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  1. My approach to building my GB library was simple. I used Netflix. If I liked the movie and knew I wanted to see it again and again, then I purchased the DVD. The only movie that I winged it with was The Jury. But, I was confident based on the feedback from this web site and others the DVD would be well worth owning. And Gerry is marvelous! And yeah, in late 2008 I did not have a Gerard Butler library and now I do!
  2. For me it would be Dear Frankie. Gerry is so wonderful in this role, so somber and grave, each gesture simple and understated. I love how his character suggests a hidden world of heartbreak and sadness. But yet his inherent decency and goodness responds to Frankie and Lizzie. When he finally goes back to his ship, not only are Frankie and Lizzie in a more positive place, but the Stranger is a changed man as well. And I find it so lovely and touching. By the time it’s reveled that the Stranger is Marie’s brother there is no doubt in my mind that he will find his way back to Frankie and Lizzie.
  3. Reading this I’m struck with the fact that Gerry is much more patient and accommodating with fans and yes, the paparazzi, then many other celebrities would be. It must be exhausting to have those sorts of demands made on him, and yet he doesn’t isolate himself. Just keeps on living his life. I get why some fans lose all sense of proportion when meeting Gerry. It’s easy to think you know this guy when you’ve seen all his movies and watched and read his interviews. But there is nothing wrong with a little common sense and recognizing when it might not be a good time to demand an autograph or a picture. I'm glad Gerry was so sweet to that little boy in the midst of all that craziness.
  4. I would recommend this film. It’s complex and layered. The movie is stunning to look at, quite an accomplishment for a low budget film. I liked that Sarah was so difficult, unlikable. She was dying but not presented as being noble and wise because she was ill. She came back to her hometown and asked for what she wanted and didn’t much care who she hurt in the process. Not admirable at all and it has a destructive effect on Sam and Charlotte. But I also believe there were some pretty serious fault lines in Sam’s marriage to begin with. So give this movie a try. Gerry is terrific and sometimes I felt like hitting him upside the head in this movie. But I loved him as an opera loving chef. Off Topic: I don’t know if the actress who played Sarah will end up in Burns or not. But I hope the Burns producers are taking a good look at Kelly McDonald (Trainspotting, No Country for Old Men). She would be terrific!
  5. What I like is whenever anyone asks GB these questions he doesn’t give some boilerplate response. But instead gives thoughtful specific answers. Indicating he’s paying close attention to what he’s seeing. He did the same thing at the Golden Globes too, citing Eva Mendes, Kate Beckensale and Frieda Pinto. I like that he appreciates a variety of women of different physical types and ethnic backgrounds.
  6. My impression of GB so far is he shows little vanity when he’s not working. He doesn’t cover the grey in hair, gives every impression of putting on the first thing he finds on the floor and rolling out into the world. But in PSILY, there were several scenes where he had to convincingly play a young man in his mid 20’s who manages to win the leading lady in the short space of a walk and a couple of kisses. He needed to look young and radiant, which he did, this is not much different then training and building muscle for 300. I think he was just using the tools he needed to play Gerry Kennedy. So a little Botox around the eyes, a facial skin peel to freshen up the skin. Getting his weight down, especially in the Irish scenes where he looked noticeably slimmer then the New York City Gerry. Frankly I don’t think he cares in terms of his real life. By the time he did Nims Island he managed to look like a somewhat dorky Dad and a scruffy man of adventure. And pretty much his age. I have say knowing Gerry’s scruff is soft? Is so very, very tantalizing!
  7. Wow! A flurry of Gerry news! Is it just me or is Mr B looking rather lean in these photos? Also his scruff looks less scruffy, like maybe he shaved a few days ago. Maybe he had to shave the beard off for a couple of scenes in LAC.
  8. Shattered was the first GB movie where I finally knew what Gerry really looked like. He wasn’t buried under a ton of beard and muscle. His face wasn’t hidden by a mask. I liked what I saw! He’s terrific in this movie too. He gets that Master of the Universe persona down cold. Oh, so charming with a tad too much self regard. And when it all falls apart around him he’s totally convincing in those emotional moments. And yeah, if you think about the plot too much you start wondering why both spouse’s didn’t confront their respective partners sooner and be done with it. But what the heck, there would be no movie otherwise. And even though I promised myself I wasn't going to run out and acquire a bunch of GB DVD's I now have a Gerard Butler library and Shattered is in it. Oh well.
