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  1. I’m very confident he was unaware of the paparazzi; I suspect he did not want to be photographed enjoying private time at the beach. But that’s the reality of his profession, can’t put that genie back in the bottle. These photos were rather invasive to begin with, I looked at them, very glad he’s happy and relaxed, but I did wish they hadn’t been taken. Not because he put on a few pounds, that’s not a big deal but I knew the tabloids would make a big fuss about a minor weight gain. That's another reality he has to live with and the downside to being the guy with the abs from 300. I
  2. As much as I like Jeffery Dean Morgan, I thought that story line was a bit creepy; she accidently sleeps with her late husband’s best friend. Uh, no. I thought JDM might have been better in the role Harry Connick Jr. played. Part of my problem with the movie was there were too many subplots that detracted from the main story. Maybe if they had consolidated one of the girl friends with the little sister, shown more flashbacks of Holly & Gerry’s life. I don’t know, there were times I thought the New York part of the story seemed to be copying Sex and the City. I did like ending thoug
  3. I have no problem at all with Gerry relaxing and enjoying the holidays and like all of us ending up a few pounds heavier at the start of the New Year. Sometimes a break from discipline & routine is a good thing. But I’m just as sure his trainer is rubbing his hands together and can hardly wait to get Gerry in his clutches again, he’ll work his butt off and ban those nasty carbs. So enjoy those cup cakes while you can Gerry! By the time he’s ready to shoot his next movie in March he’ll be fit as a fiddle.
  4. If they wanted to be totally faithful to the book they would have done a TV mini-series instead, more time to tell the story. But neither Gerry nor Hilary would have been in it under those circumstances. It would have ended up on Lifetime cable TV with a couple of lesser known actors and I would not have tumbled into Gerryland. It was his Gerry that pushed me into GB fandom.
  5. I picked Gerry Kennedy! But I think Mike is so popular because he seems so accessible, the underachieving American guy, who’s smarter then he lets on with a randy sense of humor and lots of heart. Gerry has a sort of rough and tumble masculine quality that really made Mike very compelling. And very kissable!
  6. King has always been an underrated writer. The Stand is my favorite. It’s only been the last few years that King stated to get respect for his writing skills as well as his ability to produce best sellers. And his smaller works, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, the Green Mile are excellent. Whenever I stumble across Entertainment Weekly I always check out his column.
  7. That’s pretty cool that King liked LAC so much. Film criticism needs to be taken away from the hard core cinephile types, who seem to lack any sort of perspective or even have to ability to properly determine the entertainment value of a movie to the average person.
  8. Some times a cigar is just a cigar and a haircut is just that-a haircut for no reason other then not wanting to bother much with his hair while on vacation. I figured at some point the paparazzi were going to catch up with him in Aspen; there are so many notables that go to Aspen over the holidays the paps are usually hanging around. I would surmise this trip has been planned in advance, I don’t think one turns up in Aspen on impulse over the holidays with family in tow and expects to find a place to stay.
  9. Most likely this happened prior to Gerry’s Aspen trip, but a very cool story via Twitter. It also sounds like Gerry’s family came over here for the holidays, I would guess they are most most likely with him in Aspen as well. Click through to blog post: Gerard Butler Dances with Retail Clerk: http://snipurl.com/twd1t
  10. Gerry is clearly having a pleasant time in Aspen, making nice to all and sundry, keeping a low profile and not attracting any attention and only being noticed for being the nice guy that he is. Almost everyone with a TV and an internet connection knows about another celebrity in Aspen embroiled in a domestic dispute. And that notoriety didn’t come from Twitter! If the only attention Gerry is getting on his holiday is a couple of tweets I’d say his downtime is a success and his privacy remains intact.
  11. http://www.seattlepi.com/movies/413402_film31421087.html This is the blog post. Peter Jackson has not even cast the movie yet and Gerry is the suggestion of the blogger writing the post for role of Bard, he has not been named by anyone associated with the movie at all.
  12. Gerry is known to text message friends, if you can text you can tweet if you choose to. Anyone who uses a Blackberry can Tweet. Twitter is an extension of personal text messages. I don’t think it has anything to do with him not sitting still long enough ether, or understanding the technology. It’s just not something he wants to do or maybe he is but anonymously under another user name. I didn’t want to at first and now I kind of like it, particularly when I found I could follow a lot of non Gerry stuff I’m interested in too. A lot of stuff on Twitter is informative rather then personal.
  13. I’m sure wherever Gerry ended up on Christmas; he found good fellowship and cheer, with family or friends. I love my family but some of the best Christmas’s I’ve had have been the ones off the beaten path so to speak with friends. Most tweets I take with a grain of salt, it’s impossible to know if a tweeter really did see Gerry. But if I see a cluster of tweets claiming Gerry sightings, say on the Isle of Manhattan, within a few blocks of each other, I figure the tweets are accurate.
