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  1. But she did ask it at that time, fully aware of the time slot and the audience. Her people approved that question. It’s not his responsibility to be mindful of when the show airs and who’s watching, that’s up to Chung and her people and clearly they didn’t care. So if Gerry is getting criticism for answering the question it certainly seems fair that Chung should be getting her fair share as well. She set the tone for the interview; she asked the provocative question in the hopes of getting a risqué answer. More attention for her show that way and she got it.
  2. The one thing that will keep Gerry working is his movies showing a profit. That’s it. The powers to be in Hollywood aren’t going to care what Gerry says on various talks shows, as long as he doesn’t generate any controversy the affects the bottom line, I don’t think this quip meets that requirement by a long shot. In the history of Hollywood there have been many bad boys, most executives don’t care about that ether, and sometimes they’re bad boys themselves. If they don’t care what Clooney or Leo gets up too, I don’t think they will care what Gerry does. What makes Gerry fun is his honesty and
  3. What I loved about this interview was Gerry’s tribute to his friend Bill Nighy that was so cool! It was great to find out they were friends. I love Nighy; he’s my age appropriate crush! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Nighy Here you go!
  4. Gerry is so much like my late brother; give my brother a chance to crack wise about sex and he would take it and there was no holding him back ether! And in my brother’s case the threesome thing would have been true. I’m sure Gerry was joking like he always does and his remarks should not be taken as an admission of fact at all. If anything I thought he seemed a little slower on the uptake then usual, not too surprising given how busy he’s been and how tired he might be. Those sorts of questions are not unusual for MTV at all, they always veer toward the suggestive no matter what the hour.
  5. Breaking the 20 million barrier for opening weekend is very good. Gamer only managed 8 million or so for its weekend in September and pretty much sank like a stone. I don’t think that will be the case for LAC and apparently LAC was number 1 in Canada. And when the movie goes oversees…. Gerry seems to really pack a lot weight in Europe, his movies do well. And he’s still out there pitching the movie! The guy doesn’t stop! http://www.hollywood.com/boxoffice At number two with an R-rated bullet is Overture Films’ “Law Abiding Citizen” which earned a solid $21 million in counter-programmed buck
  6. Be still my heart! Gerry quit being so fabulous, there is only so much I can take! Scruff fanciers look at the close up, he’s got stubble, the scruff will back in a couple of days!
  7. BWAH! Very true. Just saw the interview, she asked the question and he gave a patented Gerry answer! Wow she’s awfully thin isn’t she? Another of those size O’s! Although Gerry did flirt with her a little. And for scruff lovers he has some stubble back on the chin.
  8. I read a blog that was rather negative today but those commentators don’t bother to research their arguments and make sweeping generalizations: “The Ugly Truth is a flop.” Uh, no. The Ugly Truth is a cash cow, still raking in the dough and will make well over $160,000,000 world wide. PS I Love you made money! LAC is a hit. Gerry’s appearance on SNL spiked their ratings and is getting rave reviews from critics and fans alike. As long as Gerry is in enough movies that make money he will get parts in other films. That’s the way it works, doesn’t matter what some guy in a blog says he’s not in cha
  9. When I went the second time to see LAC, the theater was nearly full and the audience was fully behind Clyde more then they were Nick for most of the film anyway. I think everyone responded to Gerry in this role, whether they were Gerry’s fans or not. I loved that Gerry did not play Clyde as a one note psychopath. He was tragic rather then evil. For me anyway, although brief the first scene set up Clyde as a caring family man, working beside his daughter, tinkering with computer parts while the little girl tinkered with her beads, it clearly established the bond between them. That role clearl
  10. I think Clyde’s family was the moral force in his life that kept him grounded and gave him love, peace and stability. Once that was taken away from him he lost all perspective and balance. And he appeared to be very much a loner, no safety net of family and friends that could of supported him and help him recover. Most of the box office predictions had LAC doing only about ten million this weekend so clearly they believed the faulty data of that polling. The crowds in theaters both times I went were quite diverse, young men and women, middle aged, older. Both Gerry and Jamie have drawing pow
  11. Alan Siegel did say they would be making an announcement on a new project for Gerry pretty soon, he said this at the LAC premier earlier in the month. I got the feeling they were waiting to get LAC launched first. But I would guess Gerry might take the rest of the year off. I would if I were him!
  12. I love those bumper photos. I found myself thinking he looked like he could be James Bond, a light hearted Bond but oh so suave…. (Not that I want him to do that role at all… but he cleaned up so nicely!)
