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  1. I loved the article! Hard to read at times yes because of the size issues, so i'm overly anxious for a better scan =] All sold out of copies of Esquire near me, have to wait for more...arggghhhhh!
  2. Aww! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Cheryl. I would GLADLY volunteer for that job. I wish him the best now and always, and want nothing more than for him to be happy =] I really hope he finds that special lady. Family is a wonderful thing.
  3. Now would be a mighty fine time for someone to hire me LOL
  4. Esquire is most definitely reading our mail LOL. Gotta love that Sexiest Pie Maker ...YUM... Bailey- your killin me smalls ...but yes I most def agree, Gerry covered in flour making a pie....
  5. I agree Lisa.....HOLY HELL is fookin right.... I love the Pie Maker comment, and we ALL love the scottish spread...can't help but think thoughts on that one hahaha And yes Thanks to KB and Holly
  6. I'm good darlin and yourself? =]

  7. Dayna for uploading the call! And Thank you for uploading this article! Was really nice to read.
  8. what a sweetie! huge thank you for getting the transcript for us Katie
  9. Holly, thank you so much for updating us on everything!!! I'm so glad he called you guys, I'm also pleased that everyone is having such a wonderful time!
  10. Okay don't mind me if I "semi" go off a bit My rant is not at any of you ladies or what you've posted, its about the articles. ENOUGH WITH THE DAD BLAME GOSSIP!!!!!!!!! okay i'm fine now I've said this before and won't hesitate to say it again, people REALLY need to get they're facts straight before writing articles. As for the once again returned Gossip about Brad,Jen,and Angelina....enough with it already...ai yi yi yi *bangs head on keyboard* They had a good marriage,didn't work out, it's over, he's moved on, she's moved on end of discussion. And as for linking Gerry to every single woman that walks the earth, they REALLY need to knock that crap off too. Let the man be! He busts his arse off day and night only to wake up and read the latest bullcrap about himself. I admire his strong will and determination to handle that bs, I would have tossed the towel in long ago. As I said above let the man be to live his own life and live it the way he sees fit. Give the guy a break, he can't even get a Starbucks without being harrassed it seems. Now I know why I got a degree in Veterinary Medicine instead of becoming an actress like I wanted to as a kid.
  11. Okay guys while we are waiting for the next live stream from Holly, Stuart will be showing "Jewel Of The Sahara" at 6pm EST, 5pm CSt, and 3pm PST on http://www.justin.tv/scotsmanstuart get your id at http://www.justin.tv/signup Then as soon as we hear word for Live Stream we'll head to http://www.justin.tv/gerardbutler the passcode is 8772
  12. We are LIVE right now! http://www.justin.tv/gerardbutler get your free ID at http://www.justin.tv/signup the access code to get in is 8772
  13. Okay guys We are going LIVE right now on http://www.justin.tv/gerardbutler be sure to get your free id at http://www.justin.tv/signup access code is 8772 to come in.
  14. Well said Lisa. Thank you for your input as well Mask =]
  15. Some people will never learn. Sounds like someone needs to do some research before writing articles LOL
  16. I'm extremely excited for this!!! Thanks Barb,Thanks Holly, and super thanks to Stuart!
  17. JUST...... Fookin A.....now I REALLY CANNOT wait to see this movie!! That glorious mouth of his...calm down now
  18. hahahah you ladies are so silly that's why I love ya'll! =]
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