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    Spending time with my wonderful family and my amazing friends. Singing,Dancing,Writing Poetry/Songs/Stories,Cooking,Drawing,Watching movies,The list goes on, I'm always keeping busy :)

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    United States
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    Official Member of the GALS Siggy Piggy Club; Purdy Porkchop, Proud member of the GALS Hen House: Gerry's Mouthy Mother Clucker
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  1. Hi i am Danielle or Dee1 and i am from Alabama. i have 2 girls. i like your sig.

  2. I loved the article! Hard to read at times yes because of the size issues, so i'm overly anxious for a better scan =] All sold out of copies of Esquire near me, have to wait for more...arggghhhhh!
  3. Aww! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Cheryl. I would GLADLY volunteer for that job. I wish him the best now and always, and want nothing more than for him to be happy =] I really hope he finds that special lady. Family is a wonderful thing.
  4. Now would be a mighty fine time for someone to hire me LOL
  5. Esquire is most definitely reading our mail LOL. Gotta love that Sexiest Pie Maker ...YUM... Bailey- your killin me smalls ...but yes I most def agree, Gerry covered in flour making a pie....
  6. I agree Lisa.....HOLY HELL is fookin right.... I love the Pie Maker comment, and we ALL love the scottish spread...can't help but think thoughts on that one hahaha And yes Thanks to KB and Holly
  7. I'm good darlin and yourself? =]

  8. Dayna for uploading the call! And Thank you for uploading this article! Was really nice to read.
  9. Hi Izza-How are you doing?

  10. what a sweetie! huge thank you for getting the transcript for us Katie
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