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  1. "The big-mouthed 39-year-old Scot" Huh???? Mr. G has a big mouth??? NAW! can't be the Mr. G we know. Our Mr. G is a quiet, reserved, soft spoken man. I don't know where they ever got that idea from!!! * * * * * Okay, get off the floor & stop laughing. You'll hurt yourselves. Mr. G's ability to say what's on his mind is an endearing quality of his. Him quiet, reserved, soft spoken!!??? Not on your life!!!! The Divine Miss S
  2. "The Bounty" was the name of the remake starring Mel Gibson & Anthony Hopkins of "Muntiny on the Bounty". Might be a bit confusing/conflicting to use same title. Right now, "Bounty Hunter" may just be a working title. How many times were titles for "Law Abiding Citizen" & "Gamer" tossed about, till one was finally settled upon? The Divine Miss S
  3. Heigh Ho!, Heigh Ho! It's off to work he goes!! The Divine Miss S
  4. This is going to be one of those films, that you'll set there with this look on your face most of the time............ You'll be giggling so much that.......... If your jaw is not on the floor, you'll be...... You'll be thinking..... Yes, there will be this....... As you exit your seat after the movie, ( well, those that are able to move after watching the movie....) watch out!...... Don't slip!!!! And of course!........you'll be having THOSE kind of thoughts.... Your friends thinking...... I could go on & on & on...but ya'll get my drift!!!!! Share your thoughts with your fellow GALS!!!! We're your support system. We're here to help you make it safely home after your.... SIGH!!!!!... experience. We don't want to hear that NUMEROUS females were injured due to being in a lust riddled stupor after viewing Mr. G in his recently released project. Watch for doors, steps, curbs, fire hydrants, traffic, other people, small children, old people, animals, your own kids, spouses & various sundry seemingly harmless objects that you may come in contact with, until you are safely home, calmed down enough to remember how to log into this site, to share your views/opinions about TUT. Love ya. Hug ya. See ya here...same Mr. G time. same Mr. G station. As alway, the Divine Miss S.
  5. Cluck cluck cluck cluck Here chickie chickie!!!! Feathers go a flying about as above said chickie gets grabbed for a little peck. Oh Mr. G!! See what you've a started!! You HAD TO MENTION bachelor parties & chickens & SOMEONE had to post the comment. At least we're all having a flock of "clucking" good giggles here!! Gaggle of giggles!!! BOCK BOCK!!! ROAR!!! AKA CLUCKZILLA!! But, more affectionately known as......Miss S
  6. Oh yes, we're real alright!!!! As you can see by the topic of this thread...we comment on just about eveything quite enthusiatically!!! Cluck Cluck BOK!!!!! Sorry...just laid an egg. With Mr. G..........you never know what to expect him to say. Keeps those listening on their toes.!! hee hee hee
  7. Sorry. I'll behave. Wouldn't you like to work as a caterer at one of the big NY b-day parties??? Oh the people you would see!! Hard work, but WOW!!!!
  8. OH! Now I'm just the limo driver!!!!!!!?????? Ya'll outta my limo!!! Yo! You! The big Scotsman! Back in the limo. We're outta here! ( too much for me to handle, eh, Delene? I'll show you handle!!! ) ( all said tongue in cheek. well, tongue is in someones cheek at least. )
  9. Sally, that is so kind of you!!! But I too am single, so....The race is on!!!! woo hooo. Delene...why am I assigned foot massage? Do REALIZE just how BIG his feet ARE? Babygirl, I don't think I got enough scented oil to address those Scottish longboats!!! LOL LOL ( kiss kiss Mr. G!! )
  10. If we're choosing hen names....I would like to be "Cluckzilla" Cluck Cluck ROAR!!!!
  11. I volunteer too. We can share the chores. d - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Miss S says: NO!!! I'm going to be in the limo! Me! Me! Me!! meow meow meow ( Delene, Andrea.........ya know I'm just kidding....right? )
  12. Cuz we know what thoughts are lurking in your head, Miss D!!! hee hee hee hee
  13. Well if he did the chicken, I hope he at least bought the "chick" dinner first.
  14. AMEN, Sista!! Amen!!! Anytime someone smiles at another person, it just makes both their day.
  15. Me too, Laxmom. He just looks more "himself" in jeans, t-shirt & sneaks. Not that I'm complaining about dressing up occasionally!!!! We all "clean up" nicely!!!
  16. Yes, Bailey....I too dislike watermarks! Pesky, bothersome little "thingys". GRRRRR!!!! Hugs to all ya GALS!! It's Friday!! WOO HOO!!!
  17. Can you blame him?! Men just don't like to wear ties for any longer than they must! ha ha ha
  18. Yes, Mr. G does a body good. SIGH!!! His suits always have great lines. Very well tailored. Okay...somebody call out the mop boys. They're going to be working double shifts today with these new pics posted. hee hee hee
  19. You forgot the little paddle and ball thingy. D Gotta have the ball & paddle!!! Not complete without the ball & paddle. THOUGHT.....Wonder if Mr. G has ever tried to "work" one of those things??? Personally, I usually bean myself in the head trying to "work" it.
  20. Now remember, in the movie Multiplicity", each subsequent "copy", like paper copies, deteriorates a bit. ( not as sharp as the original ) We could end up with "Slighty Serious Gerry", Slighty Silly Gerry, Slighty Sleazy Gerry, Slighty Sloppy Gerry, and the absolute worst copy of the batch......Seriously, Silly,Sleazy, Sloppy Gerry. Kinda like the Steve Martin Character in "The Jerk"....when he's wandering around in his bath robe...chair over arm..lamp in hand..muttering about all he needs in life is the chair, the lamp & some other insanely odd items. Aw dang!! I just got a mental picture of Mr. G that way...........pretty darn pitiful, but endearing as all hail!!!! AWWWWWWW!!!! ( has a tattered flannel robe, open over shamrock printed boxers, one sock kinda falling down around one ankle, fuzzy stuffed pug slippers, crumpled undershirt, major scruff going on the cheeks, hair sticking out in a multitude of directions, couple books sticking out of robe pockets, sad pitiful look on his face, half full paper Starbuck coffee cup clutched in one hand. again...AWWW!!! )
  21. OH...BTW!!!!!! Thanks to whoever fixed the dates on the pix from West Hollywood. When I saw them, they were dated "May 31, 2009". ( now show "May 28, 2009" ) I know Mr. G travels alot, but I was having the HARDEST time trying to figure out how he was able to be on both the West coast & East coast on the same day during daylight hours. Ladies! He's good, but not THAT good!!! Can you just imagine, with ALL the traveling he's done just this year alone....how many frequent flyer miles he's racked up!!!! He could probably fly round trip to Scotland & back to LA... TWICE!!!!!!!! Betcha he's got packing for trips down to an art form. Hey! We all agree he IS multi-talented, yes??!! HUGGGGSSSS!!!!!
  22. Hey! I wonder if there were "swag" ( Stuff We All Get ) bags? MMM! Bet there was some sweet items there!!!. I saw everyone was given sunglasses on entering the event, per the article. Designers! and Clothes! and Stars, OH MY!!!!
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