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  1. Now THAT is what i'm talking about Lisa! =]
  2. Thanks Hobbes I agree Lisa, I wish it were a bit longer
  3. I'm assuming its supposed to be a bruise of some sort from filming,maybe another fight scene where he got his neck grabbed or something. We'll never know until the film is released, or unless more lovely new photos surface and its still there
  4. I LOVE the photos....goodness gracious! I hate to see that man go but just LOVE to watch him leave
  5. This thread has taken on such a life of it's own...has me laughin my arse off. Here is my conclusion on the "evidence"...hehe...anyhoo all I know is we see a shot like that and the motors get to revvin...
  6. I for one would be extremely excited if this turned out to be true! What an excellent Christmas Present But I do agree it does seem to be too soon due to all the editing and other things they'll need to do.
  7. Excellent selection! Thank you for sharing with us
  8. I love the new photos! All I know is whether it's Gerry or the Stunt double...I love the shot!
  9. REGGIE!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But damn it you speak the truth honey. I've seen the first trailer before but never the second one, oh goodness me! Cold Shower time!
  10. Okay! Now i'm beyond excited to see this movie!!!! Joanna we shall need a ballgag and handcuffs for me when we see this one
  11. Love the photo. The women are rather beautiful, now i'm jealous lol
  12. I too have noticed this Moira. Love the pics
  13. Such a wonderful treat to wake up to! All the glorious photos!
  14. ARGH!!! YOU'RE KILLING ME SMALLS!!!!!! These photos are just...perfect!
  15. I love the new photos I myself would never visit him on set unless personally invited by him. That would be a major invasion of privacy and space and i'm just not like that. Like you said Maria, I too get snippy and tend to "bite" when my "zone" is entered. So obviously I would never never dream of invading someone elses. Andrea- Feel better soon darlin
  16. http://justjared.buzznet.com/gallery/photo...brooklyn-03.jpg Just look at him...that hair.......man oh man talk about having some major thoughts right now!
  17. BRAVA Couldn't have said it better myself. Although we all know i'm a mouthy one so my response wouldn't have been as nice as yours Lisa And I agree with you 100%...he always looks AMAZING!!!! DAMN IT..there I go again!
  18. I've always wondered if it was possible to carry twins by two different fathers. Now we know its possible LOL. I love his quick wit!
  19. This picture is just too precious for words!!!! She has to be one of the CUTEST dogs i've ever seen! He's such a proud papa I love it when he's relaxed and happy.
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