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  1. I am a big fan of the show Entourage - it is lauded as being a very accurate portrayal of life in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg is the producer - I don't know if it based on his life or not, but it centers around a young hot actor named Vinnie Chase and his Entourage consists of his brother, Johnny Drama is his stage name, also an actor but not as successful, and two of his best friends from high school, Turtle, who up until recently did nothing but hang out, but now he wants to make something of himself, and Eric, who is also his manager though Vince is his only client, well was, I think he mi
  2. Since I’ve been following Gerry I’ve discovered most of the women he is pictured with at these sorts of events are of no consequence. Meaning they are not dates. Often time’s photographs are cropped leaving out other friends that are with Gerry (which is the case in Gerry’s arrival photo, his buddy is left out of the first photo) or he’s meeting and greeting someone but not with them. And his affectionate and flirtatious nature is misunderstood by the press. By his own admission he’s a born flirt and the mere act of flirtation does not mean that he is seriously attracted to every woman he mee
  3. I think you’re right! I bet Gerry just got in from the airport and he’s being hustled into the hotel. Particularly since he’s more formally dressed in the other photograph, which does look to be his arrival at the party.
  4. As far as I can tell from my TV guide DVR listing the BBC America showings of Jonathan Ross are concurrent with the BBC showings. Ross is on Friday evenings and is repeated through out the night. So if you get BBC America set your DVR to record the Ross show on the 13th.
  5. I’m pretty sure he walks or bikes in New York. That’s one of the things I like about Gerry he genuinely loves to walk, it’s the one small thing I know we have in common and for urban dwellers it’s the best way to get around.
  6. Gerry said in an interview after SNL that he became quite hoarse by the day of the show because he was using his voice so much in rehearsal. I suspect if he did do another musical he would no doubt spend a lot more time prepping then the few days SNL allowed. It’s a pity Chicago has already been done because Gerry would have been terrific in that movie, far better then Richard Gere. But then maybe Rob Marshall could do Guys & Dolls, I never liked the Brando & Sinatra version. But Gerry as Sky Masterson? Jack Black as Nathan Detroit? Maybe Anne Hathaway as Sarah and Anna Farris as Adel
  7. If true, Gabriele Muccino, makes this even more interesting. I saw the Italian version of One Last Kiss and really liked it. But this sounds all very iffy at this point, thus the initials GM as they negotiate and try to pull the deal together
  8. The Telegraph jumped the gun on Knightley: http://www.gossipcop.com/report-inaccurate...y-as-fair-lady/ Hugh Lurie and Anne Hathaway would be my choices. Higgins as written in the musical by Lerner & Lowe doesn’t need to have a terrific singing voice, the role was written for Rex Harrison who did not sing at all. I think both Gerry and Daniel Craig would be wrong for this. I think Eliza should be played by an actress who sings. I would like to see Gerry in a musical. But not this one. Camelot by Lerner & Lowe would be a better fit for Gerry I think, he would be terrific as King Ar
  9. Hmm Slide, a baseball movie? Would Gerry be in it as the star? Does GM refer to Garry Marshall? Sounds like a comedy. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.
  10. I will follow you! Twitter is more fun then I thought- in addition to all things Gerry- I'm following various other things of interest to me and every now and then I write a haiku. Twitter is great for short poems. So far I've managed not to bore everyone with endless twitters about Handsome Jack the cat, the Gerard Butler of felines! (Known to bellow, this is Sparta! At 3AM into his human’s ear)
  11. I think the maybe factor in all this isn’t Gerry’s involvement in Cor, but the financing of the movie. It’s iffy for all independent movies right now. I think Gerry’s announcement of his involvement was timed perhaps to move the ball down the field in terms of financing, getting a another major name attached to the production might secure the money.
  12. A word of advice, if Gerry ever does Don Imus or Howard Stern don’t post those interviews because I can guarantee it that in the frat house astrosphere of those shows Gerry will no doubt be lured into saying something that some will be offended by. And the questions will be rude and blunt, and raunchier then anything those kids can come up with. And please, let’s avoid offensive stereotypes in describing the behavior of the gay kid at the radio station.
  13. He only got uncomfortable toward the end when they asked about his personal dating habits. The he put a stop to those questions. For the most part he got a kick out it I think. And handled it very well. The snark on Chung was pretty funny. I think a lot of us were right about his tepid response to her. I loved how it was the gal who loved 300 and the guy PS I Love You!
