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  1. *blush* I've been getting alot of compliments on my name, thank you so much. Yeah I'm under the weather now, caught a cold and it's bugging me.
  2. Aww thank you sweetie. Not sure if you are meaning my name is nice or that i'm nice *hugs*. I have officially recruited another GALS member, my best friend Dawn. She signed up a few minutes ago. She's just as nuts about G-Man as the rest of us. Even got her hooked onto some POTO smutty fanfiction as well tee hee. What would we do without our fellows gals eh? Love you all! *hugs*
  3. Very Nice Nothing like a man in a kilt tee hee I'll share mine, you can use them to scare the mice away lol http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h123/Yos...05/kayla2-1.jpg RRRUUUNNNN lol j/k
  4. I shall..I'm looking forward to seeing some more. No worries about me sharing my figures LOL I can draw a nice rose though
  5. Excellent job! I can't even draw a stick person without messing up
  6. AWWW thank you so much ladies for the compliments on my name. Haven't been told my name was pretty or beautiful in a long time. Well my mom tells me, but thats her job lol. She wanted to name me Kayla Johanna but my dad didn't care that one, so I got Jo instead. Thank you for all of the hugs and prayers guys, i'll be doing the same for everyone
  7. Yes Terry my littles ones were sick, they're doing a bit better now thankfully. Thank you for your concern sweetie
  8. Smoke detectors can be quitw loud lol. We too have a fireplace that we lit yesterday afternoon,same problem with the smoke lol. Hope it goes better for you next time sweetie!
  9. Thank you for the comment sweetie!

  10. WOW....owning a pair of his pants, can't even beging to fathom that lol. I wouldn't even know what to do if I were ever lucky enough to meet him. I would be in utter shock at his breath taking beauty to say a word. I'd probably do something like stand there and drool or embarass myself and burp or trip,cry my eyes out,or something. I'm quite the clutz. Then comes the fear of mauling him to the ground and planting one on him lol. We ALL have that fear. I just love everything about this man. From everything i've read about him,to everyone's encounters with him,etc. He has a pure genuine soul, you can see it in his eyes. He is the most beautiful man alive, he's very genuine,he's down to earth,loyal to himself,loyal to his family,his personality,his spunkiness,he's just...... wonderful, everything about him!!! He's extremely talented, he has the most amazing voice! I could listen to him talk and sing for hours. He's just Gerry. It wouldn't matter to me what he did for a living, just to be near him...*sigh*...don't we all feel the same ladies? I would love to be able to just sit down and have a chat with him, grab a "latte" tee hee, just listen to him speak about his life. He has inspired me to be a better person,to go for my dreams and I am eternally grateful for that. I deeply admire him. Now I sound like a complete swooning nuthjob lol.. tee hee. But this is me just sharing my opinion. He deserves to be happy, and I wish him only the best now and always. I love this man for him,not for what he does. We all get emotional over him, we're all heads over heels for him. I can't even describe how he makes me feel.... nope nothin in my noggin. Basically EVERYTHING CherokeeGrl said, I'm in total agreement....hey woman were we seperated at birth? *hugs* to all of you!
  11. Yup I'm a vegas virgin alright. Always wanted to go so I think I shall. Yes we're hoping the 13th goes well too. It better or there will be ALOT of p'd off people lol. Thank you for the comment on my screen name. It's from Bram Stoker's Dracula with Gary Oldman,Winona Ryder. Izzabeta was her first characters name, the wife whom flings herself into the river. Always thought the name was beautiful, unlike my own lol
  12. Thank you, of course i'll keep you all posted!~
  13. I'm SERIOUSLY considering coming, this will my first time ever to Vegas, Last time I left Illinois was 2001. It would such an honor to meet everyone! I have a very important ordeal on February 13th, and if that goes well then you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be coming.
  14. Good Morning My Lovely Ladies! *hugs* to everyone. Glad to read all of the good news, but why do you want to pull out your hair Jennipher? I hope everyone's weekend is going well so far? Mine is going fine, well as best as it can considering the snow and freezing wind chill is keeping me inside. Both of my little ones have been sick and are finally feeling better, so amen to that. Had that horrid 24 hour flu which resulted in my staying awake for 36 hours solid. I was dragging my hind end come 9pm last night. You should have seen me attempting to sleep while steam cleaning the carpets, now that was a laugh Hope everyone has a good day *hugs* to everyone
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