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  1. You know that wet stuff that falls from the sky? They get that in New York city, this time of year, so if one were walking around without a jacket and got caught by a few drops.... just sayin...
  2. TMZ is owned by Time Warner, so they are very much part of the corporate media. When Gerry has run into disputes that go public they have gotten his side of the story out there so it works both ways. I think he’s well aware this is something he has to endure no matter how frustrating he finds it.
  3. I don’t think LAC is an obvious Oscar bait movie and it’s far too early to even determine if Gerry will even get the sort of buzz that might lead to a nomination. That being said every year at this time some of the big Oscar contenders are rolled out and are nowhere around Oscar time. And unexpected hits are in the running. How LAC is received within the industry (who are members of the Academy), if the movie is a hit with audiences and gets a measure of critical acclaim that might create enough momentum for Overture films to at least consider mounting a campaign for award season. But that’s e
  4. Thrillers are a favorite genre for me too I’m very excited about this movie. It seems Gerry worked very hard on this and left nothing to chance, thus the acting coach. And apparently he worked on the script as well. He's all in on this one. If LAC does well it could mean financing could be secured for Burns, which I understand is also a love story.
  5. So far I’ve seen the promo during House, the David Letterman show and Entertainment Tonight. I was just surfing by ET and Boom! There it was! I’m actually thinking of taking the afternoon off on Oct 16th so I can get into an afternoon showing. Of course there may be sneak previews a week or so before the release, I’m going to keep an eye open for that.
  6. 1- The Jury 2- PS I Love You (this is when I at last “got” Gerry) 3- Dear Frankie 4- 300 5- RocknRolla About Phantom: I’ve always had mixed feelings about Andrew Lloyd Webber and his version of POTO (I like Evita better). But I do think Gerry is brilliant, particularly in the second half of the movie. So honorable mention for that one.
  7. I always liked the ending of PSILY, that it was left open ended, that the real journey wasn’t about meeting the next man but meeting herself. And that Gerry Kennedy wanted that for her and knew he needed to help her begin a life without him. This was the movie that tipped me over the edge for Gerard Butler. At the point in the film when Gerry Kennedy strides over the rise of the road in Ireland and meets Holly for the first time, that tall gorgeous body, that friendly, open face with the sparkle in his eyes and the sexy knowing grin, I flipped right over the moon!
  8. I don’t think it’s the charity work; it’s probably the idea of a convention in Gerry’s name that they are mocking. They should not be mocking anyone who took the time to write, since it seems they might have had an uptick in sales? Since most printed media’s profits are nose diving over a cliff these days they should be happy to see anything that might make them a profit.
  9. I can’t help but notice that the men with Pugs are all sexy guys, and I suspect men with a sense of humor and comfortable in their own skin. And while Gerry is always number 1 with me, well Gerry if you break our date tonight I’m heading over to Hugh’s place, just sayin…
  10. The one thing I’m learned about Gerry is not to get excited about who he hugs and kisses at a party. He is one of the most spontaneously affectionate men I’ve seen; he would hug and kiss me at a party for goodness sake! I’m pretty sure the woman is a woman at a party and not anyone in Gerry’s life or anyone who ever will turn up again.
  11. If Farrell’s career has slowed that has more to do with his personal issues, struggling with alcoholism and so forth and not over exposure. Since Miami Vice it seems Farrell has returned to doing smaller films, In Burges for example, and that seems more like a personal choice on his part. He and Gerry are very different and I can’t see any comparison in the way their careers developed. People who write articles like this have no understanding of what goes into building a career liked Gerry’s. And if someone like this was advising Gerry, Gerry would be sitting in some crummy apartment waiting
  12. The TMZ video is yesterday’s fish wrap.
  13. I am so excited about this. Long time SNL fan! Too bad Amy Poeler and Tina Fey are gone but there is Kristen Wiig! She’s fantastic, I’m sure she’ll do a couple of skits with Gerry. I can’t help but think that it may have helped that Gerry worked with Jason Sudeikis on Bounty this summer, Gerry most likely would have ended up hosting anyway, but it probably doesn’t hurt if a SNL cast member can put in a good word.
  14. Oh my my my my! That photo, that body, Geez Louise, where am I? Right at work, but that man, that body, that torso, Holy Cow! What's my name? Where am I? Oh dear did I just yell out oh baby come to mama?
  15. There were probably even rumors that Jennifer was dating Marley, the dog, just because she was seen petting him on the set.
  16. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Eckhart Eckart is pretty low key and the tabloid press has taken no interest in him at all. I don't think he can be considered a big star,although he does leading roles, he does independent films for the most part, mixed in with studio releases from time to time.
  17. The problem with some of the bloggers like this Markovitz fellow is they don’t have a real grasp of what Gerry’s range is. They see 300 and don’t factor in the following he has because of Phantom. Or how effective he was in a small drama like Dear Frankie. So although they might dismiss PS I Love You, and consider it a failure they won’t bother to find out that the movie eventually made a profit and has taken on a new life on DVD and cable. If he hadn’t done Gamer, he would have never been offered The Ugly Truth which is a big hit. And 300 was not an action adventure movie it was a historica
  18. Thanks! Great topic. The way Mr. Markovitz is asking this question is skewered in favor of action isn’t it? I wouldn’t want to see Gerry trapped exclusively in action movies or in romantic comedies. Not all action movies are like Gamer ether, which is a cheaply made movie targeted at young men. Right now the big tent pole, very expensive action movies are having a rough time making a profit. There are more bangs for the buck with romantic comedies which can be made relatively cheaply and turn a profit, like TUT. But those movies never get any respect. Look I would love to see Gerry get a sho
  19. The conventional wisdom is because a movie is expected to bomb and the production/distribution team wants to get the movie out and rake in some dough before possible negative reviews. That’s what they did for GI Joe in any case, no advance reviews. In Gamers’ case I’m not sure, it’s a niche film for young males so Lionsgate might have thought that group would not care about the reviews anyway.
  20. Actually the reviews for Gamer are somewhat more favorable then for TUT. Most critics are far more inclined to cut action movies a lot of slack in a way they won’t for romantic comedies. It might have worked in Lionsgate’s favor to let the critics screen the movie in advance ironically enough.
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    Box Office

