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  1. Oh, WOW, I can't believe it! Thanks so much, I am honored!! (And uber-excited to get my 300 shirt! ) Congrats Kittypro ( ) and Mel (you know you always rock in my book, too!! ), and thanks to everyone who voted. You are all so supportive and it's just neat to know that people watch and appreciate something that you've worked on. Hugs, Kelli
  2. My first and honest reaction? I WILL be seeing this movie, with or without Gerry in it. (But I'd really LOVE for him to be in it...WOW, talk about a movie with some pretty well-known names in it!) But there's one lesser known name that really caught my eye... Patrick's in it. :tasty: Sorry, can't help myself. LOL!
  3. Undoubtedly, if I may jump in here. There's no way someone who impacted your life THAT much could ever be fully erased from you. Love doesn't ever really die...it just transforms itself, or lies sleeping for a while until it is awakened again by a memory...some trigger that makes you remember that you will ALWAYS love that person in some way. They are a part of your past, a part of who you are. And you just can't always explain that to your spouse or to anyone else. It would be too difficult. I know I'm several pages behind here, but Swannie, I agree. WYWSHA is definitely about her Ang
  4. I wish I could go, too, but Scotland awaits. (WOOHOO!!)

    And your post about Phantom has got me all a'twitter again! LOL And just when I think I've got Erik under control... *grins*

  5. hey cutie! thanks for commenting me! I am doing very well...having a sort of Phantom phreak out! I've been watching it a lot again, and falling in love all over. I'm working hard on my book, and getting excited about Vegas! Wish you were going too!

    Hugs, Swannie

  6. How ya doin', Swannie? :) Just thought I'd pop in here and send a hug your way!!



  7. Sounds like much fun at the con. Wish I could go!!!! But I can't. *sniffles*
  8. I agree...I could've used more of that wonderfully expressive face of his. But that's it. I was honestly a bit squeamish about watching the scene, because it had been touted to be so incredibly hawt. LOL But I came away feeling it was beautifully and artistically done (though I coulda done without the boobie shots! ). However, I realize that I, as a 33 year old woman, was NOT the target audience for this film! *grins* Kelli
  9. Just thought I'd share...my friend did this for my birthday, but now they're for sale in her shop! LOL I "heart" Gerry. Kelli
  10. Hi Swannie!! *waves back* Yes, that's true. I am a bit disappointed that Priest has been scrapped, and this could be too, for all we know now. However, I believe that what's meant to be will be, and Gerry will be wonderful in whatever roles do eventually come to fruition. Whether it's Snake or Hannibal Lector (yeah, been there too many times with too many movies, I know! LOL), he'd do a great job, because he is one of the most incredible actors ever. Okay, I lied. To me, he is THE best actor on the planet. (Am I gushing? Eh...oh well. At least I'm doing it in the right place! LOL
  11. Wow, I have to say my first impression of this was, "Dude...are you really THAT hung up on yourself??" I dunno if he really said it, but if he DID then...WOW. Narcissism ain't pretty.
  12. Hee hee...I can be naughty too...it's tough NOT to be...I mean, it's GERRY! :: I was thinking about posting a couple of my vids here. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I've been writing. Okay, okay, and working on one more teensy tiny vid. LOL! Thanks for the welcome! HUGS!!
  13. Bethy, your story made me cry. I remember when you posted the account of your Christmas phone call from Gerry and to see that you've now been able to thank him for caring...well, I've been bawling all afternoon. I am in awe of how this man gives of himself to complete strangers...his fans. Seeing those pictures of you and he...it's clear that he was as moved as you were. And that touches me so very deeply, I can't even put it into words. Thank you for sharing your story, Bethy. I'm so glad you got some more lovin' from the man! You deserve it...you seem like such a sweet and giving per
  14. Oh, Bonnie Anne... I am so thrilled for you, reading your accounts thus far. And I agree with you. I've told people before that I love Gerry. Actual, honest-to-goodness love...like you said. I can't explain it, either, but there are times I find myself praying as much for him as I do for a family member...but it seems like here, at this site, no one smirks when you say things like that. And it's very refreshing. I'm so touched that he came and really gave his attention to you and the other ladies in Vegas. I have been crying on and off for two days, dwelling on how much this man's soul
  15. Ha, gwen, ya beat me! Omigosh, MORE pictures!! you guys rock. Thank you sooo much for being so generous and sharing this experience with those of us who couldn't attend. It really means a lot. Kelli
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