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  1. That item is from News of the World- a very unreliable publication. Even if he gets a few days off in Serbia it's doubtful he 'd head all the way back to New York to attend this event.
  2. He did have a few days between his return from Brazil and departure for Florida on Friday evening to have some down time...
  3. SWS is in Cop Out as well, with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, which is hitting theaters this weekend!
  4. I had a hard time finding a Blu-Ray copy. Target was sold out. The Borders near my house was sold out and I finally found it at the Union Square Borders in downtown SF. The only reason they had any left I think was because it under lock and key, no one know where to find it. And I just happened to glance at their locked case and found it. And when I visited another Target this weekend they only had 2 copies of the regular DVD left and no Blu-Rays at all.
  5. Blu-ray players are pretty affordable right now- I recently upgraded my TV to Hi-Def and got a Blu-Ray player as well and it was well worth it. Fantastic picture quality all around! The unrated version is not that much different- some scenes run longer, like the first scene with Clyde and Nick when Nick tells Clyde he’s taking a deal rather then prosecute. I rather liked this version better; Clyde’s heartbreak is so much more palpable, Gerry is so good in this scene. There is some footage not seen in the theatrical release but most of is character development stuff. They were probably
  6. Looks like Yoga to me! A variation of the mountain pose or warrior pose.
  7. Well he mentioned taking a flying lesson last fall when he guested on CF's show but it takes a lot of hours of flying time get certified, let let alone flying solo and landing a plane. And yes this is whale season on the Pacific Coast. I doubt that Gerry and company would waste time checking out the paparazzi boats with binoculars and telescopes. However I can see Gerry being very excited about sighting whales.
  8. He's also lost weight since Barbados. There is not going to be a phony drummed up controversy from the tabloids over these photos along the lines of what happened Gerry, you let yourself go! Poor guy, he was publicly humiliated over those photos. Now he looks fabulous, the pink trunks may have been dorky and fun but these blue trunks look great on him!
  9. I love hearing about this-it seems he's really poured heart and soul into this cause. Glad to see he's so involved.
  10. That would be from the TV series An Unsuitable Job for Woman, a TV series with Helen Baxendale, made about 11 years ago. He's the victim in one episode. It is available on DVD. His role was in the second season.
  11. Since I stumbled upon Gerry in Shattered and PS I Love You I really love the clean shaved look, he’s got such a wonderful, expressive face. I also loved the bearded look from The Jury and Beowulf and Grendel. I like the scruff just fine, the only look I really l don't like that much is the full on beard from 300.
  12. I suspect this will be a movie where the critical consensuses will be revised over time, as different voices weigh in, Stephen King, Variety and so forth. I'm so glad more people are beginning to appreciate how good Gerry was in this movie.
  13. That's good news! And because the timing is right between my income tax return and money I've saved I will have a new High=Def TV and Blu Ray Player next week! So I will definitely add to Gerry's bottom line by purchasing the Directors cut on Blu-Ray.
  14. Here’s my rule of thumb on these sorts of things. I don’t know Gerry. I am not among his circle of friends. I have no influence whatsoever, so I can’t judge, or advise based on a handful of paparazzi photos. Not knowing the situation at his home in LA, what sort of backyard, does Lolita have an enclosed run? Is she let loose, supervised, who knows? If Lolita lived with me I would no doubt do things differently but Lolita would find life very different instead of an overgrown goofy male companion she would have an overgrown goofy cat companion and one cranky aging human companion who woul
  15. I suspect Gerry was offered Watson, the Jude Law role. Downey was always intended for Sherlock, his wife was one of the producers. But I wish he could have done it! I bet LAC was the reason why, both movies ended up shooting around the same time, so logistically it would have been impossible. This is very funny, Gerry is terrific at this sort of thing. I go to meetings like this from time to time and they are real snooze fests. Everyone drinks a lot of coffee to stay awake. But if Gerry showed up at one of those meetings everyone would wake up real fast! Gerry is better then a power point pr
  16. Actually Jennifer Aniston has branched out in smaller independent movies she’s done some good work in those films but no one goes to see them. Friends with Money, Management, and the Good Girl were all rather edgy. The Break Up with Vince Vaughn was a comedy but not at all a RomCom. Derailed alas was not a box office success. Her biggest success lately was in Marley and Me, that definitely was not a romantic comedy. As to whether Jennifer and Gerry were upset with Ricky Gervais, who knows? Under the circumstances there could be a lot of reasons Gerry and JA were uptight at first, you know t
  17. I was kind of annoyed they brought up his beach photos and then made him unbutton his coat and show his waist. Not to mention it all seemed to be edited in such a way that we never saw his response to their questions.
  18. Alfred Hitchcock used to meticulously plan and storyboard all his movies right down to camera shots and then got very bored with the actual filming process. So movie making can be tedious and exhausting particularly for crew members who work 16 hour or more work days. But I think Gerry really enjoys the process by and large, he’s such a gregarious guy I think he loves hanging out on the set with crew members and other actors. I don't think there is a set date to film the movie yet, it needs financing first, so not sure if the summer film dates are even feasible at this point. My unders
  19. I'm so glad this movie seems to be coming together for Gerry and glad to see it get some notice from one of the better show business blogs, Hollywood Deadline. That's pretty cool. And I think this looks like a terrific project for Gerry, a real meaty role that suits his talents. Let's hope this movie can get the financing in place to proceed.
  20. I hope we'll get to see him on the Clooney telethon, I suspect Gerry would love to participate! The telethon will also be shown on CNN -ABC-HBO-NBC and others.
  21. I believe this law applies to photos taken of celebrities in their back yard or generally on their private property. Gerry was on a public street and I don't think the law applies to that at all.
  22. To be fair the bridge he’s talking about is the Brooklyn Bridge. I believe that comment is from The Ugly Truth press junket and recycled from the on sale bin of reusable GB quotes for all occasions! In the run up to the Globes and award season in Hollywood I think he is somewhat allowing himself to be found by the paps a bit more. And he clearly looks like he is working out and trimming down, as this photo shows, he’s getting those arms back: http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/partiesetc/...Image4.jpg.html He looks so delicious!
  23. I agree I thought these were very invasive. For whatever reason he's seems unaware of the paparazzi, that's enough to make me wish they hadn't been taken. And yes I did look at the photos like everyone else and generally contributed to the paparazzi bottom line. No way to put that cat back in the bag I guess.
  24. He was clean shaved for SNL and the Jimmy Fallon show back in October. I really like that look, and he does tend to shave for award show appearances, or at least the two I've seen him do. I like the scruff, but I like him to mix it up a bit. However I'm not a big fan of his recent buzz cut. I think when he's carrying a couple extra pounds the somewhat longer hair looks better on him, like in Dubai.
  25. Here is the definition for foot drop: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-foot-drop.htm Some cases of foot drop are temporary and others are permanent. Causes of foot drop are numerous, but the most common cause is an injury to the peroneal nerve at the top of the calf behind the knee. Other causes of foot drop include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Lou Gehrig’s disease, and muscular dystrophy. Additional causes include stroke, drug toxicity, diabetes, low back pain, and cauda equine, a compression of the lower bundle of nerves in the spinal cord
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