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  1. This is one of those times that I have way too much time on my hands and too much trivial knowledge. Clare and Paul share a home (the one that the bbq's are at) and she is his business partner/manager. Yes she did date RW - and from some of the blogs, it wasn't an easy break up. She is now seeing someone named Craig....he's mentioned alot in the blog. Okay, now can someone find me a hobby
  2. I don't knit but I crochet a mean scarf..................
  3. I'm a fan of Eleventh Hour too. I used to like that I could watch it on line, but now they only do snips of the show. So needless to say, I liked the new pic on the blog
  4. Goes to show you how out of the loop I am...I didn't even know he owned a home in LA, I thought it was NY.......................*note to self - get caught up
  5. Mr. big's blog Could you possibly either post a link to the blog you mentioned? Or PM it to me? I cannot seem to find it and was curious to read it. Seumus
  6. Hey Guys and Gals, I found this on a blog I read regularly When we finished that dinner we raced back into town to Gerry Butler's birthday dinner. Couldn't miss that for the world. He's the funniest guy we know and it was a brilliant dinner at Palihouse which we've been meaning to try for ages. He was on cracking form and we were so glad to be there. He so deserves all the amazing success he's had. Great guy. The woman in the picture is Clare Staples and her blog is Mr. Big's Blog...no tabloid rumors on the two of them though, she mentions him in her blog every once in a while. She's a model/producer/writer who is somewhat of a celebrity in England.
  7. It figures, you all will be in Vegas in June/July and I'm going in August!
  8. Great Christmas present! While I'm new here, I hope you don't mind me wishing you good thoughts for your mother. Kelly
  9. I just checked IMDB.com and they don't show anything after 300. IMDB is quick with putting up information. And if everyone gravitated to Chicago, can you IMAGINE the estrogen level rise!
  10. A little black book with all the listings of local starbucks in our areas....just incase ::
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