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  1. I am a bit confused. On the site it says the UK premiere date is 5th of August, but everywhere esle it's 4th of August. What source I need to trust?! I realy want to be there, but without the exact date there is no way to predict. I need to know when to get a day off from work
  2. OMG, thanks very much for update! It's great news! We've (fans) been waiting for this so long and I am very happy, that they finally started to put the film together! It will be a great break through for Gerry and maybe even an Oscar as well. I know he deserves it. Why can't people just give it to him?? Edited to say: I think there is no better person than Gerry to play this role!
  3. The same here. Would realy appreciate, if you let me know about receiving the donation. Sent it about a week or two ago. Thanks Argira
  4. I've sent some today. Not much as I am a student, but I hope it will help! I am also hoping I did everything right with PayPal!
  5. touchmetrustme Thanks for the info. As soon as I get home I will try to send donation. I'm pretty sure there is, but need to find it first. Well, I wont succeed unless I try! I hope I will make a difference!
  6. Hello! I would like to help with the fee for such a great job and all the effort that has been put. Is there a certain amount? I also have a general question about paypal. I do have an account, but its in British pound. Will it be automatically converted into Dollars or I have to do something? Sorry, don't know all those little details
  7. Same thing here. Well, I just like to try it again, worth a shot, but I'm not hoping for much knowing my broadband connection + laptop specs. framolamdu Thanks for the info. Will be glad to see photos and captures!
  8. patsyb If You live in Uk, SkyOne will show The Red Carpet Show, and SkyMovies will show, I think, the whole thing. Not sure of the time, but Sky~One at 23.00, and SkyMovies at midnight. To bad I dont have either of those channels, so will try to look something online.
  9. You probably know the answer here:) I agree with you. You actually drown in them. So seductive, its hard to resist( I don't even want to).He can tell everything with those eyes, don't need words. Even Christopher Plummer wouldn't go without commenting on Gerry's eyes in Behind the Scenes of Dracula 2000.
  10. Still trying to get my vision as there are so many flashes. Must be tough job. Gerry looked absolutely stunning. And his smile....makes me melt! I think the rest did a good job, before the work started for Gerry. Even though I prefer more Terri Sheridan styled hair the hair with a bit of curl going on, love it!!! Barbara, thanks very much for the vids!
  11. I pre-ordered mine couple of days ago, but it will take time to get to me, as our release date has changed from 26.01 to 02.02.....another week added. Oh my, where to get strength to wait?
  12. OMG, it must be a nightmare over there with all the flashes into the eyes. Takes a lot of nerves as well to handle it, but Gerry is doing great. Probably, get use to it after a while. Thanks for the video, Barbara. Great job! Thanks so much for keeping an updates,Moira. Very appreciate hard work you are doing, but I guess You are enjoying yourself as well P.S. Sorry, if I get the names wrong.
  13. Thanks for the info! Gerry is a sexy single guy, so no wonder he will be linked to every lady he is speaking to. Everyone wants to have a piece of him! But, I am very pleased to know his own opinion about this kind of rumours.
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