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  1. I have to say I think there were scenes where I didn’t think the lighting did Katherine any favors ether after watching TUT again last night. There were a couple of scenes where she is lit beautifully but some where she is not. And Eric Winters looked washed out in most of his scenes as well. This movie was made relatively cheaply; I’m guessing they might not have gone all out budget wise on that element of the movie. I think Gerry has a ruddy complexion, and I have seen freckles on him in other photos.
  2. My understanding is from what Gerry has said he finally quit late winter-early spring 2008, he mentioned staying at a retreat in Southern California (some organization affiliated with Deepak Chopra) and finally was able to kick the habit. From what I’ve observed in dealing with close friends and family that have quit, there is weight gain, water retention and as the toxins leave the body you become a sitting duck for various infections. Plus he has also referenced having some physical aliments left over from the intense demands from Gamer and 300. I’m guessing all of the above contributed to his issues during that shoot, depending on what medications he was on. I would guess as well he was not focusing on his diet in the aftermath of quitting the tobacco habit. It looks like he’s lost about 20 pounds since that spring. And I don’t think he was all that overweight then ether, but on film he would look heavier. This year he seems to be focusing on diet and is in great shape. In fact everyone who sees him in person comments on how thin he is. He’s doing much better then Russell Crow in that regard. That being said Gerry got a lot of new fans from TUT, a lot women talking about how hot he is in that film. So if he looks a little bearish and rough, it’s attractive none the less, because he does need to look like the kinda of guy Abby would never go for. I love the way Gerry looks now but I would not kick Mike Chadway to the curb if he came my way! ( I have sinus issues today and I am puffy around the eyes!)
  3. Wow, I loved all the extras and wished some of the edited versions of the deleted scenes could have made it into the final cut of the film. I thought they should have used alternate 1 as the ending, that was funnier and it showed how much Mike & Abby enjoyed each other. And I loved Mike’s enthusiasm as he reached over to turn off the light. Very sexy! Also the Wedding alternate could have been used as the end credits ran, sort of as a coda. Who knew Mike had a posse? My thought as I watched them was that Mike was so ready for a serious relationship; he was the most grounded guy in his group! I also liked the extended scene with Abby and Kevin Connelly too. It was funny! And I have to say, even though Gerry may not have been at his physical best during the shoot of this movie, what with quitting smoking, assorted colds and dental work, he is still smoking hot! And his bearish, rumpled look is the perfect contrast to Dr. Colin. I’m so enjoying my second and third look at this DVD!
  4. Thank you Gerry, you’ve been one of the most enjoyable crushes I’ve had in quite some time. I can’t think of anyone more authentically in the moment then you are, it’s why I’ve had such fun following you, seeing your movies, and hearing about your activities. You seem to embrace everyone with you friendly grin, inviting us all into your world. I may never meet you, but I feel that you have smiled on me in my small corner of the world. It makes me very happy to know you are alive, making movies and enjoying your life with friends and family. It makes me very happy you have reached this milestone day of 40 years. You had a dream and you pursued it with single minded zeal. Congratulations on realizing your dreams, may there be more dreams and passion in the years ahead. I know I’ll be watching and enjoying your movies for a very long time! Happy Birthday!!!!
  5. The last and most recent egregious item about Gerry did indeed come from the British tabloid the Daily Mirror and it went viral in an instant and was everywhere for the next 48 hours. It did get debunked and denied by Gerry’s reps in GossipCop, that same day, but it took a couple of days for that denial to gain traction, and I still see that item floating around the sites. So it’s not just the US that’s manufacturing and interested in this stuff. It’s a global market fed by the internet. The big difference between Walter Winchell, Hedda Hooper and Louella Parsons is, unlike today, they actually worked the phones and verified information in a timely manner. If they got any dirt at all it was a real and confirmed. They didn’t make things up. None of this phony paying for fabricated info stuff that The Star and National Enquire have been caught doing. Winchell was capable of blackmail and you can bet he had the goods. It was never small time stuff, like Gerry greeting a female acquaintance at a party that gets blown up into an epic one night stand by the likes of the Daily Mirror or Page Six. Gerry is clearly very happy with his career and success, he’s worked hard to get where he is. But I also sensed a lot of frustration and concern from him about the impact of this stuff. Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson were no less flirtatious then Gerry, but that never stopped ether actor from being taken seriously, they didn’t have the 24 hour media monster to contend with that Gerry and other actors today have to deal with. And even a good solid interview with Gerry published by reputable newspapers will include the inevitable linked to items of female celebrities that Gerry never dated. I find it all very discouraging and frustrating. I hate to see Gerry so misunderstood. His behavior is no different then that of any other successful, good looking, single man. Why this is worthy of a bunch of adolescent sniggering by the gossip industry is beyond me.