  14. I’m sure there are any number of us who would happily volunteer to be Gerry’s “fake” girlfriend for the duration of the press tour. No sacrifice too great ….
  15. You don’t have to be a former winner to present at the Oscars. Last year Jennifer Aniston, Tina Fey and Steve Carell were among the presenters and none of them have ever won an Oscar. Usually being in a notable film in the past year is enough of a criterion to be offered a spot on the show. A requirement that Gerry certainly meets. It’s usually only the acting categories where former winning actors present the award.
  16. I would guess he would head to Scotland tonight or tomorrow if those are still his plans. One never knows! I like that he’s been so low key in LA, not even the paparazzi have spotted him out and about.
  17. I would think that Gerry might be presenter at the Oscars this next year- he’s never done it and he’s had a pretty good year, two hits, and he produced LAC. He did the Globes last year; it seems I read the somewhere that the Oscar’s and Globes won’t use the same presenters for each show. If that’s true I’d like to see him at the Oscars this year.
  18. A movie like The Morgan’s does get lost in the holiday shuffle; it might have been smarter to release that movie in January when there is less competition. It well fare even worse next week, when It’s Complicated is released. Right now Meryl Streep of all people is hot, this movie is getting great buzz and has a terrific cast. It’s pretty much going to drain away what ever audience there was for The Morgan’s. It’s interesting there is less eye rolling over a RomCom type movie with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin then there is with SJP and Grant. But Streep is so well respected that there is litt
  19. If Gerry flew UAE, United Arab Emirates, first class has private compartments. That would be a very restful way to travel. Very different for those of us in steerage. I doubt I will ever see Gerry flying on Southwest airlines my preferred air carrier.
  20. I don’t find Twitter to be particularly invasive at all. Not in the way paparazzi photos or TMZ or other like minded entities can be. And let’s face it most gossip rags make stuff up or exaggerate the mundane. Gerry kisses the cheek of a female acquaintance? He snogged her! Most folk if they see Gerry are happy to report where they saw him and leave it at that. There is no room to do anything else. That’s enough; there is no need to mention who he is with because Gerry’s friends are unknown to the general “tweeting” population so they are not apt to make a big deal about it if he’s with a w
  21. I don’t think Gerry would need to change his appearance that much, Sam Childers is not well known. I don’t think Gerry would need to shave his head or gain weight. Sandra Bullock in Blindside had blond hair for the role but she does not look a lot like Leigh Ann Tuohy and Tim McGraw looked nothing like Leigh Ann’s husband Sean. But the movie worked because it’s a terrific story, just like San Childers story is fascinating and needs to be told. I would love to see this movie happen. It would be a great role for Gerry. Let’s hope it comes together.
  22. I was frustrated with the last question too- it was beyond silly. But that’s just me; I’ve never been gushy even when confronted with an attractive man. He such an intelligent interesting guy, why waste his time in that sort of venue with that sort of question? At this point he knows women find him attractive, I don’t think he needs to be beaten over the head with it all the time although he may enjoy a certain amount of rowdiness from fans, it does not need to be the only reaction he gets.
  23. By the way the other Gerard Butler is a horse trainer not a jockey. Big difference at least in height! The horse trainer Butler actually had a horse run in the Santa Anita handicap this year, which caused a lot of confusion for me as I thought about going (not to see Gerry, I follow horse racing) but I did have a momentary thrill as I thought Gerry might actually be at the track and then understood it was not Gerry. Butler the trainer’s horse finished up the track.
  24. The Raspberries are meant to be tongue in cheek for the most part. Hallie Berry actually showed up to accept her award. There have been a lot of good actors who have gotten a Raspberry. When bothers me is that there is a perception that Gerry’s has been in flops when that is not the case at all. PS I Love You, The Ugly Truth and Law Abiding Citizen have all been profitable. The critics adore Clive Owen (I like him too!) but the man can’t buy a hit. They used to have a box office poison list and a lot of well known actors would definitely be on that list but Gerry would not. It’s usually the
  25. Great articles, wish we could see more like this, no linkage to spurious starlets, and insightful comments about why G has chosen his various projects: "If I can keep making movies that perform at the box office, then it allows me to go and move into Shakespeare territory," Butler says. "I was talking to someone the other day and we were both surprised that I've actually been able to make it. I would always love to go off and make films like 'Dear Frankie' or 'Beowulf' even when there were larger projects around. In the long run that has paid off, but in the short term -- especially when thos
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