  9. Here's the link the Bounty Hunter film aka Goree Girls they are the same movie, Gerry is still attached at this point. http://www.cinematical.com/2008/11/20/are-...on-goree-girls/ It's still in the predevelopment stages.
  10. That would be The Goree Girls, the project with Jennifer Aniston. I have not heard of any filming dates being set yet for that one. There might not even be a finished script yet. Also Jennifer just signed for another movie with Jason Bateman which has been announced as beginning filming this spring: http://www.variety.com/article/VR111799964...yid=13&cs=1 The Goree Girls may not be ready to go until next year. Burns might be ready to roll as soon as Gerry is done with LAC, or late spring this year.
  11. I’m enjoying reading these posts. I have rules about my crushes and am most likely a bit of an outlier here. But this is my approach to this sort of thing. I’m speaking for me only and not suggesting this is how other women should behave. First of all, I don’t flirt with men unless they are friends or peers. Gerry may joke about never hearing the raunchy bits, but that is not an open invitation, in my opinion to flirt with him if I were to have the opportunity to meet him. The fact I have a crush on him may motivate me to see his movies and help his bottom line. (No pun intended!) But the fact I find him attractive is not something I would want to burden him with in any sort of meeting. It would be enough to simply express admiration for his work, move on and let another fan have his or her chance. Now if you have a great story, like Susan’s story about meeting all these great people through this web site that would be very cool thing to share with him and I suspect he might like to hear. But this crush I have on him isn’t about him, it’s about me. He’s the inspiration. I don’t have to deal with the reality of Gerard Butler, who I suspect is not very different from various men I’ve known, only more successful and better looking. All my boyfriends and would be suitors looked like Paul Giamatti!
  12. It is hard for small films to get distributed. My guess is they might go the festival route with this one. If it turns out well, Sundance or Toronto, win some awards, get distribution and maybe the movie is released in the US. The movie business is a real roll of the dice sometimes. I'm hopeful with Gerry's clout it will get some sort of release here in the states. I would definitely plant my butt in the movie theater to see Burns.
  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was so slow to catch on to Gerry. This is odd because I love actors from the UK in general: Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, Robert Carlyle. I did see GB in Mrs. Brown 10 years ago; I’m sure I noted him and then forgot him. Part of the problem is I went out to the movies much less after 2000. I started to rely more on DVD’s to catch up on my movie watching. So I did get pickier about movies. Thus, I missed Phantom of the Opera, because I saw the musical back in the day with Michael Crawford, with a friend of mine who was a total Crawford fan girl and I liked the play well enough I suppose, but had no desire to see the movie when it came out. I’m not a fan of sword and sandal epics, did not like Gladiator at all, so I passed on 300. I first took notice in Shattered (That’s, this Butler guy! Wowza!) Finally saw P.S I Love You, and although I thought the movie far from perfect, Gerry was terrific, funny and very charming. So that performance sealed the deal. So far I’ve seen: Phantom of the Opera, which Gerry is brilliant in, 300, I still don’t like sword and sandal epics, but Gerry is excellent as King Leonides. Loved Dear Frankie. Also loved the The Jury, a wonderfully raw and emotional performance from GB. Although I wasn’t crazy about 300 I loved Beowulf and Grendel, which I think is a real overlooked gem. Just this weekend I watched One More Kiss which I liked very, very much. I still have more Gerry stuff in my Netflix queue. But I think Gerry pretty much elevates whatever he’s in whether I like the movie or not. So I am now hooked. I don’t know if I’ll ever see him in person, but I’m glad others have that opportunity and he’s the sort of person who likes his fans. And it's fun to read about.
  14. Great news! I saw One More Kiss recently and was very impressed with the film. For a small budget film it was visually stunning. So I don’t doubt the same team would do an excellent job with Burns. Very happy this movie is getting the green light at last.
