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  1. I saw that promo too and I got so distracted by that I missed some of some of fast one liners from 30 Rock. I love the scruff but I go bananas when ever I see him clean shaven. He looks so good right now and I really notice his face in a different way without the beard. He looks clean cut with the right touch of naughtiness! And so expressive.
  2. They showed the rest of the song during the end credits! It was pretty cool. How about Gerry and Jimmy as the new Blues Brothers? That would be great!
  3. Gerry and Jimmy Fallon were terrific together! And he was clean shaven! I love that look on him-I really do, he looks younger for one thing. And Gerry has such a sweet, friendly looking face his eyes and smile really leap out without the distraction of the beard. I love the scruff but it was a real treat to see him without it. The song was terrific, he and Fallon really hit it off which made the whole appearance delightful. I going to have trouble getting back to sleep!
  4. The way this seems to be trending don’t expect good reviews from some of the higher end critics, The New Yorker, New York Times and so forth. Don’t get me wrong I love those publications but they are not good at evaluating mainstream films at all. Ebert has always been the best of the lot, knows film like no other but no snob. That being said I suspect LAC will get somewhat better reviews by and large then TUT. But it will be a mixed bag.
  5. This is going to such fun! It looks like he had a great time on her show!
  6. I agree with Sav on this one- it's a joke! A one time prank in which Gerry felt obligated and enjoyed dressing up Lolita in the gift he received for her. What was he supposed to do, tell Neveldine and Taylor the folks back home won’t like it if I put clothing on her and I can’t accept this? Might as well have fun and go along with it, I’m sure the coat is never used at all. What the heck at least it’s not a pink tutu! On occasion I've attempted to put hats and funny collars on Jack the Cat for photos, this is never a success: DO NOT WANT! is Jack's usual response. Now I just use a handy dan
  7. The problem is LAC is going up against Where the Wild Things Are, which is on the way to a rapturous reception from the critics and is being hailed as a masterpiece. I started to worry about that fact early this week that critics would be unable to view LAC fairly and objectively after seeing WTWTA. And Gleiberman’s review in EW is sloppy and inept. If he can’t see past his own biases to objectively review the film, then he should step aside and let someone else with a fresh perspective review these films. As a student of film history and as someone who has had a life long love affair with
  8. Boxer shorts huh? That answers that burning question! I liked the Notebook too, both sets of actors! Doesn’t surprise me that Gerry cried, you would have to be a stone not to. And back in his Rockford File days I got to meet James Garner, a very down to earth and sweet man like Gerry.
  9. Bonnie tapes in Culver City, I would guess the show is already done, since Gerry is in NY.
  10. I’ve noticed the show has been flat this season as well; last season was energized by the presidential election, this season doesn’t have that at all, they’ve also had some key performers leave the show and some of the newer members haven’t hit their stride yet. I’m sure Gerry will at least have friends there for moral support, if family members can’t make it. I doubt that a current romantic interest will be on stage with him at the end, since I don’t think he’s dating anyone famous so there would be no reason to do that at all.
  11. And another thing: the actor who was thought to be on the fast track to James Bond prior to the selection of Daniel Craig was not Gerry but Clive Owen. Owen was winning the fan polls and was thought to be the odds on favorite when Craig came out of nowhere and snagged the role. I was following all this quite closely at the time. Gerry was mentioned among others but I doubt he was even on the short list for that role. But it’s interesting that Tucker gives Gerry a demerit when he was little more then a bystander in the Bonds stakes!
  12. Gerry has no control over when his movies are released, that’s the decision of the distributor. I will also steal an observation I read elsewhere. He completed a movie with Jennifer Aniston who cannot go anywhere or sneeze with out the tabloids (including Page Six of the Post) going nuts. That put Gerry square in the middle of a storm of publicity all summer long and that was not his doing. He has by my count only been on a couple of magazine covers here in the US within the past couple of months, one of them a regional magazine available only in Southern California. He has no choice but to tr
  13. That’s a great story Katie! That’s sounds like an ideal Gerry encounter. Unexpected and very real. I love hearing stories about him in these sorts of circumstances, when he’s so engaging and friendly in his day to day life. I suspect that Gerry’s friends and associates know by now if you hang out with him, not only will time be spent stopping and chatting with fans but Gerry will also talk and chat with neighbors, store clerks, waiters and just about anyone who crosses his path and catches his eye. He’s like a big golden retriever with a perpetually wagging tail and a twinkle in his eye.
