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Status Updates posted by Izzabeta

  1. I'm good darlin and yourself? =]

  2. Lovin me some Joanna

  3. Loving me some miss Lisa

  4. Since no one left you a comment i've decided to give you one. Hope all is well. *hugs*

  5. *hugs* Showin Seumus some lovin from Illinois

  6. Just giving your profile some lovin ;)

  7. Hi Tomat..*huge hugs*

  8. I noticed you didn't have any comments,so I took it upon myself to say hi. *hugs* and have a Blessed day.


  9. Stuart,

    Hope all is well. Take care


  10. Susan,

    Just stopped by to say hello. Hope all is well. *hugs*


  11. Mel,

    I just wanted to say hello before heading to bed! Take care sweetie!

  12. *hugs* to the beautiful songbird!

  13. Beachie is my little puddin cup :)

  14. Thank you for the comment sweetie!

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