  14. It's confirmed: Tullus! http://www.aintitcool.com/node/42805 Bless your heart Gerry for working so hard!
  15. This will not be a blockbuster, nor is it meant to be. Even it the movie does not succeed, there is still upside for Gerry doing the film. And because it’s Ralph Fiennes the critics will be far kinder and fairer in reviewing this film then they have been to some of Gerry’s more commercial roles. Let me put this another way, if Denzel Washington and Russell Crow had been cast together in LAC with the same exact script LAC would have been a critical success! There’s a real herd mentally amongst the critics. Which is why they are becoming irrelevant but they do love Fiennes and their reviews can
  16. The Baz Lurhman version of Romeo & Juliet was set in contemporary times but used Shakespeare’s text. Coriolanus was never my favorite Shakespeare play; in fact I fell asleep during this play years ago. Well the production I saw was pretty awful and there was free wine…. So I’m delighted with the idea this is a reworking, since Gerry is likely playing Tullus Aufidius there is tremendous potential in this for him, he goes from being an enemy to an ally and back to being an enemy and he’s not the one to die. Great range of emotions! And Vanessa Redgrave as the scheming Mother too, Wow!
  17. Even George Clooney and Brad Pitt have taken supporting roles in smaller projects with lesser budgets.
  18. Now that Gerry has arrived at a certain level with 2 hits this year, I’m thinking he wants to challenge himself and participate in some project that has artistic merit rather then the more commercial projects he’s been doing. And clearly he’s feeling secure enough to do this right now. I would much rather see him do this then yet another comic book adaption. Doing this might lead to more opportunities that he might not of been considered for previously. I would love to see him do a play on Broadway! I wonder too If Fiennes pursued Gerry for this role?
  19. Tullus is my thought too. And Variety say they are still trying to secure financing, so keep your fingers crossed…. Bear in mind that if Gerry has a supporting role he might not be tied up that long with filming, so he could move into Burns or something else at some point.
  20. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coriolanus Here’s the cast of characters, we’ll have to await more info on who is playing who.  Gaius Martius, later surnamed Coriolanus  Menenius Agrippa, Senator of Rome  Cominius, Titus Lartius, generals  Volumnia, Coriolanus's mother  Virgilia, Coriolanus's wife  Young Martius, Coriolanus's son  Valeria, a lady of Rome  Sicinius Velutus, Junius Brutus, tribunes of Rome  Citizens of Rome  Soldiers in the Roman Army  Tullus Aufidius, general of the Volscian army  Aufidius's Lieutenant  Aufidius's Servingmen  Conspirators with Aufidius
  21. Smart move, working with esteemed actors in a classic play, Fiennes would play the lead I suspect and he’s directing too. This is going to be an ensemble piece for sure. And a small film. Gerry would not have gotten this role if he did not have the respect of his peers in the industry. Those are the folks that matter! I’m glad Gerry is trying to stretch himself in this way.
  22. Bell is the only one there who has assets worth checking out, every one else appears to be existing on starvation rations. Donatella looks awful, is she going for some sort of aging Barbie look? Sometimes I don’t think those women really take a look at themselves, their stylist’s say they look fabulous and they never look in the mirror.
  23. This story is not breaking any sweat at all on the major gossip sites, it’s being used as a filer item here and there but I doubt from what I’ve seen that this will impede Gerry at all, even Perez Hilton seemed to have a grasp on the fact that Gerry made a joke. I think this message board is more up arms about this then anyone else is. It’s not like Gerry is Roman Polanski, or a married celebrity caught shacking up with hookers. There’s no sex tape. He’s not some crazy, drug addicted starlet going around without underwear. His personal life isn’t even as messy as Jude Law’s and no one is havin
  24. The DNA exclusionary rule in the case of this movie is called a McGuffin, a term coined by Alfred Hitchcock describing a plot element used as a device to launch the action of the movie. Usually dropped once the movie is underway. As a matter of fact the TV show(s) Law & Order uses ripped from the headlines McGuffin’s that are usually abandoned for a plot twist that ends up being the real case featured in the show. The only lose plot element that bothered me was the time frame at the end of the movie, somehow Nick and Dunnigan, get back to prison transporting an explosive device, set up
  25. I went through the Swinging Seventies. So the thought that some men (and some women too) might have sex in this fashion does not shock me. I’m not big on judging, nor do I feel that Gerry gave enough info in his quip for me to even begin to evaluate his comment for its veracity. And I hope Gerry does not start to censor himself, he’s fun and witty and he loves to kid around about sex, something that maybe we should all do from time to time. After all he’s not running for public office and I doubt making risqué comments will stop anyone from buying a ticket to his movies.
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