  15. He does look nice and trim. It looks to me like he's even lost some weight since the New Years photos. I love the way his charm and spark seem to animate his features and make him so very attractive. For whatever reason I never really responded to him in 300, I thought he did a great job and looked the part but I didn’t walk away from that movie thinking I wanted to meet Gerry for a cup of coffee and share a few laughs. It wasn’t until Shattered and PS I Love You, that the light bulb went on in my slow brain. And I love that he is so generous and kind to his fans. I’m sure he’s just as imperfect as the rest of us, but the fact that he understands that a few moments of his time means so much to his supporters says a lot about his character.
  16. Good for him! I’m happy he took the opportunity to attend at least one of the events. Jamie Foxx was all over DC this weekend. I wondered if Gerry might turn up too. I so appreciate Gerry's enthusiasm for our new President.
  17. I know that Botox methods are getting better and more subtle, careful use will retain face mobility. I don’t know if Gerry used botex for the Golden Globes, but I do know many actors are very concerned with the arrival of high definition technology. It shows every imperfection and line. Given that Gerry seems to have the typical fair skin that the Irish and Scots tend to have, he will age faster. The make up he wore at the Golden Globes was necessary to even out his skin which I’m guessing tends to redness and the occasional outbreak. Even the best of the female actors, Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep have had some work done. Apparently George Clooney has too. The trick is to look the best you can for your age and not compromise the expressiveness of the face. If Gerry does have to use various methods to improve and maintain his looks I hope he opts for the small enhancements that serve what ever role he’s playing.
  18. Regarding IMDb: All the message boards for the actors have a high level of hostility, not just GB’s. I go there whenever I want to research an actor and see what movies they’ve made and there seem to be folks that hang out and troll all day long and everyday. So someone posts an item about Gerry Butler (could just as well be George Clooney or Daniel Craig), poster clooneysux will go on a rant about what a no talent bum, yada yada yada. It isn’t enough for these folks to simply not go to that actor’s movies, or just ignore the message board devoted to that person. Those message boards are often a dumping ground for negativity that has little to do with the object of contempt and everything to do with those persons own problems. As to Gerry: I like him clean shaven and scruffy. I’ve seen some of the photos of him in his younger days and I like him better now, with a bit of seasoning. I don’t think he photographs as well in still photos as he does on film. There is something about the way he moves and speaks that the motion picture camera loves. I’m kicking myself for being so late to jump on the bandwagon!
  19. There is something about TMZ that makes me want to shower when ever I stumble across the TV show or am foolish enough to look at any of their videos. They are pond scum. Even when they pull their nonsense with performers I don't like I feel they go way over the line.
  20. That's so old school Hollywood, arriving by train! Very cool.
  21. Hello! I’m new here. This is my first post! Lately I’ve been catching up on Mr. Butler’s movie resume via Netflix and I like what I’ve seen. Mind you, he’s in a lot of genres that I don’t rush to see, but he’s often one of the most appealing actors in these various movies. So here are my thoughts on his career and why I think he’s made the choices he’s made. The movie business moves at snails pace. Thus it takes a while to fully implement the success of a huge hit like 300. I think LAC is the first real investment of the capital GB acquired with 300. The other movies he’s done were ether in the can or the works before 300 was released. He was doing what actors do, working, taking roles in the best films that were being offered to him, offered being the operative word here. It’s impossible to know what roles he refused or what roles he didn’t get. Producing is a good move by him. Getting an Oscar winning actor like Jamie Foxx to play the lead, while he takes the villain role is pretty shrewd too. But it’s a gamble, what looks good on paper may not succeed despite the hard work of all involved. GB’s films need to have a consistent level of success to put him into the A list territory of George Clooney or Brad Pitt. Not easy to do. Despite Gerry’s strong and charismatic personality his work is more like that of a character actor, which may work against him. But I think being a work horse, taking a wide variety of movie roles is the best strategy to take him to that A list and give him a long career like Michael Caine or even Sean Connery. Given the strong fan base he has with women, I think doing romantic comedies are a no brainer. GB is smart to understand this and to play to that fan base. Not a lot attractive male actors are willing to do that at all. He’s got such spark and pizzazz and is so funny somebody needs to put him in a comedy pronto. Gerry in full out wild Celtic man mode and Tina Fey? I’d be there!
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