’t like Gamer that much. Although Taylor & Neveldine were innovative they for the most part failed to inject any humanity into the movie at all. In fact their rather hipster herky jerky filming style distract from the story and make it very difficult to relate to any of the characters. It’s style with zero substance. That being said the move does pick up in the second half when Kable finally escapes the game and employs a rather unique method to fuel the SUV he steals. That was my first laugh. Gerry is quite good; he gets some breathing room in the second half
  3. Well I’m going to see Gamer, despite the fact I hated Crank, thought it was unwatchable, and the directors strike me as a pair of low rent Quentin Tarantino’s and I don’t like Quentin Tarantino at all. But I am going even though I would rather see Extract, which is more my cup of tea and I’m going to support Gerry. See what you’ve done to me Mr. Butler?(shakes fist to the heavens!) I didn’t go see 300 because I so hated Frank Miller’s and Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City. But when I finally did see 300 I realized that Zack Synder did a terrific job and Gerry was marvelous. So maybe I’ll be surprise
  4. My understanding is scheduling conflicts with Bounty filming cancelled the Letterman show appearance. That’s what GB net said and they communicate with Gerry’s people. I heard that Jeremy Priven was to be on Letterman tomorrow night instead, so who knows? I know there has been lots of rain in New York, so that may have screwed up some of the Bounty schedule, particularly since there has been so much outdoor filming.
  5. "I've always been a bit of an addict, so when I stopped drinking and smoking, there were times even last year when I was drinking eight to 10 cans of Coca-Cola a day." That is his exact quote. To be fair last year was when he was kicking his smoking habit. Increasing consumption of sweets of any kind is an inevitable side effect. It’s also a side effect for most alcoholics in recovery. Alcohol turns to sugar in the blood stream, so I’m sure in the aftermath of getting sober he drank lots of coke as well. It seems this year he is making every effort to moderate some of his eating habits. It
  6. If Sam and his wife were so happy the marriage would not of self destructed the way it did, when Sara appeared. Sara was dying, she didn’t come back to seduce Sam like a femme fatale, she came home to die and find some measure of peace. If Sara was selfish, Charlotte was as well. Her every response to Sara was petty, clingy toward Sam and not once was she able to offer compassion and understanding to Sam in his predicament. And yeah there were times Sam was a bit of jerk as well. But yet in a crucial moment when Charlotte and Sam argue in the restaurant, Charlotte dumps on Sam about all she s
  7. Although his accent has Americanized somewhat he will never to lose the Scottish inflection, it will always be there I think. I saw TUT with a friend who did not know Gerry was Scottish and accepted Gerry as an American. I’m sure the minute Gerry spends time with his family or in Scotland the accent comes roaring back full throttle. A good example for Gerry might be Cary Grant. A working class fellow from Bristol England he modified his accent to the point that he successfully played British and American roles. The trick for GB in his roles might be to suppress his burr just enough but yet
  8. And still on the Top Ten according to this weeks Box Office tally: http://www.deadlinehollywooddaily.com/ Here's the TOP 10: 1. Inglourious Basterds (TWC/Uni) NEW [3,165], $38M Wkd 2. District 9 (Sony) Week 2 [3,050], $18.8M Wkd, Cume $73.4M 3. GI Joe (Paramount) Week 3 [3,953], $12.5M Wkd, Cume $120.5M 4. Time Traveler's Wife (NL/WB) Week 2 [2,988], $10M Wkd, Cume $37.4M 5. Julie & Julia (Sony) Week 3 [2,463], $9M Wkd, Cume $59.3M 6. Shorts (WB) NEW [3,105], $6.5M Wkd 7. G-Force (Disney) Week 5 [2,561], $6M Wkd 8. Harry Potter/Half Prince (WB) Week 6 [1,971], $3.5M Wkd 9. Post
  9. I agree Byrne is lovely and a very good actress to boot but she has a boyfriend last I heard, he lives in Australia I believe and he and Byrne have been an item for a while. Perhaps Gerry simply wanted to talk to a fellow actor that he admires and might like to work with at some point. Gossip can be fun, and trust me I’m as guilty as anyone in reading this stuff but I’m at the point with GB where I’m going to trust him to sort out his private life with as much privacy that he needs to do that. If he is having fun with Jennifer Aniston whatever the nature of their friendship, good for them.
  10. Yeah this does look like a cut and paste job from lots of interviews going back a few years. It’s wise not to take any of this too seriously I think, by the end of doing TUT publicity he was just throwing stuff out there because he was so tired of answering the same questions over and over again. Theresa, “I wouldn’t say” means he did want to reveal the name of his female friend.
