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  1. Maybe Mr. G & Mr. Ferguson hit if off last time they talked. Could be Mr. G is just giving a fellow Scotsman some on screen face time. We've seen how those two interact!!! I'm never sure who's cracking who up more!!! Both their brogues become more prominent the longer they converse. Verra much enjoy listening to the two of them. Dunna understand bits of the conversation, but I do get the giggles from what I do.
  2. Well GALS, the truth is regarding the t-shirt.....Mr. G is sentimentally & emotionally attached to it. He allowed Lolita to sleep, play & teethe with the shirt and he's having a hard time letting it go. Being the big softie that we all know him to be. pout pout Hims misses hims widdle Woalita!!! ( if you believe the above statment, I've some oceanfront land in the Midwest to sell you. ) Well, to me, it doesn't matter if distressed t-shirts are fashionable....it still looks like his dog was chewing & yanking the crap outta it for quite awhile!! Guess we all have a small goldmine of "distressed t-shirts" around our homes. Hey! Let's all sell our shirts, buy Mr. G a couple packages of new Fruit of the Loom t-shirts, buy airfare to New York, hand deliver them to him & tell him that the holey ones are for washing & waxing his BMW. hee hee hee hee hee ( Oh! do I feel I'm gonna get in trouble for this!!! Well, won't be the first time. Won't be the last!! )
  3. http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/partiesetc/lax607/a5.jpg.html Something makes me think these were the Lupos but I can't remember how that was figured out There was definitely a pic of his underwear showing and someone guessed it was lupos. Might not have been this particular set of pics. Lupos are Brazillian made. Moira First time I saw that pix, I titled it, "Kiss this, paparazzi!". It does fit, you have to admit!!!
  4. Can anyone put a link to the segment? I don't have access to the station that televised it. THANKS!!! HUGS!!!!!
  5. Ladies.....he's still him. He's just inherently a good guy. No matter what he wears, doesn't wear, dresses up, dresses down. How he looks, how he doesn't look. Skinny, lean, chubby cheeked or gaunt. Hale! It's what's inside that counts! And IMHO and from what I've observed...it's all good!! I'd betcha even when he's a grump in the morning before his first cup of Starbucks kicks in, he's still a good guy underneath it all. BIG HUG, Mr. G!!! We like you, just the way you are. It's just at times that there are parts of you that warrant more of our attention than is politically correct. ( Aw come on Mr. G......you know you've checked out your fair share of "womanly wonders" as you've been out & about. Last I checked, you're male...you have a pulse...your eyesight is still good...you've looked & voiced your opinion to your mates about the sights you've seen. We just do the same. Equal rights & all that, ya know!! )
  6. All I can say ladies is....Hubba Hubba Hubba!!!
  7. Ladies....I'm having a tough time deciding who's cuter! Hmm??? tapping finger on chin...........Mike! Yep! He's just a wee bit cuter. I wonder if a pix of Mike is on the flip side? It could happen! giggle giggle
  8. Mr. Butler wants to vary the roles he chooses.....well he's certainily done it here. This is soooo going to be a "guy flick". Explosions, guns, carnage....got all those testosterone pumping elements. I'd have to make the assumption, that he really had a great time on this project!!! Was immersed in complete maleness. I'd guess they even have the token "full figured", scantily clad female in there, too. Kable might get the girl as his "reward". We'll find out soon enough!! sniff sniff Do I smell another Taurus award for "Ultimate Bad Arse Dude" like he won for playing King Leonidas in "300"???? I wanna hear Dwayne Johnson talk trash about Mr. Butler again. That was sooo funny!! Heck, Mr. Butler was even cracking up!! Miss S
  9. WHOOO HOOOO!!!! The poster are GRAND!!!
  10. I've seen the "special features" from "Wrath of the Gods" & can safely say this wasn't on either. The actors cutting up would have REALLY stood out in my mind. BUT, I could be wrong.