    RocknRolla is definitely the sort of edgy character driven movie I like. If it didn’t enter into my awareness in October of 2008, that was because of lack of promotion on the part of Warner’s, and the movie was released after the financial collapse and in the middle of a busy election season here in the US. A whole lot of stuff going on and at that point PSILY was slowly working its way up my Netflix queue and that was the movie where I really “got” Gerry for the first time. I had seen Shattered and thought he was sexy but PSILY pushed me over the edge. If I like a movie enough I will happil
  22. IMHO: I keep thinking of Shoot em Up with Clive Owen. Also a rather dismal box office performance two years ago, doing as well as Gamer on the Labor Day weekend, ending up in forth place. But Shoot ‘em Up had a wild crazy heart beating underneath all the mayhem. Yes, it was very much over the top Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, but the movie was fun. And sexy without being misogynistic. Plus you cared about the characters; both Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci had back stories fleshed out that made the audience understand the connection they felt to the baby they were protecting. Gerry was the h
  23. Rubee815

    Box Office

    So the final numbers have Gamer down to number 4. You know, all the pundits and the tracking information seemed to indicate that Gamer would do better, this has got to be disappointing for Gerry, I’m sure he’s feeling very down this weekend, he did every thing in his power to work on behalf of this movie. He’s a smart guy too; I suspect he knew the problems with the finished project but hoped the movie would somehow be a success despite the weaknesses of the finished product. This is a good example of why he wanted to start a production company, to give himself a measure of control over his fi
  24. Rubee815

    Box Office

    http://www.deadline.com/hollywood/two-top-...tie/#more-15291 Top 10 Movies with Friday Numbers 1. Final Destination 3-D (WB) Wk 1 [3,121], $3.5M Fri, 3-day $11.5M, 4-day $14M 2. All About Steve (Fox) NEW [2,251] $3.5M Fri, 3-day $11.2M, 4-day $14M 3. Gamer (Lionsgate) NEW [2,502] $3.2M Fri, 3-day $8.5M, 4-day $10.5M 4. Inglourious Basterds (Wein/Uni) $3M Fri, 3-day $11M, 4-day $13.5M 5. District 9 (Sony) Week 4 [3,139] $1.7M Fri, Cume $96M, 4-day $8M 6. Halloween II (Weinstein) Week 2 [3,088] $1.7M Fri, Cume $21.7M, 4-day $6.5M 7. Julie & Julia (Sony) Week 5 [2,528] $1.3M Fri, $74.
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