  6. It worked because it was a conversation between two adults, grown up flirting, as opposed to the somewhat deflective flirting Gerry does to misdirect intrusive questions. She asked probing questions, but posed them as hypothetical’s which allowed him to open up and reveal a bit more then he usually does. You do need to download the Silverlight plug in, then when it’s loaded hit refresh/reload and everything should play just fine.
  7. I thought perhaps that might be a partial fabrication but the part about her blackberry jelly is true, isn't it? Delene None of it is true- in the interview he refers to “strawberry jam” but says it’s all made up. It’s cute and harmless but wrong. Anytime an item like this appears without attribution, no direct quotes from anyone like say Katherine Heigl: “Gerry does the cutest thing...” you can bet the farm it’s a fabrication. By my guess about 85 per cent of the gossip that’s published from so called gossip sites based on the account of unnamed sources about Gerry is fake or taken out of context and exaggerated for effect. Unfortunately that stuff goes viral very quickly and is picked up by one blog after another, tweeted and retweeted and people believe it.
  8. It's in the video interview from Norway, that was posted a bit ago.
  9. I had to install the silverlight plug in and it played fine after that. But, a terrific interview. Gerry gave a lot of insights into what it’s like for him. And why we should never believe anything from the tabloid press. Even the minor blurb about his taking his Mom’s jelly everywhere was false. And you add up all the silly fabricated relationship stuff that seems to spew out on a regular basis….And he’s right, those tabloids are piranhas! I have a lot of admiration for Gerry; he manages to be himself throughout this onslaught and does not hide himself away, just keeps living his life as he sees fit. He’s a class act all the way.
  10. Yep! That was his deflection maneuver. But very cute none the less.
  11. Let me be clear, a movie with a cult following is a good thing, and in no way is meant to be demeaning to fans who love that particular movie. Watch Turner Classic Movies and you will find dozen of cult movies that are considered classics and an essential part of film history. Devoted cults of movie fans have rescued many movies from failure and oblivion and have caused those movies to be re-evaluated as classics. Movies like Night of the Hunter, A Christmas Story, The Rocky Horror Show, Bringing Up Baby, Scarface (De Palma version), Out of the Past, and Freaks are a few that are now considered classics. Many of them were box office or critical failures. If silent film comic Buster Keaton had not become a cult figure in the 1950’s his work as an actor and director would have fallen into obscurity. If the 1925 version of Phantom of the Opera did not acquire a cult following then Lon Chaney’s work would not be appreciated today. So if the 2003 film version of Phantom has a cult following that might give the sequel a fighting chance to make it on the screen and insure Gerry gets cast. That’s what a cult following can do! Gerry would have been an ideal actor for the golden age of film. He could swash his buckle with the best of them. He would have been ideal in a screwball comedy or a dramatic love story. And the studios had a vested interest in having an actor like Gerry play in all kinds of movies. These days what remains of the studio system is only interested in pitching to certain demographics. This is challenging for actors. I hope Burns gets financing. I would love to see Gerry in a movie like North by Northwest, or The English Patient. I don’t want him trapped as an action hero. I don’t want him to be forced to consider a movie like Gamer again (although to be fair it did lead to The Ugly Truth.) I want him above all to work and getting the same sort A list opportunities that Clooney, Damon & Pitt are getting. And if one those roles arouses his passion and our passion that’s icing on the cake! (cross post with Jeb!)