  11. Miss S


    Would anyone mind rooming with a "newbie"? I'm in the process of looking for a decent airfare from Kansas City, Missouri ( Midwest ). As soon as I get that lined up, I'll start working on getting a room. If I must go solo, I want to be in the same area as all my new GALS pals. Just contact me here or PM me. I'm here most nights. Thanks in advance!!!
  12. You are an EVIL woman!!!! Now I need to take a VERA VERA cold shower!!! It's going to take a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGGGGG time to get that picture outta my head. ( like I want to get it out quick anyway!! ) quote name='GBPhanatic' date='Feb 2 2009, 08:59 AM' post='1317630'] I can visualize the add campaign right now! Just a blank scene with Gerry walking out barefoot in the jeans, long white formal dress shirt, only three buttons closed, shirt long enough to cover him because it's not an underwear add. His lovely scruff and "bed head". He has an apple in his hand. He holds the apple in his mouth so he can unbutton the jeans and he lets them drop to the floor exposing those beautiful legs! He pushes the jeans off to the side slightly, takes a bite out of the apple and in a that sultry, deep accent says, "uumm, juicy". D
  13. Speaking of "An Unsuitable Job for a Woman", Episode, "Playing God"........Fellow GALS? Would any of you OBJECT!! to playing doctor with Mr. Butler. Hmmm?? Curious minds want to know. I await responses.
  14. Miss Tracy, "The Wedding Date" is a major chick flick. Yes, we'd be cheating on Mr. Butler wilst watching, but you can do what I've done a number of times.....imagine him playing the part of Nick Mercer. Works for me!!! Actually, I giggled and told him he was supposed to tell me I am beautiful. I took it for exactly how he meant it words of comfort. Not the words I would have liked for comfort, but words of comfort none the less. He was saying he was ugly. I am ugly. We are getting older, uglier and looks do not matter. I am comforted that my husband does not think woman should dye their hair, get face lifts and what not. He likes women to age gracefully. So in his own round about way. That is what he was trying to say, but still if you do not know him as I do it does come off as rather harsh. Love, Tracy Oh. I like that, Miss S. I have not seen that movie.
  15. None of my previous "significant others" have ever said anything that brightened my day. ( at least nothing that suck in my mind! ummm! ) But, in the movie, "The Wedding Date", Dermot Mulroneys' character "Nick Mercer", has some of the best lines I've heard uttered by a male. Following are a sample of the ones that really caused me to sigh & awww! over: "I think I'd miss you even if we never met." I'd rather fight with you, than make love with anyone else." "Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Close....your....eyes. You're safe. You can relax. I'm not gonna kiss you. He's gonna be so sorry he lost you. So....stop worrying. Forget the past. Forget the pain. And remember.....what an incredible woman you are." And, we must NOT forget "THE SCENE" on the boat in front of her parents house after Kat returned from the bachelorette party!!! GROAN!!!
  16. Thanks Spot! Now if you could arrange for Mr. Butler to personally welcome me to the site......SIGH! Oh, I might say a thing or two to him that may not cause HIM to blush, but I SURELY WOULD, should he asks me to elaborate!!
  17. This is the first time I've posted here, so please pardon me if I've done something incorrectly. Just finished the article and am still giggling. The gentleman has a bit of an obsession with Mr. Butler's jeans. As a red blooded female, I do appreciate the pics of the ceremony, but REALLY....a bit to many of the jeans! ha ha ha ha I do hope the gentleman finds out what brand they are. If Mr. Butler's "people" see this article & report back to him, I'm hope he has a good chuckle. Man has women swooning over just him looking in their general direction. Now he's having to contend with a photographer obsessing over his choice of jeans. I hope I haven't offened anyone, but it IS A BIT funny!!! Side note to all the ladies whom post on this site. I do so enjoy your comments. Hope I can contribute to the general wonderful level of commraderie I note here on each of my visits. Miss S ( I hope to soon have a great "siggy" also, like the other ladies here.
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