  11. I think what F Gary Gray means is the explosion was filmed on the last night of shooting the movie in March of 2009.
  12. I think Letterman is terrific and he's a pretty good interviewer too, he also hired Craig Ferguson to follow his own show, which is produced by Letterman’s own production company. Both Letterman and Ferguson are the top rated talk shows among the late night chat shows. I think Gerry will be a terrific guest!
  13. Cool! I knew he would end up on Letterman at some point. By the time LAC rolls around in October he can do the 10 PM Jay Leno show.
  14. He and his pal might be heading over to Central Park or along the river(where we've seen him before) for a nice blow out, GB always seems to be looking for fun ways to work out and keep himself in shape.
  15. Most Box Office predictions for this weekend had TUT falling off the top ten list, well, no it's hanging in there! http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=58124 In eighth place, the Sony comedy The Ugly Truth, pitting Katherine Heigl against Gerard Butler, took in $4.5 million to bring its total to $77.5 million.
  16. I loved Gerry’s look with the long brown hair he had in Timeline. He definitely worked that look real well in several of his of roles back then: Dracula, Attila, slightly shorter in One More Kiss and The Jury. It worked well for him as a young man I think, just as the shorter look worked well for him as he got older, Tomb Raider, Dear Frankie and the variations in PSILY and Shattered. I love the way his hair is right now, I think the color of his hair for Bounty really suits him as well, makes his green eyes pop. I suspect he won’t go back to the longer look unless it’s for a role, like Burns
  17. A smart & sharp review on TUT and it's reception by critics: http://www.gqmagazine.co.uk/gq-daily-news/...y-truth-ro.aspx
  18. They’re already showing previews of October movies in the theaters, I hope this trailer starts showing up as well! And I love the way this movie is being rolled out, creating a lot of excitement. I love the way Gerry looks in this as well; he just has this aura of tragedy around him, plus that cruel smile he gives Jamie is chilling.
  19. WOW! The trailer is brilliant! I’m so glad this movie was moved up to October! This is the one I’m really looking forward to. I’m only going to Gamer out of loyalty to Gerry, it’s the least I can do as I’ve had such fun following his career and seeing his movies this year. But LAC is just my cup of tea. And Gerry looks to be wonderful in this, grief stricken, vulnerable, angry and very dangerous.
  20. Sweetpeaz, don’t like Gerry, you don’t have to be his fan. These crushes are supposed to be fun, not disappointing. Find someone you like better if Gerry doesn’t do it for you! Jon Hamm! Clive Owen! To name a couple, I’m sure they can use a few new fans. Hamm is terrific in Mad Men, which could stand to pick up a few more viewers. So I'm happy to lobby on it's behalf. Sunday AMC, 10 PM. Mad Men. As for me I like Gerry just fine, imperfect just like the rest of us.
  21. The movies of the Farrelly Brothers and Judd Apatow are always pretty well received here in the states by the critics, even The Sex and City TV series on HBO was pretty raunchy and well liked by TV critics. Its romantic comedies that don’t fare well with the reviewers, and that’s why TUT was so poorly reviewed. TUT had to depend on the positive buzz of movie goers and has done very well on that alone. It's made 70,000,000 here so far and cost 38,000,000 so thats a big success any way you slice it.
  22. TUT is a solid box office hit. The only negative was the uniformly bad reviews from critics here in the US. But the movie did very well in spite of all that and is getting better reviews from some of the critics in the UK and Australia as well. For example: http://www.shropshirestar.com/2009/08/11/the-ugly-truth/ Very nice news about being number 1 in the UK & Ireland!
  23. I thought that was odd too, the guy hasn’t even seen the movie and he’s editorializing about it based upon a brief plot description. Whatever…
  24. Not even the prospect of seeing Gerry in tight pants or a bunch of buff men could ever convince me to go to an event like this. To see a nice photo of Gerry is enough, and he looks great in those pants. Since he lost some weight he may be squeezing into a smaller size.
  25. There’s a pack mentally with most film critics, they attend special screenings with other critics and seldom see a movie in a large audience with regular movie goers. They don’t attend sneak previews or special screenings where at least they can get a feel for how that audience is reacting, which is very important if the movie is a comedy. And some are sloppy, they don’t even seem to pay attention to the movie there’re reviewing, missing key plot points, misquoting lines. That being said I’m noticing TUT is getting a somewhat larger share of positive reviews from the UK, which I find interes
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