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    Kansas City, Missouri (USA-Midwest)
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    Hmm??? My interests...Like most people I enjoy socializing, concerts, movies, comedy clubs, cooking, being a couch potato on "yucky" weather days, reading ( I'm a sucker for trashy romance novels. "The campier the cover, the better the story" is my belief.) Traveling, cultivating new friendships, just enjoying the outdoors/nature ( back of my home faces a small cattle ranch. Many a morning I hear the cattle lowing or the geese honking. There's also a large group of Canadian geese that have made their home on the ponds nearby ) Oh, yeah! There's this guy....tall, dark hair, broad shouldered & kinda attractive, (IMHO).....been working on establishing himself as an actor. Been loosely following his development over the last few years. Gary, Terry, Jared...something like that, Butler is his last name. I think he's got a good chance of going somewhere in the business.

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I really don't talk much about myself, but here's a try......Female living in the Midwest (Kansas City, Missouri ) Working in the financial field ( 19+ years with the same company! EEKK!! lol lol ) Health conscience ( no red meat for well over 10 yrs. thank you very much ) Animal lover ( live with my 14 yr old Maltipoo & a fantailed goldfish ) Honest, loyal, trustworthy, good friend till the end, shy at first, but warm up to people fairly quickly. GREAT hostess ( or so I've been told! ha ha ) accommodating, non-judgmental. Supportive to all. Willing to share my opinion ( only when asked! ) but, do respect your right to have a different opinion. ( That's what makes life so fascinating, isn't it?? ) Okay, "About Me" page is starting to sound strangely like a singles dating site bio!! ha ha ha If anyone would like to know more, just pop me an email. I'm willing to share.

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