  13. This is totally cool, Seth Meyers thanking Gerry for a terrific job! Thanks to Gerard Butler for being a great host and all-around fantastic guy. Rare to have host at Update desk and he killed it. http://twitter.com/sethmeyers21
  14. Nothing new here, but I like the snarky tone toward the film critics. This site gave LAC a good review. http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/news/wher...umpus-jcarn.php The big surprise was how well Law Abiding Citizen did: $21 million, just ahead of Paranormal Activity. That showing represents a big box office win for Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler , and yet another total defeat for the nation’s film critcs who crucified the movie, only to see it make a lot more money than most everyone expected.
  15. They have been bringing cameo guests in for the cold opening from time to time for awhile now, but I think the Dwayne Johnson/mad Obama bit is pretty lame. The guest host usually doesn’t do the opening. This was one of their stronger shows this season I think. By and large they are having a hard time with their female talent. Kristen Wiig is about it. Since Maya Rudolf, Tina Fey and Amy Poeler left, they haven’t been able to find anyone of equal talent to replace those woman. This was a great showcase for Gerry, he sang, he has great comic timing, so SNL fans who know little of Gerry beyon
  16. Here are the preliminary numbers as of very early AM Oct 18, they will have firmer numbers out later today. This is very good news, it’s got to make Gerry very happy. http://www.deadline.com/hollywood/ At a surprise #2, Overture's Law Abiding Citizen starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler did a better than expected with $7.5M Friday and $8.3M Saturday for a $21M weekend from 2,889 venues.
  17. Gerry was awesome, a total natural. He was loose, goofy and clearly had a blast! I’m so glad he had the opportunity to do this. He looked terrific too!
  18. Lady Fran those are last weekends box office figures, (Oct 9-10th) according to the projected figures for this weekend, Where the Wild Things Are will be number 1 and Couples will be somewhere in the top 5, its business is falling off quite a bit with the competition from the new releases.
  19. There is no way an R rated movie is ever going to beat out at a family movie at the box office. Particularly an adaption of a children’s classic. It’s not going to happen and I suspect the executives at Overture films knew this going in when they selected Oct 16th has the release date. They were counter programming against the family movie hoping to draw the adult & urban market. LAC was never going to be 30,000,000 plus. Its real competition is Paranormal Activity, Stepfather and Couples Retreat and it looks like LAC might finish ahead of those films. That’s a good thing and a very good t
  20. SPOILERS!!! I really liked the ending of the movie, I liked that Gray went for subtlety rather then one of those over the top bombastic endings, where Clyde and Nick fight to the death in the midst of explosions and car chases. It was quiet and intense with Nick actually earning Clyde’s respect and Clyde emerging as a tragic villain as opposed to a one note psychopath. And his death was elegiac, engulfed by flames, staring at the bracelet his daughter gave him. And it seemed perfect that Nick went to his daughter’s recital at last, very much changed and altered by his ordeal. I loved the bala
  21. This is good news far better then the earlier estimates. Keeping all fingers crossed those numbers hold!
  22. Here are the early box office estimates which are subject to change. Where the Wild Things Are will be number 1 of course. Some of the earlier projections had LAC at only opening at $10,000,000 so these figures are a bit more encouraging. I am going to see LAC again tomorrow to keep the cash flowing into the box office. Plus I want to clear up a few plot points. http://www.deadline.com/hollywood/ Universal's holdover comedy Couples Retreat should come in #2 for the weekend with $20M from 3,009 plays. Paramount's Paranormal Activity should hit #3 with high teens as it goes into wider release
  23. I just wrote in the LAC spoiler thread that I was very surprised that the movie was not as violent as some are claiming, in fact far less violent then some things I’ve seen on TV. Yes there is one scene of implied torture but the camera cuts away. You do see bloody remains but that’s no worse then anything I’ve seen on CSI. I thought LAC was a well crafted thriller, it has a hell of a lot more subtlety and nuance then the critics are giving it credit for. It’s also the kind of movie I enjoy; I love police procedurals and mysteries, I would have gone to this whether Gerry was in it or not. The
  24. I just saw it and I’ll go into more impressions later but I think the amount of graphic violence in the film is being exaggerated by some critics; it is a little more graphic then your average CSI or a Law & Order episode and a lot less graphic then what was often seen on the Sopranos or even any movie by the Cohen brothers. There are no limbs sawed off although it is implied, but they stop short of showing that. You do see bloody remains but again you can see that on CSI. There is one particularly blood spattered killing. It is not anywhere near the Saw movies. I don’t know where the crit
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