  14. As a rule I avoid all public comments sections that follow articles such as this. One can easily predict the responses. But I will say this: As an urban dweller in the SF Bay area for well over 20 years, neighborhoods change, become gentrified over time and what was once a rough neighborhood becomes the new hot spot with sky high housing prices. I don’t doubt that Gerry was being truthful in his recollections; he was raised by a single Mom and cheap, affordable rent would be a necessity for a woman with three kids and the only places you will find that is in the less desirable neighborhoods. N
  15. That was a lot of fun last night! I really loved hearing about his trip to India. Mainly because I’ve been on a lot of hiking- camping trips and sometimes it’s glorious and then everything goes south and you’re miserable. Sick in a tent in the middle of a rain storm? Been there done that! Loved Gerry in that suit loved the shots of him in the car, not because I see him as a race car driver but because I imagined myself in the passenger seat next to him! And kudos to Jack Black and Ben Harper for their outstanding rendition of David Bowie’s Under Pressure, I was so glad I watched a few minu
  16. From Peter Bart, who is a big deal at Variety and a real Hollywood insider, this is close to a rave! http://weblogs.variety.com/bfdealmemo/2009...ll-sleeper.html Summer is supposed to be the season of the “audience movie,” with an occasional art film tossed in as counter-programming, while October belongs to more serious movies with a rare thriller breaking through. Well, the “sleeper” among the fall “audience pictures” may turn out to be “Law Abiding Citizen,” a tightly directed thriller starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler. The movie is violent and bizarre and sufficiently off-center eno
  17. BTW, this really, really beautiful brunette with a blue and black dress who is pictured with G below, is she a GAL too? She looks so lovely. That's the actress who plays Gerry's wife in LAC. She's in the preview for a brief moment.
  18. I doubt Gerry told some random paparazzo he was going to the Doctor, so he ether walked into a medical office building or a building that has Doctor’s offices in it and somebody drew a conclusion from that. And it could be the wrong conclusion. Just sayin….
  19. Fun review! I felt like I was sitting next to him at a tavern, drinking beer and snacking on pretzels while he told me about the movie.
  20. Nice shirt, but it's not a polo like the article states. And yeah if I had no idea who he was I would still give him a good long look.
  21. Because Jay is part Scottish and has bonded with Gerry over that, I suspect any “bit” they come up with will be Scottish related, making him play bagpipes, wear a kilt or eat haggis. I think Gerry is for the most part 100 per cent grade A ham (I mean that with all respect, I love that about him!), I think he will have a lot of fun with what ever bit they come up with. I can’t see him strip though and not due to a shyness on Gerry’s part. It’s almost too overt. However I could see something like that happening on SNL, in the context of some sort of skit, because then he would be lampooning hi
  22. I have to report here in the Greater San Francisco Bay area (SF-Oakland-Berkeley) man bags are fairly common. It might have a lot to do with the fact public transportation is used quite a bit. On BART, the local transit system I see them all the time and they seem to contain laptops, various business documents and a book or two. Backpacks are still in use here as well even by guys long past college age. So Gerry would fit right in!
  23. So far there are two celebrities I have seen but was too dim witted to realize who they were: I was in the Russian River area in Northern California and passed by this slight sandy harried fellow who sort of looked familiar, I racked my brain thinking of various acquaintances and old friends and drew a blank, when I finally arrived at this little deli everyone was abuzz, Robert Redford was just there and of course I had just seen him. I felt real stupid as I had just seen Electric Horseman a couple of weeks before this. When Talking Heads was real big I saw this guy in a natural foods store
  24. Everyone has a different way of expressing their admiration for Gerry. If one has the time and resources, plus the energy to devote to going to premières and so forth, that’s great! On the other hand, going to his movies and buying his DVD’s and letting it go at that, not making any attempt to see him in any other way is OK too! I don’t see one method as better then the other, nor should anyone feel possessive or protective of Gerry because of their preferred method of expressing their admiration for him. My life is going to be the same whether I see Gerry or not. It would be frosting on the
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