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  1. That was my thought as well too! That kind of stuff is all over TV, even the medical shows: Grey’s Anatomy or House show a lot of spewing blood and so forth. The stabbing scene in LAC was definitely the most explicit but it was supposed to be. Clyde went beyond any sort of redemption at that point.
  2. Not everybody will agree. The movie is boysy and has annoyed some critics who wish life’s problems were reflected less noisily. But every film should be understood within the rules of its own genre, and in both ways Law Abiding Citizen is a thrilling and successful version of what it sets out to be. It owes something to last year’s Taken, but F Gary Gray’s direction secures it as a movie with soul as well as explosions. Excellent review very hip and smart, and relevant. This guy is no retread of Pauline Kael, he’s able to accept the movie within the confines of its genre without insisting it
  3. The level of tabloid coverage of celebrities these days is far more intense and constant then anything that has come before. We have the internet to thank for this intense saturation. And Gerry has become well known right in the middle of this explosion. I’ve always found the fact that a single 40 year man has a sex life is not that big of a deal. Gerry is not much different from any other successful professional who puts work and work goals first and keeps his love life simple and uncomplicated. I suspect even if he were not famous his approach to his romantic life would be the same. At some
  4. Here’s the reality: In order for RocknRolla to have a sequel, Guy Ritchie is going to need to have a huge box office success with Sherlock Holmes which is due out next month. If that happens studio executives might be kindly disposed to green light other Ritchie projects. Operative word on “might” since RocknRolla was not profitable at all and in this economic environment even Ritchie having success with Sherlock Holmes might not be enough to get RnR a sequel. I don’t see the point for a TUT sequel at all. Perhaps a reteaming of KH and Gerry in some other movie might be a better idea; I like
  5. Rubee815

    Nick Boyle

    I’m pretty sure GBPhanatic was joking and was not meaning to dis Gerry’s friends at all. I’m sure they are all swell guys, friends that Gerry can count on and relax with. Back when I was on the “market” I would have been happy to hang out with and flirt with any of those guys. Someone like Gerry I would have shied away from, too hot, too sexy, too many girls flocking around trying to get a piece of him. Uh, no. Very, very difficult to get to know anyone under those circumstances. I always liked the guys I could relax with. But for a rich fantasy flirtation, can’t beat Gerry! He’s the stuff
  6. That’s a solid article, it captures Gerry beautifully, his decency and generosity. And all the hard work he puts into his career. Glad it's paying off.
  7. Rubee815

    Nick Boyle

    Fruerza Bruta sounds a lot like Teatro Zinzanni here in San Francisco, lots of physical comedy in the Commedia dell’ arte style which I used to love doing back in my theater days years ago. Fun! The only thing I know about Gerry’s friends is he seems to have a lot of them. And his buddies seem to turn up and hang out with him on a regular basis. Like his old pal Ariel or his stunt man pal Tim, I would guess that they might work in show business in some capacity or other, which by its very nature is rather free lance. So there would be blocks of time in which they are not working and could ha
  8. DR. EM: Jack the Cat can take your machine gun tottin cat in a fight any day of the week. Let’s have a kitty cat rumble!!
  9. Because that quote is worth seeing again! Something we should all think on for a bit. I’m well into my 50’s and I not going to sit in judgment on the antics of a 40 year old adult male who I have no relationship with other then being a fan and following his career. If Gerry were running for public office I would certainly evaluate and judge his behavior, but he’s an actor. God forbid if Gerry were gone, his legacy would be that of a well loved actor and beloved son and friend. I doubt that a minor joke holding some sort of plant over a balcony would even be mentioned. Michael Jackson has
  10. It depends on much the marketing budget was, which I have not seen figures for.
  11. I realize some will be offended, but many won’t. Here’s the thing it doesn’t matter what Gerry says or does in this overheated media environment we are now living in. He could say nothing, do nothing and still attract attention. And that is often the case. Gerry is not the only person who made jokes about Jackson, MJ jokes were a staple of late night comedians before Jacksons death and Gerry is certainly not the only one who made jokes on that subject. And I’m willing to bet he was genuinely upset to hear about his death too. There were also many of us that questioned what seemed to be inapp
  12. Yes its true Gerry has a firmer grip on a potted plant then poor Michael had on his own child! Gerry takes his responsibility to a potted plant very seriously! 30Rock has already made a joke about Michael Jackson so Gerry is behind the curve on this one. There is very much a Monty Python aspect to Gerry’s humor, nothing is sacred!
  13. He has pushed himself harder promoting this film then the others (and he always works hard promoting his films); there is more at stake for him. He might not have relaxed as much as he should have while in Scotland. As much as he loves his family sometimes it’s not always easy to relax in those situations ether. So, however he chooses to rest, home in New York or LA or somewhere else, I hope he gets a couple of months of somewhat unstructured time more or less out of the spotlight. That’s the advantage of being a free lance actor; he can take that time for himself. If I were to offer advice (t
  14. Buy the New Yorker instead. The Nov 9th issue features an article about Gerry’s dialogue coach Paul Monich, Gerry is prominently featured in the article. I picked this up the other day and had no idea I would find Gerry in its pages, it’s just a magazine I like to read from time to time. I don’t think it’s on the web at all or you have to have a subscription to access the article. I never buy People for any reason- I might have if Gerry was on the cover, but that would have been a one time deal only.
  15. Well said Gyspygirl and Jeb! And I join you on the dorky bench Jeb!
  16. That’s interesting because People loves to drum up fake dating rumors about Gerry. It’s only on this last press tour that Gerry was able to scrub off the parade of improbable starlets that’s he’s constantly linked with.
  17. Johnny Depp is a strangely pedestrian choice on Peoples part I must say. I don’t think that aspect of him generates as much interest has it did a few years ago, so I find him to be a rather safe selection. And repeat winners indicate to me a lack of inspiration on the part of the editors. He is a terrific actor, though.
  18. Let’s not discount the photographer most likely did some retouching here and there, firmed up the jaw line a bit, slimmed down those cheeks a little. Things like that. This happens all the time in photo shoots like this. We all should get such help!
  19. But he has been thin lately, look how thin he is in the Glasgow premier photos, looks to me he’s at his “POTO” weight. Plus his hair is styled and colored the way he’s been wearing his hair lately. Also I would guess he has been taking care of his skin, microdermabsions or dermabrasion (non invasive skin treatments). Which would smooth out and reduce the lines in his face, this would all contribute to him looking a bit younger. If those photos are from the pre-300 days I would think they would of been seen before this.
  20. I’ve had the broken eye vessel thing happen to me a couple of times, didn’t feel a thing, one time I had a bad case of the flu, and the other time there seemed to be no reason at all. It clears up in a few days.
  21. Does that man know how to work a crowd or what? He’s terrific!
  22. I listened to the Mills interview; I think I’ll skip this one. At least Mills, although a tad self absorbed genuinely seems to like Gerry. And his jokes about the conventions weren’t mean spirited. But I have no patience for second rate snark from second rate talents.
  23. I liked the idea of him getting on his hands & knees at the Roosevelt Hotel to look at the tile! That was a great image!
  24. Well, Scott Mills is not much of interviewer. And he didn’t really let Gerry talk all that much for such a long interview. Mills was the one who was making jokes about the convention; Gerry simply mentioned feeling very self conscious at the idea of anything being named in his honor and how nervous it all it made him feel to visit the convention. For Gerry to interrupt Mills on his own show and take offence on our behalf might have made Gerry sound like an egotistic jerk. And I have heard him at other interviews talk at length and in very complementary terms about the charitable work the fans
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