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  1. From personal experience...cabs were pricey. The shuttle from the airport was the best deal! ( something like $6 to $8 one way ) VERY short trip to the hotel from McCarren Airport. They pick up at the door & at anytime, so making your flight is easy-peasy. Also, get the multi-day pass for the monorail. ( $28 for three days, if I remember & it's uber air-conditioned. sooo much appreciated in the 100 plus degree temps normal for that time of year. ) Get off ( no, not THAT KIND! of get off...smut mind. ) & on all ya want & it makes MANY, MANY convenient stops. Also has a FANDABYDOOZY! pole for pole dancing. Check out the pics from the 2010 con & you'll see what I mean. Divine Miss S
  2. I gained a couple pounds just reading the blogs. The Divine Miss S
  3. Hope you all have a good time in Vegas. Maybe the temps will be under 100 degrees the whole weekend. The Divine Miss S
  4. I hope so, too!! Hmm?? I thought it'd be, "Grab the large striped mixing bowl from the cupboard. You be needing a haircut, Son!!" The Divine Miss S
  5. I'm just grinning so broadly reading all the posts from you, the winners!! So, so happy for all of you!! The Divine Miss S
  6. And a few days is about all he can keep that potty mouth of his in check! Delene Potty mouth? He has a potty mouth?? Never noticed! snicker snicker snicker Divine Miss S
  7. Liking that siggie, Forbes Girl!!! Divine Miss S
  8. This poor robe just can't find a permanent home! A pair of shoes worn in the same movie by Mr G have been on Ebay for quite awhile, too. Someone needs to give these items a loving home. Poor little orphan items. Divine Miss S
  9. Marg, thanks for the heads up. I'll look into both places. Thank you!!!! Divine Miss S
  10. Anyone in the know, please PM me the names of some reasonably priced hotel in the area. Thanks in advance!!! Divine Miss S
  11. If I don't go to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving, I can probably swing NYC for the weekend. Be good to come back and take another bite of the Big Apple!! The Divine Miss S
  12. What sweet babies!! Lovely cats & sooo sweet looking kittens. The bit at the end from the actual commercial was pairfect!! If there was an Ikea nearby, I'd have a look about the store just because of the commercial. Divine Miss S.
  13. OMG!! The "Weinier Dudes" are a scream!!! Divine Miss S
  14. Delene.......clap clap clap Divine Miss S
  15. WEEEE!! Winners...does it feel like an early Christmas to win????? Divine Miss S
  16. I heard the Blu Ray has a digital copy. I'm curious about the extras, too. Does the Blu Ray have more than the "regular" DVD? Which is better? The places I've stopped by had a load of regular DVDS, but they said they didn't order many Blu Ray copies. ( less than 10 copies. ) Oh well! I'll look at the extras on the regular DVD when it arrives from NetFlix. Divine Miss S
  17. Thanks so much!! I was beginning to think there were no cameras or fans anywhere in that part of our country!! Another blue plaid shirt??? Oh darn....but he sure looks good in it!! Thanks again!!! Hopefully, his character won't be "living" in the plaid shirt the way Milo appeared to for "The Bounty Hunter". I still so wanna burn the plaid Milo shirt. Jokingly threatened to do that in Vegas this past June, when it turned up as an auction item. lol lol lol Divine Miss S :rose
  18. Any word if there's a gag reel? Inquiring minds MUST know!! Divine Miss S
  19. "OMG!! Has it REALLY been five years!!" Divine Miss S
  20. AWW! Sweet babies!!! Divine Miss S
  21. "The Bounty Hunter"??? What's that? Isn't that a movie with Anthony Hopkins & Mel Gibson??? The Divine Miss S * * * * * ( ducking under table to avoid objects hurled in my direction. )
  22. Good one Irish! Applause Applause Applause Divine Miss S
  23. I totally understand. ((((HUGS)))) May Powder being having the second best time of her being. (The first best was all her time with you.) The Divine Miss S
  24. is up to no good.. Oh Oh!!!

  25. Now I can't get the song "Born To Be Wild" outta my head! Darn it, Mr G!!! Ya had to direct me there, dinna ya!!???? ( yes, he knows he done bad. rolling my eyes skyward, shaking my head & smiling ) The Divine Miss S
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