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  1. Aww! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Cheryl.

    I would GLADLY volunteer for that job.

    I wish him the best now and always, and want nothing more than for him to be happy =] I really hope he finds that special lady. Family is a wonderful thing.

  2. Evening my lovely piggies. Was watching TMZ tonight only to see my State Senator Aaron Schock was on it. He was being asked who had better Abs him or Obama. :lmao: Here's a photo from tonights show hehehe Happened a bit back I guess and could have been a repeat but was on at 9:30 my time.


    The first time I ever met Aaron was back in 2004. He came by my mom's old house to see if would let him put one of his posters in the yard, and I saw this shadow go past the window so I grabbed Terry's cane which had a silver cobra head on it and I ripped open the front door and about gave the man a stroke :lmao: All I know is ANYTIME aaron wants to put something in my yard.....I'm game HAHAHA

  3. Susan- That was really inspiring, at least to me anyway. thank you so much sweetheart.

    Cheryl- My evil twin, yes those little varments bite, I do my best to keep away from them. they are nice to watch from far away, and to me they're babies look like little vultures LOL. i much prefer the baby ducklings.

    We have however named the biggest goose of all Attila, he struts around with this attitude that says "look at me i'm so pretty, now bow before me" :lmao: Then we have one thats a little odd to say the least. He stands there holding one foot up, then honks at himself, bites his butt and hops around :lol:

    Bailey- I hope you feel better soon honey! :hugs:

  4. Hey my lovely ladies!!!!! I've missed you all so much. Been busy lately.

    Terry is going to Indiana to visit his dad tomorrow, taking our boys with him and i'm already missing my munchkins like crazy. Was easier to bring me over tonight since they'll be taking off as soon as his sister and brother in law are off of work. I had important things to handle on this end so unfortunately couldn't make it to the big 4th of July blowout with them.

    It's going to be odd the next few days until Sunday afternoon not hearing "mom mom mom,i'm hungry" or "mom,nicky hit me" LOL or no 7am wakeup calls haha. Told my mom to forgive me if I just randomly yell for no reason :lmao: told her I might have to knock something over just to yell so I can cope without my boys. pathetic I know but i've never been away from them for more than a night before and they'll be gone until sunday. Yes i've already cried tonight. :lol:

    I know they'll have an absolute blast this weekend and I couldn't be happier for them. Goodnight my lovely ladies.

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