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  1. The site doesn't accept my comment...sucks...I bookmarked it and will try again..and again..
  2. Though I prefer him with a little more beef, those abs are absolutely droolworthy!!!!! :yummy: It took me about a minute to be able to close my mouth again...I was staring at my screen without even blinking, I guess. Great pics, he looks like he's having fun, can't wait to see this new film!
  3. Oh wow....I... :bow: I was so looking forward to hear him sing, but this is just.... I love his voice, especially when he's singing!!! I had to press pause once while watching the clip for the first time, to get my breathing back under control. I was real close to hyperventilating, I was seeing stars there for a moment ... There really is a big difference in my reaction to seeing him in character and seeing real, pure, sex-oozing Gerry... I'm still out of breath, I looove this man, he's hot and sexy and funny and just, well...you know...
  4. Oh my, I think I just died and went to heaven - this is sooooo cool! I read about it in the GBGals news yesterday, but couldn't watch it at work, and at home, my internet didn't work - crap! Now I just watched it two times in a row while eating my breakfast, and I'm... :bow: Love him saying "She's a lucky girl", it's just so sweet and funny of him. And indeed she is, and we would give a lot to be in her place, right? I suppose they shot enough material for another spot, I wanna hear him sing again! I love his singing voice (I discovered him in PotO). I have to watch it at least one more time before work...This just soooo made my day! Yeah!!! PS: because I've never said it before! I loooove the emoticons on this forum, you did such a great job creating them, and if I could, I'd use them in every single one of my daily mails and text messages!!!
  5. OHHHH, I just saw the spot on the telly!!! I jumped up from my seat, startling my friend with whom I had dinner half to death! We did not switch channels after that, hoping to see it again (she likes him too, though she is not as a big fan as I am)...half an hour later, Gerry once more on TV! God, I love this ad, I'm done with zapping now when the commercial break is on - I wanna see more Gerry!!!!
  6. The first who comes to my mind at the moment is one of the actors of this summer's True Blood - the guy who played the werewolf Alcide Herveaux. He looks a bit like Eric Bana, and ladies, he's a hunk!!!! :pant: One of the most beautiful men IMO, although all pics of him are from the mid-nineties, and I haven't heard or seen of him since, is the australian actor Nicholas Rogers. I still have a crush on him, for more than half of my life now! And Burma, yes, the Chippendales are still around, they have just been in Vienna.
  7. YOu know what I don't get? I've been browsing through the UK, french, and german version of the L'Oreal Paris website, and it's hard to find him on the hp. You have to go to men's products, he's not yet listed as a L'Oreal spokesperson. And no link to the spot at all. For Germany / Austria, I almost understand, he's not that known and the spokesman is Michael Ballack, a german footballer. But the UK? I thought they already launched the campaign???
  8. Sir, would you please accompany me to the back room for a full body search? Though I might just faint before I get my hands on him. But then, he'll have to catch me, and initiate first contact...and reanimation... I love the pic that shows a bit of his belly. So cute! One more thing: is it weird to be attracted to a belt buckle? I mean, it's Gerry's belt buckle, but still...
  9. If anybody else but the G-Man did this role, it'd be more like a bad comedy. I guess only he could really pull it off. Your descriptions sound terribly interesting, I'd love to see him in such a role. :yummy: Have I mentioned that I love the ad? I even asked my friend in London if she could get hands on a poster if she ever saw one...she shouted at me on the phone ...doesn't understand...last time I was in London I nicked a Phantom of the Opera poster from a pub... BTW, love you Red Death Christmas Siggie!!!
  10. This ad is soo hot!!! Now I know what I'm gonna get my man for christmas... I can't wait to see it on tv here in Austria (well, at least I hope we'll get it here as well, those german football players who do ads for L'Oréal right now aren't that nice to look at)
  11. I'd love to watch a Gerry movie today, but I'm busy moving, just signed the contract for my new appartment today - I find it pretty cool that I get to do this on his birthday! I spent the whole afternoon at Ikea, and now I'm done for. Unfortunately all (yes, even my favourite POTO) Gerry movies are already in the boxes, so I'm stuck with Domino Day 2009! But I know whose films will be the first ones I'm going to watch once I moved in next week!!!!!
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY!!!! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!!! Là breith sona dhuit!!!!! Hope you spend a wonderful day with the people you hold dear to your heart!!! Your fans love you!!!!!!!
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