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  1. I know I'm days late & hours short, but I just rented Chasing Mavericks. Not bad. Awesome footage during the surf scenes. Got choked up at the end. They all did good!
  2. Yes, Christine, I've heard a number of people opt out of attending the conventions & going to premieres instead. So much going on in LA the week of a premiere. It's a real whirlwind of events to enjoy! Miss S
  3. Not worth the amount of money one has to put out to attend. Convention is more about raising money for the charity, than it's about Gerard Butler the actor. A number of those that do attend, do come back again, but there are some that don't. Everyone should go at least once & make their own decision. The convention isn't for everyone. One piece of advice I would give is to attend with someone or have an agenda in place. There are cliques and groups of people that just interact with each other. The hotel is of good quality. The tram gives one easy access to other parts of the Vegas strip. The food at the dinners is good. Auction items donated are varied & there's something for everyone. If you choose to go, enjoy yourself. If you choose not to attend, don't feel as if you are missing out. The virtual convention is fun & quite enjoyable, plus you still have the opportunity to donate to the charity & get in on auction items that are exclusive to the virtual convention. Thanks Admins & Mods for allowing me to voice my opinion, even though it doesn't match those previously given. There are always two sides to a story. Miss S
  4. Magazine is by subscription only. You can order a copy online thru the magazine site. $10 dollars. Have an American friend buy a copy & ship to you if you're residing outside of the USA. Divine Miss S
  5. “I play with the family and my mum has taken it up now so whenever I go home I play with my stepfather and my mother. “She’s actually very good.” Translation: "My Mum beats my bum!" Divine Miss S
  6. YIPPEE!!! We get to see The Numpty Twins on Craig Ferguson!!!
  7. WOW!! I hope people didn't go just to see Gerard Butler. Were they disappointed if they did. But, if they stayed, they must have heard a great presentation from Sam Childers!!!
  8. Sorry.....I think it's more of a FELL! out of bed look. Divine Miss S
  9. As of 10pm Central time, Gerry's signed jersey is the highest bidded item at 1050 GBP or just over $1,700 USD. And still 2 days left!!!
  10. Do I spy Mr G enjoying a fried Mars bar on a stick??? Either that, or a corn dog. I'm leaning toward the fried Mars bar. The bar would taste better, IMHO. The Divine Miss S ( it's in the pic where he's standing, pointing up to his left. )
  11. Yes, it's available thru NetFlix, gblover1. I was fortunate to get a copy thru Ebay for $4.25. Should arrive 7-14 or 7-15-2011. In my humble opinion, "Please" was one of Gerard Butler's best works. The Divine Miss S
  12. QUOTE...."Honestly, at times, G even holds his hands like the Marek doll." END OF QUOTE That would be the "holding a can of Coke and/or cup of Starbucks coffee" hand position. hahahaha The Divine Miss S
  13. Or the character dies! Granted, he does seem to do it well, but come on!! If he has to die, can it be as the French say, "le petite morte". ( okay, my French sucks, but I can barely handle American. Give me a break. hahaha ) You have to admit, that's one death we all enjoy!!! The Divine Miss S
  14. Hey there, Delene Girl! Why doncha just mozey on down here to the big city ( Kansas City ) ta see this here film. We gots us some o dem dere "art howzes". I thunk they be around der Plaza area. The Divine Miss S
  15. And on that note......I'll soon offically post that I'm selling my mandoll, Jonathan, his accessoris & clothes. Watch the site for the thread. The Divine Miss S
  16. I bid $10 each for pictures numbered 2 and 5. The Divine Miss S ( yes, I bid on 2 pictures. Sometimes ya just can't get enough of a good thing )
  17. Great! More GALS can get in on these!! The Divine Miss S
  18. How much longer does bidding go? The Divine Miss S
  19. They still look pretty darn good!! Divine Miss S
  20. These are nice looking pics. Autographed would really get things rolling. WOO WOO!! Divine Miss S
  21. Here's a thread for "what we do"! You can also get specific info at the convention website. Hope to see ye there! Miss S: You'd need to PM becozy. She runs the virtual convention. Thanks! I didn't see your comment the first time around. my bad.
  22. No Irish, I won't be attending. I have the money. I have the time. Just don't fit in with most of the groups/cliques that attend. I know this isn't a warm & fuzzy comment like the others, but not everyone enjoyed themselves. Sorry, I felt the whole experience wasn't worth all the money one had to put out in order to attend. The virtual convention I was in on in 2009 was much more enjoyable then Las Vegas 2010. As I mentioned to another conventioner on the shuttle back to the airport, the convention just wasn't what I expected. If I had known then, what I know now, I would've skipped going to Las Vegas. To each their own!!! I very much want to help with the virtual convention in any way I may, though. I have items I want to donate to the virtual convention raffles. If whoever is in charge of that part could contact me, it would be appreciated. To those that do make it to Vegas, have a wonderful, wonderful time!!! The Divine Miss S
  23. Could someone "in the know" PM me about raffle donations for the virtual convention? I have items to donate, but don't want to ship them to someone. I'd rather be responsible for getting them to the winner(s). Thank you in advance for your assistance. Divine Miss S
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