  12. I get Fisher mixed up with Amy Adams all the time. I have to remind myself that Fisher is the one with Sasha B-C.
  13. Attila in 2001. She was one of his wives.
  14. POTO has what I think of as a cult following. The emotions that movie inspired in so many fans is impossible to maintain, and a fandom cannot survive on that one movie alone ether. It was inevitable that some fans would drift away as Gerry’s career evolved, it’s impossible to build a career on waiting for or playing in those sorts of highly romantic stylized films. (See Colin Firth or Matthew McFadden alumni of the Pride & Prejudice franchise.) It would be a long wait first of all because those sorts of movies don’t get made all the time. And Gerry’s career sort of floundered a bit after POTO. The movie did eventually turn a profit but Gerry was never credited with the films success at all and outside POTO fandom, the movie is not looked upon kindly by many media commentators. I do admire Gerry’s passion and commitment to Phantom despite the derision it arouses in some quarters, he could have easily turned his back on that project. Dear Frankie was terrific but hardly seen be anyone, and Beowulf and Game of their Lives hardly made a ripple. 300 launched Gerry into whole new level and his fan base began to diversify as the guys came on board and he has continued to add fans with each new movie. He now has a broad group of fans that go across several demographics. That gives him the potential for a lasting career. A story that arouses his emotions and passions may be on his docket already or it may be a few years down the road. And it might not be anything like Phantom, and it may take his career far from that moment when many first knew him. As much as I like Phantom, if I had seen in it in 2003 it would not have made me a fan. 300 would not have made me a fan. It was PS I Love You that got to me. Then I was able to go back and appreciate how wonderful Gerry was in both Phantom and 300. Sometimes it takes awhile to truly appreciate a good actor’s work
  15. I noticed he speaks in a deeper voice as well when he’s doing the American accent. This is a contrast with some British actors, (not Oldman or Tim Roth) who seem to speak in a higher nasal voice when attempting an American accent. I think he hit on a solid American accent for LAC. While there were some lilting inflections from time to time, it wasn’t pronounced and his diction was crisp and clear. If I just heard that accent and had no idea of Gerry’s background I would assume he was American. I’ve noticed that Sit Anthony Hopkins simply modulates his accent in subtle degrees depending on the role he’s playing, and it works very well for him. I think that’s what Gerry is starting to do. Never fear I don’t think Gerry will ever lose his Scottish accent no mater how much time he spends here, it’s an integral part of who he is.
  16. I have to say that (as far as I can tell, didn’t read all comments), we Gerry fans are outdoing ourselves with superlatives, we all have very detailed reasons on why he’s so sexy. And it’s far beyond those abs! I added my comments as well.
  17. Ether way it’s a great gag! At any rate I bet the next time Gerry is promoting his movies he will visit her show again. They had great rapport and they seemed to “get” one another. I love flirty Gerry, he’s so good at it, but what I liked about his interview with Bonnie is he kind of dialed it down a bit, it was nice to seen him so relaxed and open in a different way, particularly with a female host.
  18. I bet it's a gag, comics love their "bits!" But I have set my DVR in case! Because I'm always up for an excuse to goof off!
  19. The whole DVD/Video revolution is the best thing that happened in the last 30 years. To have the ability to own your favorite movies! And its changed my movie habits. I used to follow a favorite movie from the first run movie theaters to the second run and budget movie houses. In San Francisco that would have been The Strand, going there was quite an adventure, complete with crazy men in raincoats, sticky floors and fleas! So now I allow myself three first run viewings and that’s it. And then build the anticipation for the DVD. So I’m so ready for Mike Chadway. You Mr. Chadway will be my new boyfriend! The wonder of the pause button. Subtitles to catch the dialogue I missed. Special features! The salsa scene! The elevator! Yes!
  20. Ah yes.... What ever Lola wants Lola gets.....
  21. I agree ladies it would be much more interesting to hear about how this deal came together then the fiction that is often peddled about Gerry’s love life, back in the day (do I sound old or what?) those were the sort of rumors that would make the rounds in the entertainment press. Gerry and Ralph Fiennes are seen lunching at the Ivy sort of thing and speculation on what that meant, were they making a deal to star in a movie together? Instead the focus has gone in the gossip direction and that dominates the reportage. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are a fraction of what they were and gossip columnists used to cover some of this kind thing and they actually picked up the phone and talked to people! But those days are over.
  22. “…there are a lot of crazy rumors out there about me and none of them are true” Wish I could megaphone that all over the internets. Unfortunately once he gets slimed with the phony rumor of the week, (Who’s next Octomom?) some of it sticks. He looks swell though, in that gray suit. I hope he gets some off the radar time before promoting LAC in the UK.
  23. Wow! Now that’s the kind of newsy item I love to read. And it is really significant too, Fiennes must be happy he got Gerry on board. With two hit movies behind him this year Gerry is getting some real clout. And one of the reasons he got access to this project is because of his recent track record of being in movies that made a profit.
  24. I know this is stupid but I'm not familiar with this play. Does Tullus Aufidius die in this role? I don't believe I can watch him did again. I hope not. Nope. Coriolanus dies.
  25. Be prepared for a new round of silliness from the tabloids, apparently, according to a couple of twits on Twitter, Gerry and Lindsay Lohan exchanged pleasantries at this event and of course the tabloids who never miss the opportunity to play the name game will insist this is a big new romance. The gal in orange is so over. Jennifer Aniston? Jessica Simpson? Yesterday’s news. This gets so tiresome. When did we as a society become so weird about single people socializing, particularly since half of the US population is single? I had lunch today with several friends, across the age spectrum and sexes and we are all currently single and likely to remain that way. I’ve come to the conclusion that the tabloid media is run by a bunch of middle school kids.
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